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Monday, 12/24/2012, 10:22 am

GSP Responds to Seagal Criticism “I am a Martial Artist” | UFC News


Steven Seagal questioned UFC welterweight champ George St. Pierre’s previous Octagon performances, and stated that the champion was not a true mixed martial artist during The MMA Hour.  GSP via news conference reacts by stating


“Many people say that I am a great artist, but not a great fighter. I often come back from adversity. I showed it to BJ Penn in the first fight and also in my last fight. I took a kick to the head and I came back, and I do it often. Of course you cannot show it in a fight, because it is not good to get hurt. It’s better when you hit the guy and not when he hits you. But sometimes you have to go through this punishment and that’s what happened in my last fight. But I think after this fight I showed that I am a martial artist, I have the spirit of a fighter, and when I get hurt, I come back stronger. Carlos Condit gave me a big kick to the head in that fight, and it was all worth it. I think that was the hardest blow I ever took in my whole career.”

GSP is slated to defend his belt against former Strikeforce welterweight champ Nick Diaz at UFC 158 on March 16.



36 Responses to “GSP Responds to Seagal Criticism “I am a Martial Artist” | UFC News”

  1. Drew says:

    Fuck segal he’s just a leech on the UFC

    • GSP is BORING AS HELL says:

      GSP puts me to sleep and no longer cares about being a fighter. All GSP cares about is money, fame, endorsements. Since he was Ko’d by a 5’4″ lightweight he knows he doesn’t have the chin to ever be considered one of the best ever. GSP is an ANTI-FIGHTER who avoids as much action as possible. I respect all the TRUE warriors in MMA who actaully want to fight and go in there and give it all they got. What GSP did in Sheilds fight he shouid have been released. Seagull would kick GSP’s ass no doubt whatsoever. From 8 feet away he would crush that weak knee then he would front kick the weakest chin in MMA and it would be over

      • Michael C says:

        Where do you get any inclination that Seagull could stand with any UFC fighter in his prime let alone one that amazing fighters have not been able to beat? I hope from more than his talk and Silva and Machida’s talk which they were most likely paid to do.

  2. Seagull says:

    Seagal is a joke…. he’s a fatass out of shape class D actor who is all mouth being he’s too fat to do anything relevant.

    GSP grew up doing martial arts and learned a few others, so Seagull should just stick to claiming the front kick, Marked For Death, and Out For Justice. lol

  3. Charticus says:

    Gsp is going to do to nick what Bendo did to Nate..period!

  4. Sasquatch says:

    What has Seagal accomplished in MMA?!… that’s right NOTHING so STFU!. He’s just around so Anderson can rub his belly for good luck.

  5. joe mac says:

    i think we all know the serra punches were harder blows than that grazing high kick from condit.

  6. mrgroovep3 says:

    Who the Eff is Seagal to talk? What has he accomplished except some C level movies? Does he have any accolades to show he’s a real martial artist? Nope! So big and bad but never called out Chuck Norris…cuz Chuck would kick his ass!

  7. lazaro says:

    who care what steven seagal say. he is a jerk

  8. Nicain says:

    Dear GSP,

    We think you’re a joke because of fights you had with KOS where you had him on the ropes from the opening round but didn’t press to finish, where most 170lb fighters could have. Had condit not got over excited like Carwin did, you would have been finished like you were against Serra. While you have a really good game plan, your fights are boring to watch and not worth my cash for PPVs.


    A good number of the MMA fans….

    • Your wierd says:

      I have attended two UFC’s so far in my life and plan to attend many more. Your opinion isn’t that of a fan of “Martial Arts” but if an opinion of a fan of “Finishes”. “Had Condit not got over excited, you would have been finished”? are you serious? If Condit had no have his hands up during the fight he would of been knocked out. Thats how stupid you sound, go watch street brawls or “So you think you can fight”

      • Isabella says:

        you people are reidlucous, imean cmon just cuz he aaint cut, youre gonna hassle him. He maty not have shredded abs, but he has a strong core, thats plain to see -_- besides, just cuz ya got a six pack doesnt mean your abs are strong

    • Albert says:

      What a straight up fucking idiot you are. There’s not much else to say but that

  9. the original steve says:

    seagal is a movie star who happen to do martial arts. he has never fought the only account of him “fighting” is getting choked out by gene lebell and shitting himself.

  10. Ryan says:

    Seagal needs to stick to making movies and reality TV. This sport is out of his league. He wouldn’t last 10 seconds in the cage with ANY UFC fighter.

  11. Nick says:

    Wow you people are retarded Seagal is a phenomenal martial artist

  12. Zack says:

    Hey gsp fight Anderson and see if you can come back from getting kicked in the head by him. Doubt it.

  13. b says:

    lol segal is a b#@$h

  14. B1GREDN says:

    Seriously, who cares what Steven Seagal has to say. That guy wouldn’t last 3 minutes in the Octagon. GSP should ignore what he has to say because Seagal is irrelevant in the world of MMA.

  15. Voodoo Maximus says:

    It’s always easy to be the one outside the cage or watching on tv talking smack about “do this or do that”. Steven Segal, that was a very disappointing state not by you. You don’t see GSP talking about when you got choked out some years ago and causing you to dookie on yourself. You should haveore respect for true warriors. The day you step into the octagon is the day you have a right to criticize any fighter.

  16. JAckson says:

    why can’t GSP understand that THIS is what a true martial artist looks like?

  17. Dan Rod says:

    For a lot of you idiots that are bashing Seagal without knowing exactly what he said, here is what he said about GSP:
    “I think [St-Pierre] is a really nice guy. I think he is a good fighter and a good martial artist. Would I call him great? No, I just think he’s a wonderful and good martial artist and good guy. Some people are born with greatness, and some people sort of acquire it, but I think with time, he will become better and better.”

    Where in that comment did he say anything negative about GSP? You guys are idiots.

    He also said:
    “If you look at Anderson’s worst fights, they’re not bad. They’re still pretty good. If you look at GSP’s worst fight, you look at the thing he did with Shields in Canada, that was atrocious, and I think that is very telling. Aside from all of that, I think Anderson is just a lot more skilled, and I think he would win handily.”
    Once again he just shared his opinion, and didn’t say anything bad about the guy at all just providing his analysis. A lot of the guys on here do not nothing anything about martial arts, critical thinking, or literary analysis, which is hard to have a legit discussion with half of the guys on here.

  18. Robbb124 says:

    I find it fucking pathetic how all you people have to choose one side and hate on the other. This statement that GSP made has nothing to do with Martial Arts. It has to do with chin and toughness. Plus Steven Seagal didn’t say he wasn’t a real martial artist. Don’t put words in his mouth dumb asses. And GSP’s more recent fights aren’t exciting, but he still gets the Win which is what matters. And Steven Seagal may be past his prime but he could still toss any of you goofs around. And he is a true martial artist. Aswell as GSP.

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