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Tuesday, 03/06/2012, 10:13 am

GSP on Nick Diaz | Marijuana isn't a performance enhancer

“For me marijuana, I don’t see it as a performance enhancer. I don’t see it as bad as a steroid or something like that. Maybe it can help Nick Diaz, I think he might have problems in front of the camera. He’s very nervous in front of the camera. Maybe the marijuana calms him down and makes him perform better. I am sure he is going to find a way with his lawyer to get out of it and we will fight in the near future… I don’t care if a guy takes marijuana…”

Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre discusses the failed drug screening of Nick Diaz and what he thinks about marijuana use in MMA.

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53 Responses to “GSP on Nick Diaz | Marijuana isn't a performance enhancer”

  1. Zack says:

    George has been chief’n this whole time to rehab his knee

  2. JD says:

    The reporter’s voice doesn’t fit at all with his face ahah

  3. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Sounds like Georges is partial to the reefer!

  4. Jenn says:

    I’m sorry – when did GSP become a pharmaceuticals expert? Or a chemist, or a doctor, or any other sort of expert on the subject? I don’t really care about somebody’s obviously non-expert opinion, especially when that somebody gets punched in the head for a living. And FYI – calming nerves IS a performance enhancer. It’s part of the fight, and if you can’t do it without the drugs, then it’s enhancing your performance. It’s why professional musicians take beta blockers – to enhance their performances by way of getting rid of “nerves”. Being able to perform through the nerves is part of the game.

    • BloodShotRetina says:

      Calm down Jenn, when did YOU become a pharmaceutical expert? Who care about YOUR opinion? I like George he’s a smart guy, he’s got his shit together and people want to hear what he has to say about is opponent. You dummy. He wasn’t high during the fight obviously, how can it be a performance enhancer? What an ignorant responce.

    • MMACRAVER says:

      Jenn didn’t say he was an expert either… But the fact remains.. GSP knows jack shit about all of marijuana’s effects on the human body.

      Until recently even studies on the substance was illegal, so even scientist are still figuring this shit out.

      Jenn also makes a good point that… Marijuana supposedly helps him in one way.. in other words.. enhances his performance.

      No one said he was HIGH DURING THE FIGHT either you dumb fuck. Considering how little we know, who is to say Marijuana cant help you after the fact?

      Not even scientists really know conclusively everything about the fucking plant yet. So for you to call anyone ignorant on the subject just for actually analyzing and debating the subject, is actually really fucking stupid.

      • Really? says:

        How exactly would marijuana help you after a fight? Or during? Or before? I smoke all the time and I can say that I’ve never felt “enhanced” in the ten plus years I’ve done it.

        • MMACRAVER says:

          Omfg… That is the fucking point of what I am saying.

          We simply don’t know these things… so to say that it does or doesn’t is fucking stupid.

          Actually think about what you are saying.

          “I have smoked for 10 years and it hasn’t enhanced me”

          Have you ever heard a fucking tv commercial advertising any kind of medicine? The list of side effects is huge. Guaranteed there is some asshole out there who has been using the shit for years and nothing bad has happened.. why is that?

          it is because we are all DIFFERENT, drugs effect people different ways.

          Different strains effect people differently… even the same strain grown by a better grower will be more potent and produce different effects.

          Even if you harvest your fucken buds a little early before the hairs change colours it will change the effect of the bud.

        • Come at me MMACRAVER says:

          hahahahahah obviously somebody has never smoked weed before. Listen bud, I don’t know what you’ve heard about marijuana but the effects only last about 2 hours. Even if it is a performance enhancing drug, which it is not, Diaz not being high during the fight means he would not be getting any of the benefits. If he is using it to enhance anything, it’s his ability to talk to the media and who gives a shit about that? How about you shut the fuck up and stop talking nonsense before you make yourself look like an even bigger idiot then you’ve done already. Performance enhancing? hahaha get real bro when you smoke weed your hurting your cardio by damaging your lungs and you get hungry as fuck. Did Nick and Carlos have an eating competition? If not then there is no way this can enhance performance. Shit most of the time you end up doing nothing but sitting around when your high and have trouble waking up the next day. If anything it is a performance dehancing drug because it gets in the way of his training and damages his cardio. What he does in his personal life is not the athletic commission’s business and it definitely isn’t yours you internet thug.

      • Wow says:

        Your argument contains swear words…you must be an expert on the subject

      • all says:

        so how do you know that GSP doesn’t know anything about the effects ?

    • I don’t know what you read but to me it says that he could care less.

