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Thursday, 01/02/2014, 09:55 am

GSP Says The UFC Took His Championship Belt When His Back Was Turned

We left the GSP hysteria back in 2013 where the former UFC welterweight champ left his UFC world title behind for a shot at taking care of his compounding personal affairs.

But now Georges is spreading a tale through the media about how his former employer (UFC) and how they actually had the nerve to take his belt from him while his back was turned at UFC 167.

Here’s what GSP told the media recently about this situation:

“I’m taking my shower after the fight. I’m in my suit and tie, after that, they passed by, took the belt and they left with it, without even telling me. I have the belts I won before, but I don’t have the one from my last fight.”


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  1. CRM316 says:

    The UFC is pissed because they know that no matter who wins between Hendricks and Lawler they won’t really be considered the real champ unless they beat GSP decisively.

    • Antonio Norwood says:

      No, everyone knows gsp lost, gsp knows gsp lost, just not officially.

      • Kirk Lapilio says:

        I thought GSP won that fight in my opinion. So that’s not everyone

        • Frank Swietlik says:

          You must have fallen asleep for 3 rounds….

        • Victor Fischer Missfeld says:

          No, I thought GSP won, a lot of people did, but I can see why someone thought that Hendricks had won the fight, I just can’t see why you people can understand that an opinion is an opinion.

        • Frank Swietlik says:

          You people?….why can’t you understand that there are more people that think Johnny won the fight then lost that fight…

        • Tommy Blingshyne says:

          also more people that think a fight is judged soley on damage and dont realize that each round in essence is its own seperate fight…individually scored rounds…not a fight scored as a whole…id wager anything majority of so called fans are clueless about this…

        • Jt wallace says:

          The only reason you think GSP won that fight is that you are punch drunk like he is lol

      • Tommy Blingshyne says:

        everyone meaning GSP haters and just bleed morons that dont understand scoring and rounds u mean? round 1 was close and hard to judge…round 2 hendricks…round 3 GSP…round 4 hendricks…round 5 GSP…the only questionable round was round 1…thats what the fight hinged on…cant see how anyone cant understand this if you understand how the fights are judged…not how you think they should be judged but how they actually are…no controversy…just a close fight

  2. Rob says:

    Personally I thought Hendricks won. But after looking at the fight stats And reading the nsac rules on judging it was much closer then I thought it was. Personally I like both fighters n was just hoping for a good hard fight n not a complete domination by one or the other. Every body can agree to disagree but the decision was made a while ago. Why r people still arguing over it like its gonn some how make a difference?

  3. Byte187 says:

    If this is true, it’s a F’d up move by the UFC. GSP has made them TONS of money over the years. And now, when he obviously needs a personal break, they’re going to get all pissy and literally take away his belt? Hey UFC, fighters are human beings too.

  4. BZ says:

    MMA ‘news’ outlets are becoming more and more sensationalist. he made a pretty basic comment. the comment leaves room for interpretation, but he’s certainly not putting the UFC on full blast here.

  5. mudspapa98 says:

    if anyone stole the belt it was GSP, when he was given the win against Hendricks… not one person i talked to thinks GSP won that fight… quit crying George and go spend time with your boyfriend… that is why you quit, right? because the media and the whole world was figuring out that you were gay… just finally come out and admit it man!!! it’s not that big of a deal…

    • shane says:

      you are an idiot. UFC is a joke now. Relationships are irreverent. Hendricks tapped out in the very beginning but the officiating was told to let it go on. Next time GSP fights whats his name – it will be scare and done quickly. Thanks for the class GSP.

      • Jade says:

        if anyone is the idiot its you shane, maybe you should research your beloved gsp some more, who has been caught cheating once before for rubbing vaseline on his back to counter bj penns rubber guard , laid on him and “controlled the fight from the top” to win. Look at his last 12 fights, 9 out of 12 of them went all 5 rounds. Ever since Matt Serra knocked him out, he hasnt fought the same , and if you call that a tap out your obviously fucking retarded, anyone who knows a damn thing about combat sports can tell the difference between a tap out and a slow motion camera shot of a scramble situation. Do you even know a damn thing about mma ? gsp is only human, just as the great Anderson Spider Silva, he did what he could to make his impact on mma, he just didnt do it right. He cheated fought boring ass fights just to keep his belt. learn a little bit about your subject before you say something that stupid again.

        • shane says:

          wow Jade – you are so smart – wait nope I was mistaken. I see you must have lost money against GSP – cant bet against a champion. as for winning 9 out of 12 matches going the full 5 rounds – that is amazing – a true athlete but you wont understand that would you. I bet you could last two seconds in any ring. Good luck with your life.

    • Tommy Blingshyne says:

      and those peoples opinions arent worth shit if they share a similar mentality such as yours

  6. ron says:

    It’s because you did not win the last fight.

  7. bob says:

    Hey idiots he had it at the press conference…

  8. javier lopez says:

    I don’t know why nobody is talking about how Hendricks clearly tapped out in the first round!!! Watch the replay the ref missed it!!

  9. kender says:

    Maybe it was the aliens.

  10. Mouath Ali Rashdan says:

    GSP won the fight. He dominated the last round was better in the first and fourth, yeah he wasnt dominant like most of his fights, it is fair game, we dont give belts just because hendricks level was close to GSP. GSP was better and he deserved to win.

  11. BSmanWiththeplan says:

    wonder what will happen if i tell my employer that i might not show up tommorrow and that i need some time off. im going crazy, I think what will happen is….they will buy in to my BS and let me take some time off!

  12. Gerrard_Liverpool says:

    Well remember what Dana said. George owes Hendricks, George owes the company and George owes the fans. I mean, what did George ever do for the UFC :-) Obviously not as much as Dana feels they did for him.

  13. thaivuN says:

    Really? The media this writer is quoting from is Infoman, a comedy show doing satire on news reporting

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