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Monday, 11/19/2012, 08:42 am

GSP Credits Serra Loss For Condit Win | UFC NEWS

“Yes it was a similar experience [to the Serra fight]. When I got hit hard, sometimes before I was very proud guy, I try to give it back right away but the experience I gained from a lot of all my fight allowed me to recompose, defend myself and when I got back I come back stronger. It’s that experience that allowed me to survive, you know, and come back from that kick that I got hit with.”

During the UFC 154 post-fight press conference UFC welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre told the media in attendance that his crushing KO loss to Matt Serra made him the fighter he is today in regards to his durability and ability to recover clearly from punishment.


5 Responses to “GSP Credits Serra Loss For Condit Win | UFC NEWS”

  1. sam says:

    What a punk… Silva will go up in weight to only fight fighters who are no longer relevant and bitches out when it comes to Jones… He wants GSP because it’s an easier fight. That’s like having Georges fight Benson Henderson. Give GSP a couple has beens at 185 first then tell about a superfight. SMH

    • kyle says:

      I don’t see Anderson a bitch… He fighting gsp at a cetch weight. Why would he fight Jones at 205, it would be fair for a cetch weight fight so no titles are at risk ans Jones can’t make 195. And Ben Henderson and gsp both weigh close to the same befor weight cut.? So where’s your point? If u ask me Anderson is to big for gsp and Jones is to big for Anderson that’s why there is weight classes and its all money the UFC cares to make on fighters legacy…

  2. GGina says:

    ^^ I couldn’t agree more

  3. pk9grrr says:

    yeh its called heart and gutts george

  4. Mike says:

    GSP has already fought a lightweight Champ who was BJ Penn at the time, and he had no problem accepting that fight.

    It’s time for GSP to step up and face the middleweight divisions Champ Anderson!

    The Silva/Jones fight can happen after, it makes more sense that Anderson fights the WW Champ before fighting the LHW Champ, it wouldnt work the other way round if you know what I mean

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