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Monday, 12/17/2012, 12:21 pm

GSP: I’m Not Scared Of Hendricks Or Silva, But I Can’t Cut Myself Into 3 Pieces | UFC NEWS

“I’m not ducking. I can’t split myself in half. A lot of people want to fight me. Anderson Silva, Johny Hendricks, Nick Diaz. Everyone is calling me. They want the big fight and the pay-per-view. I’m going to take one fight at a time.

“Johny Hendricks is a good challenge and is an amazing fighter, but I saw his fight with Josh Koscheck and it was very close. Some people give it to Josh. But he won in a very good fashion in his last fight.

“For me, I was more motivated to fight Nick than Johny Hendricks. I know Johny is going to smack talk to motivate me, but right now I’m focused on Nick Diaz and we’ll see what happens later.”

“As an athlete, I want to give fans the fight they want to see. Logically, I just finished my fight with Carlos Condit. The last fight between Carlos and Nick was controversial. I truly believe Carlos won, but some people believe Nick won. A lot of things have been said between us. This is the fight everyone wanted to see a year ago, I want big fights.

“Right now, it was logical to fight Nick Diaz.”

– UFC welterweight champion, GSP, talking to FUEL TV.


3 Responses to “GSP: I’m Not Scared Of Hendricks Or Silva, But I Can’t Cut Myself Into 3 Pieces | UFC NEWS”

  1. A. Chung says:

    If GSP is not man enough to fight Anderson Silva, he should at least be man enough to admit that he doesn’t want to fight him instead of making up lame excuses! Everyone knows GSP is afraid of Anderson, he is fooling no one with his lame excuses!

  2. Karl says:

    Gsp bla. Bla, bla, ……the fact that you brought up “ducking” means your ducking anderson silva. Gsp your taking Diaz because you know you can beat him. Its a bad call fighting Diaz first because and then Hendricks because you’ll make more money fighting Anderson and losing than fighting Diaz 1st and then losing to Hendricks because Hendricks is going to KNOCK YOU THE FUDGE OUT. So fans there will never be a GSP VS Silva.

  3. Benjamin artley says:

    GSP is an outstanding individual. Respectful! I truly believe that a fight between Gsp and Silva would be the fight of the century. I believe that GSP is waiting for the right time to fight Silva. There is NO doubt in my mind that GSP could win the fight. It is when the money is right, and the fans are truly ready to pay to see it. Not saying that Silva couldn’t be victorious, but GSP has the ability to make a very exciting fight.

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