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Friday, 09/28/2012, 11:49 am

GSP OK With losing Jackson In His Corner, Says His Grandma, The Pope, No One Can Help Him But Himself | UFC NEWS

“I like to have Greg in my corner but to tell you the truth, we both have the same problem, because he (Condit) won’t have it and I won’t have it as well. Corner doesn’t really matter in a fight, it does a little bit, but even if the Pope would be in my corner or my grandmother, the truth is when you come back after a round you’re exhausted. You have maybe 20 seconds that a person can tell you what to do to change your strategy or help you out. You have a window of 20 seconds, the rest of the time you’re trying to recuperate and get back to your breath. Also, what happens in the fight, it’s not the corner that matters, it’s the hours of training and repetition that you made in training that will happen in the fight without you thinking about it. So, it’s really instinct, the instinct that takes over. It happens so quick at times that you don’t think about it. So for me, right now, and Carlos, I’m sure it doesn’t really matter. It’s doing to be one on one and the best man will win.”

During yesterday’s UFC 154 pre-event presser, welterweight champion GSP touched on the fact that both Condit and himself will be down a man come fight night. Meaning famed MMA coach and strategist, Greg Jackson, has opted to not pick one over the other in this welterweight showdown.

Is GSP right? Is ones corner so insignificant?


15 Responses to “GSP OK With losing Jackson In His Corner, Says His Grandma, The Pope, No One Can Help Him But Himself | UFC NEWS”

  1. Crunk Bandicoot says:

    Greg isn’t even GSP’s head coach, firas is. But he is condits head coach and has been a long time. With all his family preaching, he should corner condit but won’t, cause GSP pays him more.

  2. Gavin Asbury says:

    I have never been in the UFC or a fight of this magnitude but as someone who has been in fights before I can relate to GSP. What could Greg Jackson possibly tell St.Pierre that he doesn’t already know? He has been studying every fight condit has ever had for months now. GSP is a student of the fight game, not just a fighter. He would be just as famous as Jackson as a cornerman/trainer if that is what he chose to do. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Orthodoxxx says:

    Reading GSP’s quotes are exhausting because I’m always trying to read it with his accent.

  4. Gil_B says:

    a man down to rub vas all over him

  5. Drew says:

    Greg Jackson is a businessman at the end of the day

  6. Jake says:

    Maybe GSP will finish a fight now … lets hope

  7. b/a900 says:

    Another show of No Loyalty from Greg Jackson.

  8. DMAC says:

    Read between the lines GJ isn’t coaching against one of his cash cows. Condit should be pissed!


    I wonder if GSP is actually gonna fight Condit,or lube himself up,take Condit down
    And make love to him

  10. Boom Boom says:

    Oh NOWW Greg wants to sit aside and not pick one fighter over another….haha

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