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Monday, 12/17/2012, 11:55 am

GSP: I hope Diaz doesn’t do something crazy to mess up the fight again | UFC NEWS

Talking to the media during last week’s UFC media event, UFC welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre, discusses his upcoming booking against Nick Diaz.


7 Responses to “GSP: I hope Diaz doesn’t do something crazy to mess up the fight again | UFC NEWS”

  1. BB says:

    he s gonna lose Diaz gonna own him

  2. MMAstodon says:

    Now you’re gonna say GSP is scared of Silva… he’s a gifted guy with a great work ethic, not a stupid man willing to do whatever for money, if Silva can fight at 205 how can GSP really stand a chance against an amazing way bigger striker with a huge reach difference? I do believe GSP can take down Silva and beat him methodically for 5 rounds and all Silva nuthuggers will complain about it FOREVER.

    • foosk says:

      Do you realize you just completely contradicted the first part of your stupid statement? First GSP doesn’t stand a chance because ASilva is a way bigger, amazing striker with a huge reach advantage. Then in the next sentence you state that GSP would beat him “methodically” for 5 rds. Make up your mind.

  3. DC says:

    I like the Diaz brother’s as fighters but I don’t think Diaz can beat GSP.

  4. Luis Pacheco Jr says:

    Georges St Pierre is right UFC fans what see Georges St-Pierre vs Nick Diaz and Vs Silva Too Jonny later !

  5. some guy says:

    i think if GSP stands n bangs with diaz he will lose, but if he also decides to put him on his back i think diaz can take him by submission! if gsp can get him down and beat him up without getting submitted he should win. i like both guys so im on the fence with this fight but i would much rather watch this fight then a fight with hendricks

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