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Tuesday, 02/07/2012, 07:30 am

GSP Opens Up As 3-1 Favorite Over Carlos Condit

Carlos Condit earned the right to face Georges St-Pierre in a title unification bout after dismantling Nick Diaz in a five-round contest this past weekend at UFC 143.

His performance however, was not good enough to convince odds makers that he can get the job done against division champ, GSP.

GSP is expected to return to action in November, at that time his layoff will be approximately 18 months, add a possible rusty champ with a recent knee surgery and rehab, and GSP’s ability to return to his previous form is in question, yet the line still yields in his favor.

Smart on the part of odds makers or are they underestimating “The Natural Born Killer?”

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32 Responses to “GSP Opens Up As 3-1 Favorite Over Carlos Condit”

  1. Jb says:

    I like Carlos but if he fights like that again. GSP will crush him

    • magoo says:

      GSP gonna be the champ again, regardless of how Condit fights. Unlike Nick Diaz GSP can adapt and change things up quickly!

      • Katana Clothing says:

        Yep, I agree. GSP is more versatile than Diaz and will give Condit a tough fight. GSP will have all the tools to switch gameplans should he need to. I give GSP the advantage on the ground and in the stand-up.

        Would have been interesting to see what Saturday’s outcome would have been had Diaz taken the fight to the mat after realising that Condit didn’t want to stand and fight.

  2. DevonAK86 says:

    The better fight would have been Diaz vs GSP. I feel bad for Condit because GSP is going to come out in this fight to prove a point and hopefully finish Condit or put him on a year of medical suspension like he has done in the past! Maby Diaz can get two huge wins and face GSP after he beats Condit.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Diaz’s pace vs GSP’s extreme well roundness would have made a more interesting fight. Maybe it would have been similar to Condit vs Diaz because of that lame game plan.

  3. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    This should be a great one. Here’s how I think it’s going to play out: Condit dances around the Octagon for the first few minutes trying to evade GSP’s takedowns. Then, GSP will lay down an oversized towel, surround it with scented candles for atmosphere and vasoline for reduced friction, drag Condit down and dry hump him. Hard. For a long time.

  4. mma is my religion says:

    GSP is going to dry hump condit for 25 min.

    • Hostile Hunter says:

      You guys are completely disrespectful, GSP would put u in a pretzel and make u suck your own dick…Thats why your on this website and not in the octagon.

  5. follow@BmoDollaz on twitter says:

    I don’t agree with the whole “dismantling of Diaz”. I have a feeling there gonna do a re-match Condit Vs. Diaz 2

  6. mma is my religion says:

    I hope so because GSP vs condit makes for a lame ass fight. GSP trying to lay and pray and condit trying to run and pray. Fuck it let them have each other. Cat fight

    • Koshchek is a felcher says:

      For someone who says ‘mma is my religion” you know nothing and come across as a complete non training noob. Ask people like BJ Penn, Josh Koshchek, Matt Hughes, and John Fitch about GSP’s lay and pray. Once again it’s chumps trying to diss a champ. STFU!

      • Mucks says:

        not sure you would get the same answer from BJ as you would get from the rest of that list.

        Also, it is hilarious when people try and act smart on the internet. ‘you non training noob’ what are you 15? Noob? is this Xbox? Do you really think the only people that should follow MMA should train? How about football? If you don’t get ready during mini camp can you not be a fan or have an opinion?

  7. cody says:

    is gsp going to be able to catch him to dry hump is the question

  8. Dig says:

    wow, people seem to forget that carlos condit hast only 3 decisions in his WHOLE MMA career.

  9. slacker says:

    A guy of Condit’s skill level, of course, has a chance to win. But who the hell on this WW earth can stop his take – downs? Exactly. No one. So, he is going to have to do something pretty incredible to pull off a victory. He needs to do the exact opposite as what he did with Nick. One of GSP’s weaknesses is over – analyzing during the fight – he doesn’t balance out strategy with instinct. Condit needs to brawl him and hope for the best.

  10. Zack says:

    Why is Gsp milking his recovery? Pussy

    • zoeldog27 says:

      Dude hes not milking it, Im from Australia and we play a sport here called AFL look it up on google the most common injury we have are ACL’s because you run a average of 15.5km a game over 4, 30min quarters, its a really hard injury to come back from the advantage GSP has over AFL players is he doesnt need to run as much in his sport but it does take a long time to get ur knee right again , ive had 2 major injurys in my sporting life i did my ACL in footy and tore my achilles tendon in ju jitsu from a heel hook and i can tell you it fuckin hurt bad this was 3 years ago and i still have pain in my leg so dont underestimate how bad this injury is

  11. mma is my religion says:

    GSP said he is ready for the condit. He bought a big tub of vasoline. Time to lube up.

  12. CCW.Gun control=Government control. says:

    After watching Condit fight an elite fighter I Can only believe that GSP will rape Condit. Take downs and LnP will ensue and Condit knows his only chance is to run and try for points again.

  13. pk9ninegrrr says:

    who fucken cares its 9 months away .rhymes with gay

  14. learntoread says:

    No real surprise here.

    Not even sure why this needed to be stated though:

    “His (Condit) performance however, was not good enough to convince odds makers that he can get the job done against division champ, GSP.”

    Really? LOL. That “perfect” strategy didn’t impress the oddsmakers? haha. Yeah, well, it didn’t impress the majority of fans & fellow fighters either.

  15. zoeldog27 says:

    I have no respect for Condit after watching that fight he should have taken it to Diaz, fighting the way he did shows us all he will have no hope against GSP its time to start talking Silva VS GSP in early 2013 at least there styles will make it a great fight, Condit doesnt have the power to KO GSP he cant decision GSP because thats GSP’s Specialty im not to sure how we will fight GSP enjoy your belt Condit cause it will be the only time you’ll hold it, very dissapointing I thought this guy was a true fighter but just another Greg Jackson stooge

    • CCW.Gun control=Government control. says:

      Greg Jackson is a stooge. He found a way to get good athletes to come to his camp and learn to point fight. He gets paid big bucks though. I guess he can laugh his way to the bank while we disagree with his methods of “gameplans”. GSP will not finish anybody, Condit is now on the same road, he wont finish anybody again because he wants to remain at the top tier and be as safe as possible. Over it…

  16. Mike McMack says:

    Carlos can’t out technique a master technician like GSP. Georges will win their fight for sure, even with ring rust.

  17. MMACRAVER says:


    just means I can bet less money, and stand to win more.

    Fuck all the condit haters.

    GSP is extremely overrated as a skilled fighter…. very athletic human being though.

  18. mma is my religion says:

    GSP is always on his knees begging Dana white for something. Get off your knees already GSP.

  19. true mma says:

    Fuck GSP, trying to be on someone else’s primetime.

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