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Tuesday, 04/23/2013, 08:16 pm

GSP: No Time Limits in MMA Only Way to Prove Who the Best Really Is

GSP takes on to UFC co-founder Rorion Gracie thoughts when it comes to time limits. He tells Joe Rogan….

“There’s a lot of thing I want to change in the sport. First of all the time. There is no time. I seriously think it’s stupid the round. If you want to see who the best man let them fight 15 min or maybe 25 min for the championship no round. Why the round? Why are we trying to be like boxing? We’re not boxers why do a round when they wanted boxing to be accepted as a sport.”

GSP continues on to say he is willing to take on a fight as he describes.

“I think it would be more honest to see who the better man at that fight.”

Let your thoughts be heard PENN Nation.


76 Responses to “GSP: No Time Limits in MMA Only Way to Prove Who the Best Really Is”

  1. asf says:

    I aaaaaalway’s thought this, but it’s about it being a sport. The rounds create excitement and the UFC is all about business so it will never happen. If it were to someone would have to create a whole other organization and make those rules there.

  2. Ddddddd says:

    Good thing that wasn’t the case in your last fight Goerges or you might have ate your words. I don’t know maybe football should go back to leather helmets. Is the timing based on Diazs making statements that make them seem like progressive thinkers or the site trying to balance things out a bit.

  3. jbizzle says:

    jbizzle? the fk… GSP would have gotten beat down agains Diaz if there were no rounds. He got saved when Diaz was beating in his body. GSP looked confused and out of it. if that round had more time in it who knows…

    • Quazzi says:

      lmfao wat fight were u watching? Diaz never come any where close to hurting gsp. If there would have been no rounds diaz would have tapped due to chaffing from getting dry humped into the mat.

      • Steven Thurman says:

        I think it was the end of round three… or round 2… one of them Diaz started coming back, and his hits were more damaging. I didnt think Diaz had a chance but if GSP didnt have a breather it was obvious Diaz’s cardio would have gotten the best of him

    • aggression says:

      wtf are you talking about the fight would of been completely different. Diaz would of been on his back for 10-15+ mintues because there would of been no end to the round and diaz wouldnt of gotten to stand back up, he would of been exhausted from fighting / defending off his back for that long he wouldnt even be able to do dmg standing up.

  4. YoMama says:

    He would have lost big time to Diaz had there been 5 more minutes, with no breaks between rounds he would have folded. BTW who wants to watch him hold someone on the ground for 25 minutes. Between greasing, big pharma, and missing weight this guy should just keep it quiet about any rules.

  5. Nando says:

    Or you can finish the fight like Anderson Silva. Pretty obvious who’s better then.

  6. norman jayden says:

    The only reason he wants this is so opponents don’t get up after he takes them down

  7. Inyoface says:

    Melendez was saved by the bell from Henderson.

  8. Cody wright says:

    None of you guys even know what the fuck you are talking about! Lmmfao! Gap is by far the most dominate welterweight. Diaz is fucking trash! If there were no time limits or rounds nick would of died! Lol quit being haters gsp is not going anywhere.

  9. Cisco says:

    I’ve been saying this for years…I feel that Pride FC had the right idea in fighting longer rounds and judging the fight as a whole, not round to round. there defiantly needs to be a change. I would love to see 10-10-5 minute tittle fight.

  10. Wes says:

    For those who actually watched it Georges was still suggesting 15 min non title and 25 min title fights but just no rounds

  11. G says:

    I’m happy to hear G.S.P. say this, gives me a little more respect for him. I think finishes should be the only real “wins” in UFC. Decisions are nothing more than three judges opinions on who they think won. Decisions are NOT real wins.

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