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Sunday, 02/05/2012, 11:29 am

GSP Reacts To Diaz Loss | Will Prepare To Go To War With Condit

“Congratulations to Carlos Condit. It looks like I’m going to fight him. This is my job I got to do what I got to do. I’m going to heel my knee properly then get ready for this. Its serious competition, the best man will win.”

In the lead up to last night’s UFC 143 main event between Nick Diaz  and  Carlos Condit , welterweight champion  Georges St Pierre had stated on multiple occasions that he wants to fight Nick Diaz. He went so far as to say he prays every night that Nick will win.

Win, Nick did not and now the new interim champion is Carlos Condit. With an eventual fight in the future for Condit and GSP, GSP sounds off on the matchup here in this quote via FUEL TV.

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68 Responses to “GSP Reacts To Diaz Loss | Will Prepare To Go To War With Condit”

  1. hate the game says:

    GSP sounds worried, I don’t think he wants any of those face stomps..

    • jacob lee says:

      he said the best man will win i think he ment the biggest and slipperiest! ok UFC fight fans get ready for the ultimate FIGHTING championships to defend his belt by not fighting at all.

      • gerald says:

        fuck your a retard GSP knows what he’s going to do hes going to take him down and work his jab…watch his fights fucktard tired of ppl with saying hes going to “lay n pray” he picks them apart on the ground

        • jacob lee says:

          i never said anything about lay and pray. I was more talking about the jab thing. If you look at guys like dan hardy, chael sonnen, roy nelson, those guys come to fight.

        • Superawesomeguy says:

          Good point. How have those guys made out lately besides Sonnen barely squeaking past Bisping? Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

        • GUAMY says:

          who did he pick apart ? lol

        • jacob lee says:

          Well there is BJ but he was covered in gasoline and Bj didnt really get hurt he was just tired cuz he had a 200 pound guy on him. GSP has never picked apart anybody. He beat Matt Sera but didn’t pick him apart. He beat dan hardy but didn’t pick him apart. he beat Koscheck but even though he punched him alot i honestly fell asleep in round three and did not even finish watching the fight. I think GSP is a cheater and very overrated.

        • Amir says:

          Come on man! Nice point of view, but what’s up with the lack of punctuation?? It makes reading your comment way more difficult than it needs to be!

    • tyner says:

      Easy win for GSP. Will be a jab fest. You know, I almost got sucked in that “Nick Diaz / Carlos Condit is the most dangerous fighter GSP ever faced”, but after last night it seems obvious to me that they neither one can hold a candle to the champ.

  2. war goth666 says:


  3. Brandon Wheaton says:

    lmao. yawn. “Go to war”… doesn’t he say that before every slumber party?

    • hate the game says:

      Ya, he sounded a lot more motivated for Diaz, saying things like it is the biggest fight ever. Now Condit is in the mix and he’s back to don’t say too much in case I get KTFO again.

      Grow some marketing balls GSP!!

  4. NLM1306 says:

    I dont think GSP is worried at all. He has been training with Condit for a few years under Greg Jackson and he is disappointed because he was really hoping to beat Diaz to shut him up.

  5. slacker says:

    He will have no problem taking down Carlos, but I hope Carlos can make this fight close.

  6. Stevo the great says:


  7. Me says:

    Put yourself in condits position, he could have fought the way he usually does and lost, or lose a couple fans by following the play it safe jackson strategy and become a champion. To some people that is all that matters. Im guessing he is going to play it safe against gsp as well, I doubt we will see the old condit until after he beats gsp or after he loses and is just a contender again.

  8. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    GSP is going to obliterate Condit. I really think Nick would have been a better fight and match up but that’s how it is. GSP can do everything Condit can do only better. He can even out point someone better! For example, GSP at least has Octagon control when he out points someone.

    • Xaninho says:

      I dunno man…If Diaz would walk GSP down like he tried to walk down Condit I see GSP jabbing his eye shut and take him down.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        GSP wouldn’t back up the whole fight either I am really disappointed with this fight. I was expecting Hendo vs Shogun 2 with the way they were advertising it.

        • Xaninho says:

          It didn’t go like I thought it would go either. I did predict Condit winning and I even predicted he would go for the legs and body. It just missed the KO, but it’s very difficult to KO Diaz. As he proved again tonight.

        • slacker says:

          Yeah, I picked Condit to win, but I expected him to go for more KO shots to the head. I thought he was going to work a combo. stand – up and 50/50 ground and pound. More than one way to skin a cat though.

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          SERIOUSLY DISAPPOINTED!! I expected Condit to have a gameplan, but I didn’t think it would involve so much high speed backpedaling. Honestly put, he did a lot of running. He won, but the matter in which he won really sucked.


    dont care for gsp too much but hes better than condit in every aspect

  10. Mike says:

    The truth came out about Diaz last night. He is way over rated and has still never beat a top 10 contender in his life. Dont be stupid and say BJ or the hacks that he beat in strikeforce because BJ hasnt won a signifigant fight in several years and the strikeforce guys are UFC rejects.

    • Akid says:

      Perfectly said!

    • slacker says:

      Nick is a great fighter no doubt. But with all respect to B.J.’s fighting ability, I never did believe that beating him was showing that he beat a true UFC WW in his return. If he was truly the most well – rounded fighter in the world, like he said a couple weeks ago, then he would have been able to adapt and use some different tools and find a way to win last night. I agree. Let’s see him fight some other top 10 UFC guys now and see what he can come up with.

      • Jay says:

        The Dias myth is busted…his hype is dead…he had nothing! Late take down was just that…too fucking late.

