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Monday, 10/24/2011, 08:23 am

GSP on BJ Penn: "At the best of his ability he's the best guy"

“I think BJ Penn will win the fight because I believe he has more skills. If he uses all his set of skills, then BJ Penn will win. But, the thing with BJ Penn is sometimes you don’t know what BJ Penn will show up to the fight. If he’s well prepared or injured – I don’t know. Sometimes, I saw him perform very well at the best of his ability he’s the best guy. But when he doesn’t perform at the best of his ability he can be beat. Nick Diaz is very consistent, he has a similar style of fighting all the time. But, I believe if the right BJ Penn shows up, he’ll win the fight.”

Welterweight champion, Georges St Pierre, took to to discuss this weekend’s main event between BJ Penn and Nick Diaz.

Not only is he picking Penn to best Diaz he also is in very rare form and compliments “The Prodigy” on his natural gifts and talents.

Nick Diaz thinks BJ Penn is better than GSP, GSP thinks BJ Penn is better than Nick Diaz… You would think that with all the welterweight flip-flop matchmaking that the three men will have to settle this argument on skill the old fashioned way and fight it out.

Who here agrees with GSP’s assessment of Penn? And is anyone surprised that he is so verbally nice to Penn considering their rivalry and history?

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71 Responses to “GSP on BJ Penn: "At the best of his ability he's the best guy"”

  1. Fortyb4five says:

    Even with bad blood you can’t deny both guys got major talent. (Talking about BJ and Gsp)

    • Joseph Ghassan says:

      BJ has to build some strength if he intend to face GSP after he smashes Diaz.

      The only fighter that can defeat GSP is BJ but BJ at his best.

      GO BJ!

      • ben says:

        anderson silva could beat gsp. he walks around as a light heavy weight he could fight in any weight class and has had tougher fights, and a longer win streak. Bj Penn hasn’t beaten GSP yet, or Edgar, it pisses me off but its facts. all i know is if the penn gsp 3 happens it will be epic.

  2. Deeks says:

    Skill wise, BJ is easily among the very best.
    I’m not sure he can beat GSP anymore though. With two fighters of fairly equal skill, the larger/stronger guy will usually win.

    That being said, I do think Penn won the first fight.

  3. gilbert says:

    I agree 100% with gsp on penn, but i truely believe that the old bj that would slack off and not train properly is gone, now all thats left is the new focused bj penn and with his skill set he is very dangerous for any1

  4. DVO says:

    GSP is impressed with BJ’s performance….

  5. Brian says:

    GSP has said in the past that he believes BJ is the most skilled fighter he has ever fought. If BJ shows up to fight Nick Diaz as focused as he was for Diego Sanchez and Matt Hughes he wins. If he fights GSP again and he shows up in the best shape of his career he can win. BJ will have all the motivation in the world after what happened in their last fight and BJ has the skills and heart to break GSP’s will. I really want to see BJ beat GSP and get the title and then go down to lightweight and get the title back from Egar. The only fighter to hold two titles at the same time in the UFC!

  6. Eric says:

    GSP doesnt want to face BJ Penn again.

    • brandon says:

      i dont think bj wants to fight gsp again, would be more like it, dont you remember bj throwing in the towel in there last fight.

      • Chris says:

        Bj wanted to continue. His corner threw in the towel. Get it right.

      • DaRuckuz says:

        the towel was for the greasy guy

        • BJ > Diaz says:

          You don’t think BJ wants to fight GSP again huh? That’s hilarious buddy, BJ always fights the best and challenges himself against bigger guys all the time without hesitation. BJ would fight anyone at any weight class if Dana would let him and if you think otherwise you are dead wrong. He’s wants, and has wanted, to fight GSP again since they last fought regardless on the outcome.

