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Thursday, 11/01/2012, 05:46 am

GSP Gives Frankie Edgar #1 P4P Status Over Silva And Jones | UFC NEWS

If you had to rank the top three fighters in the UFC now in order, who are they?

“No. 1 is Frankie Edgar; he’s the best pound-for-pound fighter we have.”

Wait, he’s not even a champion.

“He lost his fight to Benson Henderson only according to the judges. He was much stronger than Henderson.”

OK, who else is in the top three?

“Jon Jones is No. 2, Anderson Silva’s No. 3.”

(via The LA Times)


52 Responses to “GSP Gives Frankie Edgar #1 P4P Status Over Silva And Jones | UFC NEWS”

  1. Mike b says:

    GSP was always a humble guy but damn!While I agree that frankie is a little tough son of a gun and has heart of a lion I disagree.Opinions are like assholes everybody got one so I’m not mad or confused gsp said what he said,hey that’s what he thinks.1 silva,2 gsp,3 aldo,4 bones,5 JDS.if Frankie still had the belt he would be # 5.Bendo won the first fight with Frankie,it was close but he their second fight….I don’t know if the judges were asleep or what???but Frankie won that second fight hands Dana would say u never leave it in the hands of the judges…I guess?????

    • Mike c says:

      So how are opinions like assholes? because everyone has one? I think the saying is “Excuses are like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink…”

    • Mic Jonas says:

      I think the reason for the rankings is that Silvia’s never been tested. While that’s not his fault it will always put into question could he comeback from a beat down like Frankie Edgar ? I know I know SONNEN RIGHT.. I have my opinions about that fight. Lets just say I don’t count it.

  2. B-rad says:

    GSP talking shit but won’t fight anderson. Typical GSP.

    • Edger says:

      Yeah but why is Anderson ducking Jon jones ?
      There making GSP fight in middle weight when he has defended his tittle 6 times and Anderson has defended his tittle 10 times ? It’s about time silva moves up. He even said he wants to fight GSP cause his small ! Fight some one your own size
      Wait silva a big pussy !

  3. Lance says:

    I almost agree…you have to put Silva at #1 tho, just because what he’s accomplished and the way he did it. With that said, Frankie at # 2. He won both bouts against Henderson and would be pretty much undefeated (with the exception of his loss against Maynard early in his career) and ready to face Nate Diaz, whom he would beat.


    The whole nine…Frankie’s got it, and he was displaying all of this against guys who naturally walking around 30 lbs heavier than him. Him and Aldo are going to battle and he WILL win that fight, unless he loses by another questionable decision. GSP is a smart dude. My rankings: 1) Silva 2) Edgar 3) GSP 4) Aldo 5) Dos Santos 6) Jones

  4. maurice says:

    no no no. wtf? frankie skill set doesnt even compare to guys like jds, anderson, aldo. etc etc. im actually kind of shocked by this. how he came to this conclusion i may never know. u cant be in the p4p rankings when u can barely pull away from benson henderson in the stand up department, when u consider benson henderson stand up technique is pure trash. honestly i think gsp is just flat out lying.

    • Robert says:

      To be honest i think Frankie is better than JDS. JDS has a good td defense andd great boxing, decent kicking. but he has not shown any signs of excelling in multiple categories. frankie has great timing, takedowns, boxing, low kicks, td defense, i think he just has a bit more going for him then jds. JDS is king of the weakest weight class. As much as i hate to say it the lightweight division is much more stacked. After Cain, JDS, and Overeem the HW division fall off quite steeply

  5. The ANSWER says:

    I agree with GSP, when Frankie beat Penn, BJ’s opponents were shitting themselves walking in that Octagon, and BJ was the P4P King. Grey was undefeated, and his comeback was out of a movie, second time with knock out too. He definetly got robbed with Bendo I bet everything he will take Aldo’s belt, then ppl will start recognizing him again. Frankie is a true CHAMP

  6. TheTude says:

    Hell yea,I called this the other day and got a bunch of shitty comments. While i dont agree he is number 1, i do think he is top 5, 1)Silva. 2)Jones. 3)GSP. 4)Edgar. 5)Cain, Machida or JDS. Edgar is going to kill Aldo!