    • Guamy says:

      jenn you dont know shit stfu. he was talking about him being calm for interviews MORON.
      MJ does not and will not enhance your performance. im sure Nick stopped smoking weeks before the fight anyway but the body stores the MJ in fat cells. which can be traced even after months of not using.

      • MMACRAVER says:

        Yet again…

        What do you know exactly?




        • MMACRAVER says:





        • Casual Fan says:

          You don’t need a PHD and years of experience to know and be passionate about something. People who own co-ops and dispensaries (for states who allow use of medical marijuana) are extremely knowledgable about certain strains of cannabis (i.e indica gives you a “body high” because of a higher cannabidol content). If you want a little more detail, cannibidol has been shown to decrease the activity of the limbic system (controls endocrine system and autonomic nervous system). How do you think people come up with different strains of cannabis? They have to figure out how to cross pollinate their plants, how to make hybrids, etc.

          This country (US) profits from pharmaceutical and insurance companies, which why research has been bleak, in my opinion. These companies can’t profit off of a plant that plenty of people already grow. Just because the FDA has not approved or done extensive research on it doesn’t mean that some people won’t know how cannabis strains affect the body.

          I’m just sayin…

        • MMACRAVER says:

          Yes we know a little bit. I know that when I smoke weed It makes me feel a certain way… does that mean I know how cannabis strains affect the body? No it absolutely does not.

          Just because the guy at the dispensary says this strain will help you with your pain does not at all mean he actually knows wtf is going on at a chemical level.

          Why does it work for some patients and not for others?

          What is actually happening here?

          We don’t fucking know.

          Depending on the country… the reasons for lack of studies and illegal status vary

          What is consistent across the board is that.

          WE DO NOT KNOW 100%

          We know some stuff for sure. But not EVERYTHING

          Do those people at the store actually no what they are talking about? NO!!!!

          How do I know this?

          Not only do I work at a fucking hydroponic gardening supply store.

          But I’m fucking designated grower for multiple patients.

          How do people come up with different strains? So many different ways… are you fucking kidding me?

          If you honestly believe we are at the point where we are cross pollinating strains specifically to achieve very consistent medical effects you are simply wrong.




          Most growers I know cross strains because they want a plant that grows in a way that is convenient… has good flavor,potency, and has potential to put out a high yield.

    • wallz says:

      and how do you kno it enhances his performance,are u a reefer head or ufc fighter,

    • wallz says:

      its not even a drug anyway.its a fuckin plant..the most natural thing in the natural as ur fat vagina

      • MMACRAVER says:

        It is both a plant… and a drug.

        A DRUG is fucking any substance that has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.

        The only people who question the possibility of Marijuana ACTUALLY ENHANCING performance. Are people who really have no fucking idea about anything… other then the fact that they smoke a bit of weed. GTFO

    • Ry says:

      JENN – at what stage did i tell you that you was allowed to leave the washing up, hoovering, cooking n cleaning huh? Get the fuck off the PC, get back in your kitchen and make me my dinner or else i’ll ring my boy Brian Caraway and get him to break your arm and smash your teeth down your neck ha ha.

  5. GreenThumb210 says:


  6. Thomas Gard says:

    Its good that a high profile fighter is finally speaking about this and how they dont see it as a performance enhancing drug, because it clearly isn’t and Nick Diaz clearly needs it

  7. Jenn is a stupid Whore says:

    Jenn: you’re fucking retarded. That is all.

  8. DudeItsCorey says:

    @Jenn – have you ever smoked a bowl? You become calm and anti-confritational which is what you dont want when fighting.

    • Jason N says:

      Agreed. I think some one who smokes knows more about it the some prude beurocrat that have never smoked.

    • MMACRAVER says:

      Drugs effect everyone different… It’s actually hilarious that you dumb fucks think your experts just because you smoke weed.

      Do you know the difference in effects between an Indica and Sativa?

      A good Sativa strain will have the complete opposite effect most of you shit talkers are accustom too.

      I have smoked more different kinds of weed, and cultivated more strains then any of you fucking idiots have even heard of.

      For you to say with absolute certainty that there is no way in hell that weed could benefit anyone in there MMA performance is laughably ignorant.

      • scott says:

        O so u talk like u the greatest pot smoker in the world with that ignorant post bout u smoke more than anyone in the world. Lmao. U prolly never fought a day in your life but I bet u know everything bout fighting. Has anyone ever trained high who’s talking bout this I know for me pot gave me some of the best training days I’ve ever had but only works if u go in there after a blunt lol. Diaz tested positive for weed and gsp needs to hurry up n get better. The point is that the athletic commission don’t want weed in your system kind of like some jobs require it has nothing to do with being a performance enhancer u idiots its like bein tested for dope. I bet if it were heroin y’all be saying the same stupid stuff y’all saying now

        • MMACRAVER says:

          No I talk like someone who actually knows what the fuck they are talking about..

          and still of course does not know conclusively every single effect that THC or CBD could have on the human brain.