  7. Jeff says:

    I smell a first ever cage match……

  8. El Charlie says:

    The fact of the matter is B.J is more than capable of beating almost anyone that crosses his path. He’s a true fighter with natural ability. He is very talented; His skill set is just the icing on the cake. A lot of fighters don’t possess that. Being the only Hawaiian bjj practitioner to win the world jiu jitsu championship as well as earning a black belt in only 3 years, I think speaks for itself. I agree with Deeks, Bj definitely won that first fight against GSP. B.J’s hands are among some of the best I’ve ever seen with mma fighters. If you notice other fighters (excluding GSP, Nick Diaz, Cain Velasquez, JDS, Anderson Silva, Shane Carwin, Jose Aldo, Mark Hominick, etc.) aren’t so technical and crisp when it comes to striking. Sure you may have the idea in your head that your fighting smart, setting up your punches, timing your opponents attack and countering when it’s right, but it’s not always in the most tactical fashion. I believe being a student of the game, that everything comes down to technique. No matter how hard, how fast you think you are skill overwhelms any physical dominant aspect another fighter possesses. Something BJ does very well when he’s focused. In this case BJ’s fighting a young hungry talented individual who reminds me much of BJ when he was young. Nick Diaz whether you like him or not always comes to fight and his 10 fight win streak speaks for itself. He also like BJ possesses that killer instinct. That aurora, that flame, that spark that sets them aside from other fighters when in the octagon. As I’ve stated before say what you wanna say about the kid but to say BJ’s gunna run right through him as I’ve read on other posts is foolish. You’ve gotta credit diaz for what he’s good at, for his strengths and there identical to BJ’s. This fight of the year written all over it. I truly believe neither opponent has an edge in this fight. Whoever is quicker to the punch, or quicker to the transisition will get the job done. Can’t wait for Saturday. It’ll be an epic night.

    • The Dude says:

      I whole heartedly disagree with your analysis of BJ/Nick.

      Everything* Nick is good at, BJ is much more dangerous at.

      Striking – Diaz has weird rangy strikes, but doesn’t have knock you on your ass power, not against top guys, he also cuts and bleeds very easily, and we all know BJ can draw blood about as well as any MMA fighter, nurse or health care clinic. BJ’s chin is undeniable, never been knocked down in 10 years of UFC fights.

      EDGE- BJ

      BJJ- Distinct advantage here to BJ, mainly on positional BJJ. Diaz has subbed guys who get subbed. BJ has shown on many occasions that he can take the best fighters backs and finish. If BJ gets you hurt, you are in serious trouble, he will create opportunities, where Nick depends on his opponents to make mistakes, BJ never makes mistakes in the BJJ department, I don’t recall anyone ever attempting a submission on him in an MMA match.

      EDGE- BJ

      Wrestling- Both are vulnerable to big strong wrestlers. But I can sum this one up in 1 sentence, BJ took down Fitch, twice. He can get Nick down and be on top, where he does his best work.

      EDGE- BJ

      Cardio- Nick is a tri-athlete, he gets this category, but he won’t wear BJ out in a 3 round fight. BJ has only has gas tank issues against bigger wrestlers who can hold him on his back, which Nick certainly is not. BJ can strike or be on top for 3 rounds easy, even 5 when he’s not fighting GSP. He finished Diego and Frankie in the championship rounds and Sherk in the 3rd, all guys known for excellent cardio and for being tough to finish.

      EDGE- Nick, but in my opinion this won’t matter

      • MircFSC says:

        The Dude – BJ actually made a huge mistake when having fitch’s back..which is why fitch was able to spin and get top position…where bj couldn’t sweep, or pull off any subs..:( hopefully he don’t make any against diaz…the dood trains with top BJJ guys at his school so he’s got some tricky stuff. But I still think BJ got the edge all the way.

        • The Dude says:

          I give some credit to Fitch.

          He has some skills on the ground and did a good job of staying out of trouble.

      • El Charlie says:

        The Dude … I agree to say that your analysis was well thought out and written. But I believe you misinterpreted what I meant by saying there strengths are the same. You see I never stated that Diaz was the better fighter. In fact my whole analysis was crediting B.J on his talent. On his natural ability to fight anyone that he so chooses and having most of his opponents’ number come fight night. Notice how I stated that Nick’s strengths are identical to B.J’s. Identical in the sense that he’s good in B.J’s primary strengths(boxing,bjj). I never stated that Nick was better in these areas I just said he’s good in the same areas.

        Yes B.J may have taken Fitch down but Fitch isn’t known for take down defense(although it is pretty good). He’s known for taking the other guy down, and having an excellent guard. Something only GSP has been able to expose in dominating fashion.