  7. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    GSP would be singing a whole different tune if he actually stones to go a round with Silve but as we all know HE DOESN’t.
    GSP is the only champ IMO who can’t beat any other champ bigger than himself so in a way he shouldn’t even be on the P4p list. Besides teh FACT he fights less than any other champ EVER in the UFC and hasn’t fought in over 560 days. Most of GSP’s legacy is fighting LIGHTWEIGHTS so that to me in itself should disqulify from him even being mentioned in the p4p discussion.
    Frankie should be on a list for being like the best at running away and taking more punishment than any other fighter when he does actually engage. I 100% believe Frankie lost the second Maynard fight and therefore he wouldn’t even be anywhere even close to where he is now. TOP fighters in MMA are A. Silva hands down NO DISPUTES, Jose Aldo, JDS, Cormier, Jones will be average when he starts fighting guys alot closer to hsi own size. Without 84.5″ reach Jones would be closer to average. Wait tell Jones gets hit by a HW like Cormier, Cain, JDS

    • Boom says:

      You guys are crazy to think that edgar can beat aldo. Aldo is ridiculously underrated. He runs through opponents; he had one bad fight and he’s written off. Aldo can easily be top 3 P4P

  8. Xaninho says:

    WTF? Did he participate on Saturday Night Live or something? This can’t be serious! It’s gotta be a joke or a sketch!

  9. The natural says:

    People arent gonna like this but I agree

  10. mean170 says:

    Jose Aldo will finish FE.

  11. The Dream says:

    GSP pick edgar like I am picking the giants to win the super bowl. They can do it but they arent ever picked to win. Whoever doesnt have Silva has your pound for pound #1 is insane and shouldnt be allowed to talk about MMA. He might not be a hands down favorite against anyone he fights like a few years ago but until he gets beat nobody and i mean nobody cant say he isnt the p4p king. GSP would be my second. People have forgot how good he is in just a little over a year. He is the welterweight king. Everyone said omg hughes is greatest ever then comes GSP and takes that right away in a year or so. For third it is a toss up between jones and aldo. You got cruz too. Those three are just so dominate in their weight classes its hard to tell. Who is that guy who put Machida as #5. Machida is my favorite fighter and very underrated and overlooked but at number 5. Not right now. I think the lose to Jones helped him. He did the right thing turning down the fight because he already lost once and you dont get a third crack. I think he can and will be the one to beat Jones. It seems he needs to get back the confidence that shogun took from him.

  12. Zack says:

    Wtf. The real p4p list goes Anderson silva, Jon jones, Jose Aldo, jds. I think them number 2,3,4 spots are interchangeable but there’s no doubt who number one is.

  13. Zach says:

    Ahh lol No way Frankie up there lol if you go to the judges you derserve to loose finsih your oppenent. Unless your like Chael sonnen and can beat any mans ass

  14. Mike says:

    GSP trying to make it sound like Silva isn’t #1 so there is not a need to fight him.

    Absolutely no way in this world silva could be considered anything but #1 P4P fighter to exist. The things he’s done against opponents has not been matched by ANY other fighter.

  15. Mike says:

    Ben messed Franky up. In stats and in control. Twice.

  16. Dana is Greedy says:

    I disagree with GSP if Frankie was that good he would have finished Bendo which I believed won his fights..He took Frankies title and to get it back you need to whoop the champ not edge him out…Aldo I think can beat Frankie also…P4P he is up there but not the best…

  17. Lawlz says:

    1. Silva , 2. Aldo , 3. GSP , 4. JDS , 5. Edgar.

  18. Jason Fattorusdi says:

    Silva, Bones, GSP, Aldo, JDS. That is my PFP top 5. But that being said. I do believe Frankie can beat Aldo. His wrestling is great, as well as his BJJ.(Brown and it’s Gracie BJJ) His foot work is also great, along with his speed. He my be not as fast as Aldo, but Aldo is not that much faster him. In all I think he has the right tools to beat Aldo. And think win or lose, this will be one hell of a fight to watch, and my pick for fight of the year.

  19. Ken says:

    doesn’t p4p mean dropping and gaining weight to fight.. pound for pound.. you cant say someone is p4p if they stay in the same weight class…. i dont think its right.. gsp.. is garbage but smart.. p4p? no… good at his class…silva? silva is the best p4p.. bj penn in his prime was ONE of the best p4p…gsp would never fight heavy weight… let alone light heavy weight… aldo? he is good better than GSP at finishing fights.. no one can really say silva is not number one.. the guy proved it number of times.. i hated silva but the guy is pretty amazing..

    • allmightysandman says:

      no, don’t think that’s what it means. it means, speaking relatively, who is tougher “per pound”…a small guy that is relaitvely tougher in his weight class can be pound for pound tougher than a much bigger man.

      which guy is tougher relatively speaking.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Sorry i just don’t think someone like GSP who walks around very close to 200lbs and ONLY fights guys at 170lbs qualifys him as one of the best p4p. I don’t mean any disrespect by it just think too many other TRUE p4p better fighters. Look at Dan Hendersen when he was OLDER than GSp he was fighting at 182lbs his natural weight without cutting massive amounts of weight. Now he doesn’t even cut weight anymore and has beaten Fedor and Shogun guys that are much much bigger than him. SAme thing with BJ penn in his prime he fought anyone at any weight. So compare that to someone like GSP who has won his titles from natural LIGHTWEIGHTS who he had an easy 25 lbs on at fight time. Not to mention GSP was beaten by alightweight in Matt Serra and IMO Penn beat GSP in first fight. Penn did all the damage and GSP got scared and resorted to “FITCHING” the rest of the fight. So do a comparison man GSP shouldn’t even be in top 10 because he only fights smaller fighters or ones his own size. maybe if GSp had the stones to go take a few “superfights” at 200 lbs i would have a differnt opinion. AS far as being a 1st class gentleman as well as very respectul descent human being GSP is in a class by himself and noone can dispute his true honor of being one of the best all around mix martial artists in world but just not p4p IMO

