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Tuesday, 07/17/2012, 09:11 am

GSP Planning A Return To Freddie Roach For Condit Prep | UFC NEWS

“He might be in next week to work on some hands. He did do some boxing with Eric Brown while I was away a couple weeks ago, so he has started punching a little bit, he’s getting a little more active every day. I think he’s supposed to be here either this week or next week.”


21 Responses to “GSP Planning A Return To Freddie Roach For Condit Prep | UFC NEWS”

  1. punchkick says:

    gonna be the most boring title fight, humping and running all night

  2. punchkick says:

    gonna be a boring fight. humping and running

  3. Sounds like Gsp is going to try and jab condit to death for 5 rounds.

  4. He probably going to him for some more peds lolj/k he can’t take them now (whole reason he back his last fight anyway and faked an injury) can’t wait to see how he performs now since he’s (hopefully )off peds and the better test him to smh.

  5. Iceman says:

    Who gives a fuck…gsp used to be exciting when he fought sherk,trigg,mayhem,and the first bj fight.all of his title defenses were so boring except for the Fitch fight.he hasent finished a fight since 2008.hope condit ko’s this fucking guy.

    • Shawn says:

      lol! Your just like all the haters who don’t actually watch the fights. Like all those bandwagon MMA fans, you probably don’t even pay attention to the fights, and just drink and talk to each other all night until a KO or submission made. Then you all jump up and down, and freak out, without even realizing how the fight went down. Cuz if you actually WATCH and understand the fight game, you’d see that GSP BEATS UP all his opponents. Whether he finishes them or not, they come out like they just got jumped by 5 guys. Condit’s not going to KO St. Pierre. GSP is going to press the fight like he always does, jabbing the shit out of Condit’s face, and taking him down and pounding him out for a little while, then back on the feet jabbing the shit out of his face again. Condit is just going to instinctively back peddle, sneaking in a strike or two. Condit is going to pull the classic Jackson game plan. I like Condit, but he needs to start pressing fights again. GSP won’t back down, and if Carlos doesn’t either, it’ll be a good fight. Whether it goes the distance or not. It’s not how the fight is finished, it’s how it’s fought. There have been plenty of great fights that went the distance. Don’t look for the finish, or you’ll miss the whole fight and what is going on.

      • TheCrippler says:

        ^Thank you! Holy shit. People talk shit about GSP for the dumbest reasons. Actually watch the fights, he smashes everybody.

      • Iceman says:

        Let me tell u something motherfucker I own UFC DVDs 40 thru 144 and own pride DVDs and I watch these fights over and over I don’t even watch tv.and I watch em by myself and analyze them sometimes I even rewind them.and I’ve been a an mma fan since 2001.and u must have not read my post too good I never said he isn’t good idiot I said he’s that ok with u.its obvious he beats his opponents up and wins.just cause I’m not a fan of gsp dosent mean I’m a mma band wagon jumper u take gsp dick out ur mouth faggot.the guys boring.thats all I said moron then u wanna write a essay about how I don’t know shit gimmie a fucking break dude.Lol.

      • Iceman says:

        And stop trying to discredit people just cause we don’t like the same fighters as u do and act like ur some mma genius when ur just an idiot who dont understand that everybody has there own preference.i am not saying I know everything but I’ve been watching and training mma since u were still in grade school probably.

  6. True MMA says:

    What the fuck is he going to Roach for? Roach doesn’t teach his fighters to lay and pray, nor does he teach his fighters to rub vasoline all over there bodies. Plus what the fuck is GSP worried about? The natural born runner is going to run for his life and all GSP has to do is catch him, put him down and hump the shit out of him like he normaly does. Another day at the office the French Canadian.

    • KIDD433 says:

      @TRUE MMA…Ya no shit,Was gonna say the same thing,But you you beat me to it.GSP has been playing it safe ever since SERRA KOd his ass,Besides the Fitch fight,He’s been MR Strategy.Its funny because now were gonna see GREG JACKSON GAY GAME PLAN VS GREG JACKSON GAYER GAME PLAN.

  7. Gabi says:

    Why is GSP calling him? GSP doesn’t fight anymore he just does a takedown and lays there. Every now and then doing something to look like he’s working. He doesn’t really punch anymore just jabs until he can go in for a takedown. Freddie don’t waste your time. Or just give him roids like you all almost all your fighters especially manny.

  8. WrestlingRules says:

    GSP is gonna make Condit look like a kidd…He will throw him around, he will jab his eyes out and then go partying….

  9. Pancho says:

    I hope Condit goes back to his ways and GSP. Was a big fan of his but that Diaz fight made me lose respect

  10. Pancho says:

    I hope Condit goes back to his ways and finishes GSP. Was a big fan of his but that Diaz fight made me lose respect for him

  11. NiggerDick says:

    Gsp fights like a pussy and never goes for the finish, and if I ever run into him I’ll tell him to his face.

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