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Wednesday, 07/31/2013, 10:40 am

GSP: ‘One day one guy will beat me’

“I always want to fight the best guy, but there’s so many guys coming up. They’re all calling me because I’m the champion, so I’m the target for them. I have the crown. One day, one guy [will] beat me; he’s going to have the crown, so it won’t be me anymore. People forget a little bit. I don’t believe I will still be as famous as I am now, because I’m the champion and have the spotlight. One day I will retire. I will go away and after maybe three years people will start to forget a little bit. Some people will still recognize me. It won’t be as much.”

During yesterday’s stop in Los Angeles, UFC welterweight champion, GSP discussed his mortality as an athlete and fighter.


30 Responses to “GSP: ‘One day one guy will beat me’”

  1. Big Daddy says:

    You’ve already been beaten! Only problem is you don’t fight anymore. You run around and score points but you’re right! Someone is gonna run faster than you and knock your ass out again.

  2. Keonis cousin says:

    He beat the snot out of bj and bj is a warrior and a p4p great! He is the only man to ever make bj quit and bj has a no quit leave it all in the cage attitude. His rematches w Serra and Hughes were dominant! He has outclassed the very best in the world at 170 for years! Look how good nick Diaz is and GSP was in complete control the entire fight! I will agree with you that he should go more for the finish but he is the best in the world and I give him props!

    • Big daddy says:

      I don’t think you remember correctly but the first fight with bj he was scared to stand and did everything to try n take bj down. The second fight he cheated and had Vaseline rubbed up on him. If that’s not true then why was he able to take bj down but was barely able to the first fight?

      • Sasquatch says:

        WTF does Vaseline have to do with GSP taking BJ down?! Everyone knows the outcome of the fight would have been the same regardless of the grease gate scandal. BJ was even losing in the striking department.. just face it he was out gunned.

      • Shooter McGurk says:

        I find i interesting that all these losers disrespect BJ on his own site. Each and every one of them would assume the fetal position and shit themselves if BJ even looked their way. GSP’s ball gobblers will never admit that BJ won that first fight but got a BS decision against him. The swallowers also forget that Georges and Rory both are much larger than BJ. It would be like GSP fighting Jones, ‘cept he will never agree to a fight like that. I’m not trying to hate on GSP, I’m just addressing all the little bitches being tough guys from their momma’s basements. I actually understand Georges theory on fighting, stay the champ, make lots of money. Might be boring bit smart thing to do. Go ahead guys, call me a douche bag or homo or whatever, I actually know BJ from back when he had hair. hehehe! So all your little snide remarks mean shit to me.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Shooter , you are right BJ did beat GSP in their first fight. I think some of the little dick pimple’s on here don’t quite know how to express themselves, public education system pretty much dumbs’m down. Also true is that the WW’s of the recent past and future are big compared to BJ. I think alot of fans of BJ just wish he would have stayed at 55 or even gone to 45 to stay sharp. He seemed to complain a bit instead of training, etc. He is just human and I think these weasels just wanted him to be perfect. BJ could have been better, but then he was pretty damn good being a 2 division champion.

  3. Deeezwutisay says:

    Haha yah he scored a lotta Points wit bj but at least bj got him back! He took him to court w his mommy and cried that he scored to many points against her son. Who does that take ur mom to court with you and go to court! Handle it like a man in da ring and rematch his ginger ass … Then he tried to get his revenge against his less experienced protege and got tore up damn! But at least he made no excuses, learned his embarrassing lesson that it is better to lose like a man than cry n bring ur mommy around to court w ya! Bj is like the Gracie’s he was around in a time where they knew how to fight and the other guys were just tough guys. Now that mma is inundated w true fighters Gracie and penn have no advantages! I do give them both credit for bringing awareness to bjj and showed the world that it’s not how big u are but how skilled u are… Plus bj and Gracie have a lot of heart! Peace out !!!

