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Wednesday, 04/24/2013, 08:42 am

GSP Says Next Fight Undecided, Waiting On Outcome Of Future Bouts

“[Dana White and I] haven’t spoken. I probably need to know the outcome of the next couple fights. We’re going to talk later on. If I’m going up to 185, I will not be able to come back down after. At 170, I don’t think I have the luxury of choosing my opponent, and I will fight whoever the UFC tells me to fight. I haven’t fought everybody at 170. I’ve been out for a long time and my division has changed. Now Johny Hendricks is a new guy right now, and he brings a very big threat to me.”

It was just last week that UFC President Dana White told the media he would be talking to GSP about his next fight. In fact, Dana’s exact quote at the UFC on FOX 7 Pre-fight press conference was, “I am literally going to call Georges St. Pierre today and see what he wants to do.”

That call has apparently not taken place and the prospect of a super fight against Anderson Silva still looms somewhere in the possible future.

During GSP’s time on Joe Rogan’s podcast, he let the world know that his next fight isn’t set in stone and they are likely waiting on the outcome of a few fighters before booking him.


2 Responses to “GSP Says Next Fight Undecided, Waiting On Outcome Of Future Bouts”

  1. wowzers says:

    If GSP doesn’t fight Hendricks… I’m obviously going to have to beat GSP down myself. And when I say myself, I mean with 5 people holding him down as I beat him with a baseball bat.

    All kidding aside… I have respect for GSP just because he’s held on to the belt for so long. People know his game plan and he still wins. Johnny Hendricks is the #1 contender and is GSP moves up to 185… He’s 100% running. Running from Hendricks for the money and then he’ll retire. He would retire a buster in my book. If he beats Hendricks and then goes to fight Anderson.. I would have eternal respect for him if he did that. I have some serious doubts about GSP now though… Buster.

  2. dfgd says:

    lol shut up wowzers, there is no running. That’s just the cry and banter 90% of you people do. There will alway’s be a top contender just as in Anderson Silva, he cleared the 85 pound division yearrrrs ago and he still fight’s and get’s “top” contenders. So w/e, if George moves up there is no running or anything from anyone.

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