          NO ONE DOES.

          have I fought before? yes?

          have I ever fought professionally? fuck no.

          Do I train? Absolutely.

          I never claimed half the shit you are saying dumbass. You are putting words in my mouth.

          Yes the main point is that it is a banned substance.

          That is not what we are arguing.

          You must be american. You talk so fucking redneck and your grammar is horrible.

          “Lmao. U prolly never fought a day in your life but I bet u know everything bout fighting.”

          What are you even talking about you drooling moron? I know way more about marijuana then I do about fighting that’s for sure… that’s why I feel like I can talk about it.
          Go ahead and debate me on it dipshit.

        • scott says:

          i could whoop your ass while I’m high American style I’ll run over u like America would do ur country u stupid fuck

        • MMACRAVER says:

          Such a dick Scott.

          Anyone who knew ANYTHING about the cannabis plant WOULD NEVER SAY 100% that marijuana is not a performance enhancer… Never said I was the greatest pot “smoker” in the world… But clearly I at least know more then you fucking idiots….

        • K2 says:

          lol Scott IS a giant dick. It’s dicks like you that give US a bad name. Stop being a dick Scott! And if you’re an American then you’ve have at least 12yrs of English/Grammar. FUCKING USE IT. Goddamn it’s something you should actually know a little about, an your ignorance on that subject probably shows your ignorance on others.

        • MMACRAVER says:

          You really are giving me a good laugh Scott.

          You are totally a stereotypical american…

          I completely demolish you with words… and the best you can come up with is “I’m gonna run you over AMURCA style!” (yes I say “Amurca”.. cause that is what you slack jawed yokels sound like when you speak)

          ..Then after being completely factually correct about everything I am saying, you call me stupid? After you attempted to debate a topic you know next to NOTHING ABOUT… holy fuck are you dumb..

          America fuck yea?

          You probably don’t realize your country is slowly spiraling downwards into shit because it is populated with so many people like you?

          Do the world a favor and jump off a cliff, take the rest of your assbackwards country with you.

        • scott says:

          lol that video was funny I could still whoop ur ass tho nuff debate for me go suck a dick

        • ben dover says:


  9. Jason N and Eric are fucking posers says:

    You guys sure talk a lot of shit for knowing absolutely nothing other then what it feels like when you smoke your shitty mexican ditch weed.

    Congrats you mouthy little poser cunts.

  10. JAT says:

    I personally don’t like George just for him and what not but he has a very valid point. It doesn’t help you fight any better when it come to getting into the cage. The only positive side effects that it has for a fighter is calming them down and keeping their nerves controlled. It keeps you from wasting adrenaline while training for the fight and on fight night. If anyone is a fighter you know what it’s like when you have to perform in MMA. once your mind starts thinking about all of the possible outcomes then your adrenaline starts to course through your veins, which you need to save up for the fight. Most fighters end up gassed before they even step into the cage because their wasting adrenaline just thinking about what might happen. This is why marijuana should be legalized all around the world. It’s stupid that Nick Diaz is even being punished for this. Go Green! Legalize Cannabis!

  11. Justice says:

    Everyone in here needs to hit a bowl right now

  12. Duane says:

    Fools wish they can burn a few down and still be a top 10 fighter in the entire world. GSP burns to, see all the dudes he kicks it with in those countdowns, straight rastahs. And yes if you have dreds you burn, if you don’t your a joke.

  13. banks says:

    Lmao i love georges.. nobody says “takes marijuana” i bet hes smoked once in his life and coughed his lungs out haha

  14. tank says:

    I really do think GSP has crush on nick. He went from hating the dude to always talking about him.

  15. ry tay says:

    it’s wrong to tell someone they can’t explore their own consciousnesses. they really have no right. when did the AGC turn into nicks parents?

  16. spank says:

    gsp should retire. tired of the let downs

  17. guamy says:

    hey COCKCRAVER. any type of smoke inhaled into the lungs has negative effects on cardio and breathing. its 5th grade science fyi. maybe if they had any sort of intelligent teaching in your country you would know that. the US is on a downward spiral and so is the rest of the world economy in which is based around the american dollar. go get an education buddy. taht is if they have an education system in your shit ass country poser.

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