        Only thing that I do disagree with you on your analysis is the edge in striking to B.J. I truly feel that they are equally matched in these areas. I give B.J the K.O power but I give Nick the reach and technique, not by much but I do believe his technique is a notch above B.J’s. Nick’s only been dropped a couple times in his career where in the end he found his way to victory(Gomi fight for one example). Not to mention he’s taken a few good punches from huge power punchers such as Daley so I don’t think he should have much of a problem dealing with B.J’s power although it is a hazard.

        At the end of the day we could go back and forth over it, opinions will be opinions. I’m not too sure what you were countering on my previous post since I was crediting B.J on all his skills and attributes. But like I said it was a misinterpretation. Nick I believe is one of the most underrated fighters to date and although I do give B.J a slight edge in this one I wouldn’t be surprised if Nick came out on top.

  9. zack says:

    The only chance penn has against gsp is a KO. If it were to make it to championship rounds bj would be in trouble

  10. Hendrix says:

    people seem to forget that GSP lost to Matt Serra….anyone can win on any given Saturday in this sport.

    • BX81 says:

      I think Bj needs to work on his wrestling cardio and he can beat GSP. I was surprised that he was able to do to fitch in the first 2 rounds. If he works on that some more he has more of a chance to keep it on the feet with GSP. I think we want to see Bj vs GSP 3 more than BJ vs. Fitch 2. Not looking past diaz at all because he’s pretty tough.

  11. P R O D I G Y says:

    lmao does this mean all the gsp hate will be gone forever!?

  12. josh says:

    Well to bad BJ wont win this fight coming up. TKO Stoppage RD 3 Diaz!!!

    and posting on this site sucks.. i always get flagged if you post more than 1 thing in 20 minutes is freaking lame!

  13. Vlad says:

    “Natural gifts and talents” I love it. Go Penn! WAR!!

  14. Eric says:

    IMO, i don’t think BJ needs more strength. What he needs is more speed. “…Speed Kills.” – Mike Tyson! =P

    GSP can’t take down when he can’t catch, Frankie Cruz game plan, dance a little, jump in in load, get out, move around. no way GSP can out box BJ. if it’s the ground, and GSP is on top, his pressure and posture may give him the advantage, but if BJ manages to sweep or get top position i believe he could finish it there as well.

  15. Dev_NY says:

    Followed BJ’s career from day one and any true fan knows that he has the ability to beat GSP or Edgar. This is MMA anyone can get caught on any given night. He has the skill set to make this happen. I truly believe the big difference between BJ and Frankie/ GSP are the people behind them. At this stage, game plan quite often beats out ability. With a good game plan/ team BJ can put his ability to better use and beat these guys.

  16. Logon says:

    I feel I need to address a few issues off the start:

    If Penn vs Fitch is five rounds : Penn wins, fitch was gasing and Penn was landing what he wanted (as most people say Penn won that fight)

    As for people saying go back to 155 because your not strong enough for GSP. you’ll get smashed again. Well the first time they fought “Split Decision” BJ should have got the decision in the second fight BJ weight 168 and GSP weight 185-190. And still he got smash but didnt quit, his corner did.

    So I see a BJ who now has a few 170 fights under his belt, a 31 sec knockout, a bullshit draw, and now Diaz, if he beats Diaz…I think GSP should be scared alittle cause it will not be the same Penn he fought last time.

    • josh says:

      You are probably the most delusional person on this board. BJ was the one gassing at the end of that fight. if it went one more round FItch would have finished him.

      Your second point is classical bj nuthuggery. BJ was clowned in their 2nd fight and HE quit not his corner that was all on him. In the first fight BJ won round one and well thats it. He is 0-2 vs GSP and should not be allowed to fight for the title against him until he beats Fitch as well.

  17. Mike Diaz says:

    Compliments from the best in the world only confirm the level BJ is on, i.e. Anderson Silva, GSP, etc. PENN NATION!!!!!!!

  18. pinoy says:

    diaz wins cause hes got better cardio than bj…penns biggest weakness is his cardio, if u watch his past fights he cant go as hard after 3 rounds thats why nick wanted it a 5 rounder…bjs best bet is goin in and going hard from the get go….

    • Tony says:

      Obviously Nick’s camp doesn’t think he can win it in 3 rounds if they had to ask for a 5 round fight. Sad to think his camp doesn’t have faith in Nick to win it in 3.

    • Mike says:

      In the Diego fight he showed great cardio, not even sitting down in between rounds. Admittedly that was at 155, so we really don’t know what would happen in the 4th round at 170.

