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Monday, 05/27/2013, 10:40 am

GSP “Knows” Chris Weidman Is Going To Beat Anderson Silva

UFC welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre, believes that with 100% certainty his training partner, Chris Weidman will defeat Anderson Silva and stop all the talks of the super fight the world has been clamoring for.

UFC President Dana White took to the post-fight media scrum to reveal that revelation.

“He 100%, absolutely, positively knows that Weidman is going to beat Anderson Silva. No doubt in his mind that the fight with him won’t happen because Weidman is going to win. There is no what if for him, he absolutely, positively, knows that Weidman is going to win that fight. He wants to fight Hendricks.”


0 Responses to “GSP “Knows” Chris Weidman Is Going To Beat Anderson Silva”

  1. Drew says:

    Gsp will lose to Hendrix or Anderson either way

  2. granpoobah says:

    This is MMA, and its nice that GSP is that confident in Weidman, but in MMA – anything can happen.

  3. osfsdf says:

    Hendrick’s is going to destroy GSP. His skin is his flaw, he get’s bumped and bruised to easy then in the later round’s it’s KO time by Hendricks, bye bye GSP I love ya but ur gettinnn destroyed by Hendy.

  4. Big Daddy says:

    I hope Hendricks knocks his ass out!

  5. SILVALI says:

    Anderson will destroy Weidman in Round 1 and Hendricks will KO GSP :)

  6. f *** Anderson says:

    Can’t wait to see that black ass motherf***** lose

  7. Ddddddd says:

    I just hope it’s a good fight.

  8. drew says:

    @uh huh….i believe the hendrix fight will be a lot like carwin vs mir….hendrix get gsp againet the cage and land some tight punches and then finish it….hendrix is stronger…better wrestler….more power….the only thing gsp has is his jab….no ko from gsp or tko MAYYYYBBEEE a submission but doubt it cuz of hendrix’s strength…hendrix wont allow gsp to point him….gsp will probably pull the koscheck tactic of closing hendrixs left eye cuz of his left hand but doubt it….no other way gsp can win….anderson would beat gsp and if u dont think that then your in a bubble

  9. Spiketek says:

    Its not that GSP is confident in his partner, its the fact that he prays that he wins just so he wont have to get stomped on by Silva later lol

  10. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    He’s hoping for it. Don’t know why though…..Silva doesn’t even want to fight Gotta Score Points anymore.

    The fight Silva-Weidman will be a lot like Cain-Bigfoot, Silva winse by KO first round with the first good strike.

  11. KIDD433 says:

    GSP should be thankful Silva didn’t publicly call his ass out in front his whole country a prove him a bitch by GSP not accepting after the a Condit fight.If I was Silva,After hearing GSP say this shit,I would do that.George Safe Pierre should watch his P’s and Q’s

  12. Ddddddd says:

    I think he understands that Weidmans efficient style won’t play into the hands of Silvas overwhelming presence.
    It was a crazy thing to see Chael lay on him for the length of time that he did pounding on him. Weidman will not give the opertunitie for Silva to find a hole and hope for relentlessness to pay off for him. He’s not gonna just lay in Silvas guard and get comfortable in giving him a beating that’s visual it’s going to be violent. He doesn’t have a message to deliver with his performance it’s gonna be about winning and that’s why I believe he will win. Remember what it felt like watching Silva take a beating off his back for almost five rounds until your stomach started to accept he was going to lose? Weidmans going to kick his ass and if you don’t think he has a better chance of winning your a groupie not an overall fan with common sense. I had to vacate the articles recently about Hunt for the same reason. Weidman not only has the tools it takes he’s got the mind also and him not believeing in Silva is gonna help him as much as it pisses off Silvas groupies.

    • Suistyle13 says:

      Please take Weidmans C O C K out of your mouth please.

    • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

      Only thing I can remember is Sonnen laying on top of Silva throwing babyslaps juiced up on testosterone while Silva kept calm and collected and slapped on a triangle choke. Something he was looking for because Sonnen ridiculed Nogueira BJJ.

      Second fight Silva wasn’t thinking about submitting him, he just wanted to hurt him and he did.

      Weidman won’t last a round.

  13. Sean says:

    GSPussy is just saying this cause he know’s if anderson remains champ it just makes that super fight oh so much more possible to happen.. Say he beats Hendricks.. Then he has nothing left at 170.. i dont think there is anything for him to achieve there anymore.. He needs to move the fk on and finish his BS legacy with a Anderson super fight.. Not like he’s undefeated. He’s lost before.. So risk it all GSpussy and risk losing one more time!!!

  14. Shawn says:

    I’ve been a an Anderson Silva fan from his first days in Pride. I’m also GSP fan, always have been, always will. But there is no way GSP can beat Silva. Primarily on the size difference. Silva is just way too big for St.Pierre. Even if Silva were to drop down to MW, coming into the cage on fight night, he would still be much bigger. Couple that with his speed, agility, and striking prowess, it would be a very long night for Georges. It’s would be like Overeem taking on Nick Diaz. GSP, has always been the bigger guy with his opponents. Now he would be the smaller guy. I don’t think that bodes well for him. He’s a smart fighter. And I’m sure he’s smart enough to know a fight with Silva is one sided.

    As for Weidman, he’s going to get what he asked for, and will regret it.

  15. Mac BZ says:

    I’ve hear this kind of shi** for 6 years straight. But the fact is AS stills the MW champ breaking all of the UFC records …so GSP should be more concern about his own bout against Hendricks.

  16. Steven Thurman says:

    Hendricks Literally has just about nothing on GSP, except power. But his stand up is sloppy, he just lunges the left out there over and over again, but got pounded standing up by an elite striker like Condit. Gsp’s jab will keep that punch from ever landing solid enough. Hendricks can attempt to take him down, but GSP’s defense is phenomenal. GSP also has the ability to hold just about anyone down, including Condit, who Hendricks had ease taking down, but when he started getting pounded standing up, he struggled to keep Condit down. I hate GSP, but Hendricks isnt the one to beat him.

  17. Sean says:

    There’s more casual fans here than serious fight analysts. Hendricks will not beat GSP, period. The real line is -500 though it will probably be more like -300 around fight time meaning a nice profit for those betting on the champ.

    If you doubt that check up on all the other fight predictions I’ve posted.

    Chris does have a legit shot at Anderson though. The posted -285 line is about right.

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