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Saturday, 02/04/2012, 09:39 am

GSP On Diaz | I Beleive He Has Mental Issues

“What I believe is, he’s a very smart guy. He knows what he’s doing. He would not be able to do what he’s done in his career if he wasn’t smart. I do believe maybe he has some mental issues … I do not believe he is a bad human being. Truth my eyes, because he has been very disrespectful to me and because maybe we’ll fight, he’s disrespectful, but to you guys, I’m sure if you saw him and asked him for an autograph he’d give it to you.”

UFC welterweight champion, Georges St Pierre takes to the cagewriter blog over at yahoo sports to talk about Nick Diaz.

In what is now well documented, Georges St Pierre wants nothing more than to put the Stockton native in his place after a barrage of insults was thrown his way by the potential challenger.

Does Nick have mental issues? Based on his on-camera demeanor I would say it’s probably an accurate assessment, but that doesn’t seem to get in the way of his fighting career, does it?

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23 Responses to “GSP On Diaz | I Beleive He Has Mental Issues”

  1. MMA FAN says:

    WTF, GSP didnt even mean it like how it seems on this page…. talk about instigating SMH

    • Gregory Jackson-Smith says:

      Why are you crying? is that you GSP? Do you know how he meant it?

      • Gack says:

        Wow..really? Quite possibly it is the more obvious alternative…like me he probably watched the interview and remembers the quote and how it was really intended.

    • Gack says:

      +1 No shit….love how they like to chop and paste quotes together to completely mislead the reader and invoke confrontation.

    • srba says:

      to the author… dude, first make sure that there is not a you tube clip of the entire gsp ufc 143 q&a, where everyone can see that you are just taking it out of context. and to the fools that start flaming… do your research when something like this turns up, so you can stick it to the man!

  2. tim says:

    I think GSP is the one with mental issues… its a cliche pointing fingers at someone trying to expose whats really wrong with themselves. GSP is good at wearing a mask and showing the world he is so respectfull and smart and polite.

    • io31 says:

      Whaaaa? I haven’t heard of anyone saying that the guy isn’t any of those things that you listed in real life. He got angry and tried to trash talk once to Hughes and look how that turned out. The man is incapable of trash talking.

      Cesar Gracie himself said that Diaz has social anxiety issues when he was a no-show at the press conferences. It seems like “I am so real” is the standard defense for Diaz fans. He might be real but that means he really is a disrespectful, bullying thug.

  3. MMA FAN says:

    exactly gack!

  4. Troll101 says:

    Pretty sure they all have mental issues of some description. Just like the rest of us

  5. isaac says:

    F*ck whoever wrote this & gsp !!!

  6. East bay says:

    Nick is just camera shy and not well spoken he let’s his fists do the talking. He seems to be angry all the time the but Im sure he has moments of joy occasionally

  7. Jon says:

    Diaz treats gsp like shit because they are going to have to fight down the road diaz doesnt want to be on good terms or friends with him. It is easier to fight someone u hate then someone u dont. Of course diaz will give us a autograph he is a nice guy who just doesnt want to be friendly with peole he may have to fight nd he doesnt like the bullshit stuff the ufc puts together to hype a fight because most of tht shit is taken out of context. Gsp is a idiot

  8. Jmacri says:

    How nice someone is doesn’t have shit to do with their ability as a fighter. Who cares. They are both amazing fighters. If you find yourself getting sucked into the drama then go find something productive to do.

  9. bendetta says:

    I can’t help but like nick. I used to be a Diaz hater but when you back up the shit talk what can people say. I am still picking condit

  10. East bay says:

    Nick is just camera shy and not well spoken he let’s his fists do the talking. He seems to be angry all the time the but Im sure he has moments of joy occasionally .

  11. allmightysandman says:

    I don’t think GSP meant to bash Nick at all … this post is just trying to start shit…i think there is enough shit going already!

    GSP is gonna take Diaz out…can’t wait!!

  12. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    GSP is only saying what we already know. There is no controversy here.

  13. Adam says:

    Diaz doesnt have mental problems he just doesnt wanna be a puppet on camera for the UFC he wants to fight. im not a big diaz fan but i have gained alot of respect for him determination to be himself and fight the way he wants

    • Anderson Silva says:

      Diaz is a fucking asshole. Hes all bark, and no bite. If he won the first round with Diaz, what the fuck do you think the champ is going to do to him? GSP is ten times the fighter Diaz is. Watch and learn kid, Carlos just might drop Diaz. He’s a better fighter than Diaz and if he fights GSP it won’t be so lopsided. Anyones grandmother can beat Diaz. He’s all hype.

  14. King says:

    This article is a waste of time.

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