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Friday, 03/15/2013, 06:27 pm

GSP say’s he is the one playing mind games with Diaz | UFC NEWS

When it comes to playing “mind games” with an opponent by way of verbal jabs, there are a few fighters that come to mind. Tito Ortiz, Chael Sonnen, and Nick Diaz are the first that come to my mind. Georges St. Pierre on the other hand is not one; he’s portrayed as a humble, quiet, and friendly guy by the UFC and media world.

That is not the GSP we have seen in the last few weeks leading up to UFC 158 when he takes on Nick Diaz for the welterweight championship. During the UFC 158 media conference call Nick Diaz made a comment about GSP being “pampered” which seemingly sent St. Pierre over the edge. GSP has made the comment more than once to Diaz “You really think I’m scared of you?” without Diaz even invoking the question.

UFC president Dana White thinks there is a method to Diaz’s madness, “as crazy as Nick Diaz is, I think there is a strategy behind everything he does and says,” said White. At the media workout, St. Pierre himself admitted that Diaz has got to him, “Diaz got into my head,” said GSP.

However, it’s St. Pierre that say’s he is in the head of Diaz as well.

“I play a bit of a mind game, but I never talk about it because it’s one of my tricks,” said St-Pierre says. “Now that you said it, I’m sure other people will hear it and ask me questions about it. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to answer. It’s part of my strategy.”

The mental game of MMA play’s a huge part in winning or losing fights. Tito use to get opponents so mad that they would throw their game plan out the window just to get a chance to punch him in the face, and that’s when he would take them down. Many fighter’s have used this strategy to get opponent’s to get angry and make mistakes.

I guess now we’ll have to wait until the two top welterweights get in the octagon at UFC 158 Saturday night to see if the “mind games” have worked for either fighter.


48 Responses to “GSP say’s he is the one playing mind games with Diaz | UFC NEWS”

  1. Ddddddd says:

    I don’t believe Goerges here. I think Nicks deeper into Goerges than John Holmes could get into Fallon Fox.

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Hell Yah Nick has gotten into GSP’s head. He’s had him by the balls since 137. GSP wants to beat this guy up and make him pay for his bad-boy behavior. BUT Nick is one of two things. He is either a wolf ticket hyping hypocrite doing what he is complaining about, OR (which is more likely) he is fukcin SCARED that GSP will actually really give him the beating of his life.

  3. Georges St. Pierre says:

    you uneducated fool’s have no idea how dark i am inside my head. The darkness is starting to consume me. After tonight the world will see how dark i have gotten. As a matter of fact just the other day I bought a protien bar and threw the wrapper on the ground i did not even look for a garbage can that is how dark i am getting! I look forward to giving Nick Diaz a dry hump from hell!

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