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Monday, 09/17/2012, 08:34 am

GSP Signs Deal with Coca-Cola Family – NOS | UFC News


NOS Energy Drinks, a subsidiary of Coca-Cola is entering mixed martial arts for the first time as the major sponsor of this season’s of the Ultimate Fighter on FX along with a multi-year agreement with George St. Pierre as their 1st MMA athlete sponsored.


Arjun Chowdri, the director of sports and entertainment marketing for Coca-Cola states

“As we looked at the sport we looked at athlete partners, Georges St-Pierre obviously jumped to the top of the list.  He’s an incredible person, actually came down to our offices and we talked about our brand, he talked about his brand, and we felt like there was a very organic fit around our brand really being focused on mental focus and high performance energy and that’s really everything he does.”

UFC welterweight champ, GSP tells mmaweekly


“I feel very privileged.  It’s great we can work together to create a product to best fit the athlete, and with NOS that’s what it’s all about.  I’m very happy to be in the family of Coca-Cola right now and to be associated with the product.”

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4 Responses to “GSP Signs Deal with Coca-Cola Family – NOS | UFC News”

  1. Andrew Heron says:

    What, tu es associer avec cette compagnie de merde. C’est une compagnie de pourriture. Je t’aime quand meme GSP. Gonna see ya in montreal!!!!

  2. B-rad says:

    What happend to xcience, those were the bomb. And they didnt have any calories or carbs, Iv had Nos before its ok.

  3. jpeech says:

    Although nos has calories and such it’s ten times better than xcience……….I enjoy energy drinks….

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