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Thursday, 02/09/2012, 01:09 pm

GSP Disappointed He Won't Get To Fight Nick Diaz (Video)

In his latest interview with HDNet, UFC welterweight champion Georges St.-Pierre discusses his disappointment for not being able to return to action against Nick Diaz.

After UFC 143’s main event between Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz the next fight for the champ was determined and it’s interim title holder Carlos Condit.

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0 Responses to “GSP Disappointed He Won't Get To Fight Nick Diaz (Video)”

  1. guamy says:

    soo scripted man its like they have his balls and hes scared to say whats on his mind. not everything has to be politicaly correct.

  2. laqualo says:

    it is too bad…. diaz actually had a chance at beating gsp. GSP will beat Condit easily. Also sucks when two people from the same camp fight each other.

  3. CanILive says:

    not as disappointed as we are…

  4. slacker says:

    Carlos will give him a good fight. Don’t be surprised if he wins.

    • learntoread says:

      I doubt it will be a good fight at all, on par with GSP’s last four outings.

      Plus the build up won’t be all that intriguing. No offense to Carlos, but he’s just not that interesting of a character…especially considering his last performance (Zufa will have a rough time building off that).

      • zuffu will do just fine hyping this fight.. gsp has always been a big draw.. but now gsp has to prove he still has it after the injury.. they will call condit a dangerous and crafty fighter because of what he did against diaz..

        • learntoread says:

          That’s my point, Zuffa will use “the return of GSP !!” as their marketing ploy for this PPV, not “he’s fighting Carlos Condit !!!” (being that a lot of fans probably aren’t that excited about seeing they guy fight after his last ‘performance’, judging by the overwhelming response criticizing it after Saturday night).

          In the end, you don’t need much to sell a GSP ppv, it basically sells itself (regardless of who the man is fighting).

        • slacker says:

          The post – fight Diaz outcry is like a cloud with no rain – it’s not real. Starting now, Condit is going to get the credit he deserves more than ever – from the media and even from many of you who scoffed him. GSP vs. Condit doesn’t need any marketing “angle” to promote it. You’ve got two great champions with the most diverse and complete set of skills in the WW division. It’s going to be amazing! And don’t be surprised if Condit wins.

  5. guamy says:

    this mother fucker is SLIPPERY man its like you cant submit him you know lol. he keeps getting away from Diaz but Diaz will catch you sooner or later grease man. be prepared. He really looks disappointed doesnt he lol. “i am a robot i have no opinion” so how do you feel about fighting Diaz? “errrr error knee malfunction” “knee malfunction” (robot voice)

  6. sleeze says:

    lol, diaz loses no.1 contender fight and gsp is the one running from the fight? Diaz fanboys really are the worst.

  7. MMAnalyst says:

    Neither Diaz nor Condit looked up to defeating GSP …Diaz is too predictable and Condit isn’t quite good enough at any aspect of the MMA game to pose a serious threat.

    They would both be on their backs eating elbows or on their feet absorbing leg kicks and jabs all night.

  8. A.James says:

    Why do people care about Diaz so much? He’ll up soon champ.

  9. Calabama says:

    I just feel bad that I got sucked into the Diaz hype… I’ve seen him fight plenty of times but for some reason (the media) I felt he could force his will… ahh well…

  10. Condit outplayed the playa says:

    love it! fuckin love it! please people, keep counting Condit out so you all look like dumbfucks “if” he wins..I say “if” cause i dont count GSP out either, frankly its stupid to count any fighter out even if u favor 1 over the other. they both got great skills and stamina.. People dont give Condit the credit hes due, awesome Muay Thai, awesome bjj and has a gas tank to go with it..

  11. mma is my religion says:

    GSP would have just layed on him anyway. what makes people think he would have finished him. GSP has forgotten how to finish a fight unless they were to let him lube up.

  12. mma is my religion says:

    Instead of having surgery fir his ACL, GSP should have had a pair of testicles mplanted.

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