    • Silver Spider says:

      you’re a goof bro, the dude is a 2 division champ, with lots of money and a hot wife! who are you? some loser who probably still lives with his mommy spouting garbage on his site? By the sound of your tone, you don’t even know what it’s like to fight and the only thing you’ve ever submitted was a double big mac with extra cheese! Peace out!!

    • Your name is now DeezleDumbass says:

      What court you talking ’bout? The one you went to for beating on your boyfriend? Or the one for your DUI charge? BJ never went to “court” against GSP, you moron. You make no sense, you retard. Go do us all a favor and go play video games instead of logging on to You dumbass.

  4. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Nope…GSP will never lose!!!

  5. Deezwatisay says:

    Was a two division… Sound of my tone? Yes I am spouting on his site. Donald Trump is rich and gotta hot wife too! Guess u didn’t know bj did take his mom to court w him to argue the fight… That is a fact! I am a fool for arguing with u about it but maybe u really don’t know so jus look it up it is pretty sad! Having said all that I will admit I knew it would cauz trouble on here I should use more tact next time, my bad this is his site… Just can’t understand why he did that? My boy Beltran lost plenty fights but he da man and never went to court or made excuses! U gotta agree he prob regrets goin to court everyone makes mistakes I am givin him props that now w his recent losses he took em pretty well! Even the Diaz fight he talked shit after but wasn’t tryin to go court .i will be more respectful on his site cuz ur rite it was dumb ass of me to say that about him in that way.

    • you weirdo says:

      LOL someone sounds jealous that Bj has a mum that’s there to support her son. Your mums probably at rehab or a crack house and she ditched your dopey ass years ago n left you with your dad who is most likely a drunk who enjoys beating you and fiddling with you…

  6. Big daddy is a crybaby says:

    Hahahha I like how you say gsp cheated but your coward hero pussy penn threw in the towel and didnt want to get beat down any worse

  7. Deezwutisay says:

    I don’t like a fighter so I live with my mum or dad, I’m an abused child who’s been molested by my parents or abandoned and beat me? That is like the ppl who argue against creation or evolution and the opposing side says your moms a whore and your gay plus your dad molests and beats you! That is an argument that I don’t get! If some one dosent like Beltran or Munoz I mite chime in that they have beaten some great competitors and lost in some wars but I can’t see standing up for your theory with your argument. Maybe you truly believe anyone who thinks differently than you must be gay molested or abandoned? That’s a straw man argument… Can’t argue the point so attack the person with threats or insults.

  8. Keonos cousin says:

    Your asking how can a fighter win a rematch they previously lost besides improving? Must be cheating? Did jake ellenberger cheat in his rematch vs jay hieron? Did Chuck Liddell cheat on his rematch vs randy couture? In your world yes In my world they improved and implemented a better strategy.

  9. Wikipedia says:

    . Penn has consistently made excuses for all of his defeats and in this instance,he sent a formal request to the NSAC, asking them to investigate.[47] Despite all of the complaints by the Penn camp, the NSAC ruled that there was no infraction.[48] This incident was famously coined by Penn fans as the “Greasegate” and remains as one of the biggest controversies in MMA history.[49]

  10. Cage says:

    ” Whaaaaahhh ” When BJ Penn said “to the death” before his UFC 94 welterweight championship bout against Georges St. Pierre, we thought he meant fight to the death, not litigate to the death. While the rest of the MMA world has long since lost interest in Penn’s claim that GSP enjoyed a vaseline-related advantage during their match in January, Penn himself is working to get the issue moved from Nevada State Athletic Commission hearings to a Nevada court.

  11. maddkillah says:

    like what they say, boxing can be taught but one-punch KO power is a gift…if you don’t have that gift, go to plan B, outpoint your opponent. exactly what GSP is doing..and that’s why he’s the champ…respect…

  12. forhestgump says:

    Damn gsp is talking like he is giving up and he will lose his next fight

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