    • MMA-ster says:

      totally man – BJ’s cardio is the achilles heel. I wish he’d call Randy Couture and let that dude take him through a few training camps. He’d probably hate it, but would be an unbeatable beast after.

  19. Abuka says:

    Even GSP knows Penn is not training to his full potential. It shows from his body. He does not look anywhere near as solid as he was when he was with marnovich. I wish Penn could look this way but with some added bulk at welterweight, then we would know if penn was really serious.

  20. JAT says:

    i honestly think we are going to see a bj penn with great cardio. hes been training with matt hughs and im pretty sure hes not going to go easy on bj. hes new and improved and i think if he gets the opportunity he will beat gsp this time

  21. steve says:

    bj is the most talented fighter. bjj black belt in 3 years that’s crazy. He has never fought an easy fight he has faught the best there is. he relies to much on his raw talent and doesn’t train as hard as he could imagine bj’s talent with gsp’s work ethic.

  22. all day says:

    Bj best days are behind him,
    He isn’t improving anymore,

    If u don’t step up u done, regardless of your skill set. GSP-SILVA-JONES-DOS SANTOS get better skill wise.

    a KO over matt hughes (yawn) is what Kos did, matter of fact Kos would beat BJ, the one round Bj had over fitch was him being caught off guard by takedown.
    Bj Matt Thiago Kos Diego all declining add the last guy GSP decisioned that got knocked out ( can’t think of his name )
    Condit Diaz Mcdonald howard rumble are steppping their game up…it’s 2012 Gentlemen. Stop watching 2003 fights….

  23. chon209 says:

    gsp is just hating on nick and you guys are falling for it he did the same thing when nick got raplaced with carlos he cahanged his tune about nick being his toughest opponent
    remember all you ppl who talked $h*t about gsp now your on his side because he has something good to say about bj to spite nick cause nick tells the truth about gsp
    pick a side and stay on it

  24. steven horgan says:

    bj wished gsp a healthy recovery, and gsp complimented him back with his analysis of bj skills…there is an element of respect between the two…..if bj wins the trilogy of bj gsp will be epic and an end to the chapter..warr bj

    • chon209 says:

      first off im a big diaz and penn fan but gotta go with the hometown boy diaz and i dont think gsp is a true champ because he didnt finish guys when he should like others have but with that said the only epic there would be is fail for bj like there second fight… you have to look at it as an mma fan not a bj fan

  25. Nick says:

    Chon209 You have it spot on,at last someone who sees what GSP was doing there. I think Diaz was a bit of a nightmare matchup for him,Diaz is a long,tall welterweight (no size advantage for a change),he has great,consistently accurate hands,he does not get finished,he is a BJJ blackbelt(with much longer limbs than Penn) and he has the best cardio in the business (thanks in no small part to the triathlons he does in his spare time!!!). Of course ol greasy would never admit it but he was relieved when Diaz was replaced by Condit. All that said,on Saturday my two favourite fighters get it on and it’s going to be one hell of a great fight.

  26. curry says:

    Lets face it…G.S.P is greaser and a French Canadian who lay and prays people to death…Yeah he wins but when its all said and done he will not be remembered….G.S.P should fight Spider or gtfo

    • MMA-ster says:

      What does being French Canadian have to do with anything? GSP should fight Spider…? So it’s on him?? – Spider outweighs him by like 50 pounds chief. Maybe you should shut your envious hole.

  27. curry says:

    MMA-ster….did those French Canadian comments give you a little butthurt? you need a hug, A little dr phill time? they can meet at 170 turd and fight but…G.S.P is to shook

  28. all day says:

    GSP has improve mentally maybe a lil too much, he’s become the definition of Best MIXED martial ARTS
    and allowed the definition of Best Fighter for Silva,
    but this isn’t about GSP as much as the fact that BJ NOW can’t beat edgar, Fitch, and I have no problem proving my point by pitting him againts Florian one more time…ok, I might be pushing it there…
    but KOS will ground him all day, that list is only getting longer.

  29. ArChie Vale says:

    It just Goes to show that GSP is talented fighter with great class who recognizes another talented fighter. Like the saying goes it takes one to know one. Not to put Diaz down,Diaz is a good fighter but, not as good as Penn…

  30. Gsp spitting the truth and showing some love!

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