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Friday, 04/11/2014, 07:52 am

GSP: ‘I’ll Have Two Bionic Knees”

UFC legend Georges St-Pierre was nothing but positive following ACL surgery on Wednesday.

St-Pierre, who vacated his UFC welterweight title to take a break from competition, tore his left anterior cruciate ligament while at the gym weeks ago in Montreal. GSP has recovered successfully from knee surgery before and he plans to do it again.

GSP spoke to The Globe and Mail:

“I climbed Everest once before and I’m going to climb it again – if I want to,” St-Pierre said “It’s not a problem for me. . . . Anyway I didn’t plan to come back to competition before 2015. ”
“And if I want to come back, when I want to come back, I’ll do it again. I’ll have all the tools to do it again. I’m not going to be less strong or less athletic – I’m going to be just better. I’ll have two bionic knees.”



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