        • slacker says:

          I agree with your perception of that take – down. I thought it was a last ditch effort to pose as the victor to the judges and try to swing an unearned decision for himself. Smart move, but too little, too late.

    • GUAMY says:

      daley was top 10 rated in UFC when Diaz beat him so have a tall glass of STFU. Gomi was pride champ when he beat him too. Bj was top ten also. before he fought Diaz he drew fitch who was #1 contender so how again has he not beat top ten? the truth about Diaz is that he came to fight and condit ran around the whole fight never once attempted to finish or stand his ground, if this fight wasnt in a cage condit would have prob. just ran home to momma lol. oh SF guys are shit too right? like Hendo who just killed hua or werdum who looked amazing than wooping roys ass. if you dont know shit dont comment brah lol.

  11. Nick Diaz says:

    look at him all happy he doesnt have to fight me

  12. Peter says:

    All you guys that go on about lay n pray from GSP obviously firstly don’t fight or train and secondly don’t know much about mixed martial arts. Every fight he has he lands hits fights for dominant positions and goes for submissions non stop. He break downs his opponents and reacts to there fighting style beating them at there main discipline – that isn’t lay n
    Prayin that’s being a smart fighter not a 1 trick pony like Diaz

  13. Josh Douchechek says:

    You’re all fucking fags just like Diaz.

  14. dave says:


  15. Nick Diaz says:

    dont buy this ppv homies

  16. Bob Dole says:

    may the best man truly win! war condit! war gap!

  17. i wud bj bj :) says:

    r u really nick diaz? lol whats diaz doin on haha. i really want condit 2 beat gsp we need an exciting champ some1 unpredictable and condit will do nicely

  18. mmaguy says:

    carlos has a punches chance, GSP will control most areas of that fight especially on the ground, and gsp isnt a lay n pray artist hes one of the few wrestlers who actually know how to stay active on the ground, lay n pray wrestlers are jon fitch josh koscheck and gray maynard.

  19. noobiscondit says:

    “HEEL my knee” is this a typo or just because he’s a frenchy

  20. Nick Diaz says:

    BJ is my idol

  21. cody says:

    welter weight division sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!! mw and lw and hw where its at fuck these over hyped boring ass greg jackson main events just saying

    • gsp will do what condit done to diaz he will out point him with eese whilst avoiding everything else involved lol lets see how carlos likes it he should of stood and banged a lil bit more than he did the guy can bang after all hope diaz v condit 2 happens b4 gsp

  22. I saw this guy last night in person, and he looked like a scared little boy LOL!!!!

  23. Seb says:

    wtf didn’t know Yoda wrote for “win, nick did not”

  24. learntoread says:

    Yeah, it will be both ironic and highly boring to watch GSP “Jackson Camp-ing” his way to another UD over “the new” Carlos Condit.

    Makes me laugh a bit remembering Condit bluntly stating that he wanted “a dog fight” vs. Nick Diaz, that he was going to come out and “bury this Mother******”, & saying: “I’m a Warrior”. Great stuff Carlos, thanks for the complete BS hype. Where was this “Natural Born Killer” that we’ve seen in the past Saturday night? You shall now be renamed Carlos “The Running Man” Condit in honor of Greg Jackson. Cheers pal 😉

  25. Trey says:

    Thats gonna be the most boringest piece of shit fight I guarantee it now that we seen how condit likes to run in title fights cuz that wasn’t fighting what he was doing and if you like that type of shit your a fuckin sucker that boy ran the whole fight and these trainers that come with these so called gameplans can eat shit cuz I thought mma was suppose to be better than boxing out looks like its turing into boxing and dana white needs to let somebody take his place cuz he sucks too and I’m sick of people saying this was a good fight if you think that was exciting you must dont get out much the point of mma is to simulate real fighting and what we starting to see now is not close and wtf do people be talking bout he didn’t play diaz’s game by standing there and fighting its not playing diaz’s game what you mean its that he knew he was gonna get ass kicked because he was knocking people out before this now he steps in there with somebody who got something for his ass and he runs so fighters who do that ain’t real fighters our champs mean cruz, gsp, silva, edgar too the only real champs on the ufc are jon jones, aldo, and junor cuz everybody else trying to play games and not fight theres a reason its called ufc not upgc and I’m not spending another some on a ufc ppv cuz the way dana white acts lets me know there going too be a crock of shit so I suggest you save 50 bucks and your valuable time and the only fighters that deserve respect are the fighters who go and fight the same every fight like cain, chael, junor, jones, the diaz bros, and dan henderson, all these point game players and their trainers and fans can shove that score card right their asses cuz unless you went out there to finish you didn’t fight and that type of shit gonna bring down the sport for people who like to watch fights and not see one guy chae another guy for five rounds and see the road runner act like he won a fight when he knows he ran the entire time and then he talks about gameplans nigga please you wasn’t doing no gameplan you was running and your a sucker for doing that don’t wanna see that when I pay money to watch a fight

  26. Johannes says:

    GSP vs Condit is going the be the biggest slumberparty the UFC have ever presented. Judges are making sure to take away fighting from the sport. Dont forget how this organization started, because they are.

  27. GUAMY says:

    pack a pillow for this fight. everyone is going to sleep except the 2 fighting.

  28. GUAMY says:

    you can just smell the Jackson camp all over condit in that fight.

  29. T.DADDY says:

    how could condit be proud of that win.. he just ran and threw leg kicks… i could see if they were hurting diaz but they were lil baby kicks… another fight that didnt live up to the hype

  30. i wud bj bj :) says:

    nick diazs mum serves gravy 2 lepers nd rims waiters 4 their tips .ps nick diaz on haha sad cunt

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