  20. gsp p4p says:

    Gsp would kill anderson. For one hes canadian. For two gsp was listed # 2 boxer in ufc and hes the number 1 wrestler in the division. His boxing is great his wrestling and bjj is excelllent. Favor would go to gsp against anderson silva. Silvas got really only striking and length over gsp. Gsp p4p king to ever do it period.

    • Nuitari X says:

      Wow, do you really think that? Gsp has wrestling over silva. That’s it. Silva is a master striker. Gsp is a master jabber. And please don’t tell me you think Gsp has better jiu-jitsu than silva. GTFOH.I don’t care if you are trolling or you really believe that. I just had to say I think you need to watch more closely.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:


        Silva would tear GSP apart if GSp was to ever have the b’alls to fight him. GSP wouldn’t even throw a punch at Silva let alone a jab. GSp would spend every second going for atakedown and when eh failed he would be doing the Thaleis leitus buttscooting and praying and begging Silva not to axe kick him or stomp his face in. Sonnen is a better wrestler than GSP and Silva showed the world hsi wrestling defense is plenty adaquate to deal with wrestlers. All it would take is a grazing shot from Silva and GSP would be taken out on a stretcher. If Matt Serra can KO GSP Silva would put the lights out permantly. GSP ahs no problem fighting lightweights but he will NEVER fight anyone 7 lbs bigger than him EVER

    • Nuitari X says:

      And wtf does being canadian have to do with it? He’s french canadian by the way. You know the kind that go foo-foo wee-wee and not OH YA top of the mornin to ya. Which one are you baconator?

    • Rick says:

      100% agree with you fuck silva!

  21. john cena says:

    chael number1. 2 is silva. 3 4 5 are jones lesnar and john cena.

  22. thats dumb says:

    i lost some respect for gsp. edgar? hes great but he doesnt have the title defenses and FINISHES that silva, jones, dos santos, edgar and even gsp have

  23. Steve says:

    I respect Frankie, and he has no quit in him. But I wouldn’t even say he’s the best in his weight division, much less p4p.

  24. mack mac says:

    u can’t be #1 p4p if ur ducking anyone like gayweather. silva and jones act like him.

  25. 123 says:

    Franke Edgar is a legend & he will fight any1, he is easily 1 of the best fighters in mma.. the people that say hes not are a bunch of idiots.

  26. j4s3 says:

    Bendo won the first fight, edgar won the second, bad decisions happen all the time… its mma get over it

  27. 757 says:

    zach you idiot FE has finished several people….like ktfo out of maynard dah. Sonnen doesn’t knock out anyone because he hits like a girl. 2 shots at the title and he was triangled, and kntfo…….ha ha

  28. sid says:

    edgar no1 pvp? wait for aldo pls, then you can run your mouth gsp

  29. rocko says:

    Pfp would be Anderson, bj penn, randy couture, and vitor belfort. they’re the only guys that have fought in multiple weight classes and have been champions even though some of them has lost. but Anderson and BJ penn for sure. Nate Diaz too if he beats ben.

  30. I think since GSP has 2 wins over BJ and so does Frankie…. Frankie must be p4p king since hes not on the shelf. SMH

  31. wtf says:

    WTF? GSP is saying this so that he can have some kind of excuse as to not fight Anderson because he knows Anderson will smash him. Penn would go… that is all I am saying.

  32. scrublett says:

    i saw this question in another interview with gsp. gsp said frankie is #1 p4p because guys outweigh him by so much and he still manages to win.

  33. Boom Boom says:

    Disagree with GSP here. Frankie’s a warrior yeah. Tough guy with Heart for days. Great to watch. No. 1 P4P? No way. And Bendo beat him twice. But if you wanna argue about the 2nd fight then fine. Razor close, but I still think Bendo edged it out landing more strikes.

    And for those who’re saying Frankie will kill Aldo….stop.

  34. KIDD433 says:

    GSP should be publicly called out and slapped by the Spider for saying this BS.The funny thing is GSP would still not accept a fight with the Spider.He knows damn well Silva would humiliate the shit outa him.So he wants nothing to do with him.Nick Diaz would even fight Silva and hes not even champ. F U C K it make that one happen

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