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Wednesday, 01/23/2013, 11:37 am

GSP Chose Diaz Over Hendricks Because He Believes Johny Lost To Koscheck | UFC NEWS

“Nick and I were supposed to fight before and this was the big fight that people wanted to see. People wanted to see this fight more than me against any other guys. My other option was Johny Hendricks and Johny Hendricks, when I watched his fight against Josh Koscheck, according to me, I believe Josh Koscheck won that fight. I don’t want to fight a guy that lose to me that I beat. I think Nick Diaz is number one contender. He proved himself many times before and there is a story between us and it’s time to do it.”

Johny Hendricks was infuriated to find out that the UFC opted to go with Nick Diaz as the next number one contender in the welterweight division and not himself.

During today’s UFC 158 press conference GSP explained his reason for picking Diaz over Hendricks.

Do you agree?


43 Responses to “GSP Chose Diaz Over Hendricks Because He Believes Johny Lost To Koscheck | UFC NEWS”

  1. Wowzers says:

    Lol. I don’t think Hendricks lost the Koscheck fight lol.. Now I really think GSP is ducking Hendricks. Give the dude a shot you big nancy. I can understand the Diaz fight, it’s been a long time coming. But Hendricks is next in line if he beats Ellenberger. Dana even said that if he bears Ellenberger, Hendricks will get the shot. I can’t wait for that fight. I wanna see how GSP fares by taking a hit that’s knocking people out left and right.

    • Sasquatch says:

      I had Kos winning that fight as well, just like most people I know. You’ll never see Georges get hit with his KO punch because he’s way too smart, (probably has it figured out already) but I guess one can always hope.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      why does everyone think someone is ducking when they turn down a fight? I mean honestly – this dude is a long standing champion in the UFC. He fights the contenders as they come up – that’s it. & he has a strong point. Hendricks did not beat Koschek. if it was his intention to squeak by and maybe get a W checked by his name, it didn’t work out to his advantage. all these so called hungry contenders nowadays need to roll up their sleeves and PROVE that they might have a shot at the strap. From where I’m sitting, Hendricks would lose to GSP easily. He’s not ready – end of story.

      • Quazzi says:

        I wont say gsp is ducking johnny but i have no doubt that he has been ducking anderson silva. How many times has dana said gsp vs silva was the next fight now? Maybe it is his coaches and managers telling him not to do it but if he continues to back down from silva its him that looks bad

        • Omiwan316 says:

          You can’t duck someone that’s not in your weight division bro. Asking someone to jump weight is asking a lot I don’t care who it is if that’s not his normal fighting weight, which weight would they fight at (a catch weight would be best but I don’t see Anderson going down under 185lbs).

        • Chaos says:

          He should duck Silva. It’s not that he is even ducking. It is common sense. Silva is picking on a guy 30 lbs. lighter. Silva should be trying to have a super fight with Jones but he knows how big a risk that is to his legacy. Silva vs GSP is not even a fight as far as I am concerned.

    • hendoooo says:

      Do you think someone like GSP is going to be caught by a right handed haymaker? Maybe 6 years ago or so. GSP will just jab the shit out of hendricks like he did Koscheck, and methodically break him down until Hendricks is a broken husk of a man. The only person I can see challenging GSP (challenging not beating) is Rory Macdonald.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      Wowzers – you clearly never watched that fight because it was close but almost everyone thought Kos would that fight except the judges…I bet you go very quiet when GSP eventually dominates Hendricks whcih he 100% will.

    • Chaos says:

      He won’t fare. He’ll get knocked the fuck out! Lol. And I know Hendricks will land it and I also think his wrestling can hold off GSP’s take downs.

  2. MMARPG says:

    Yeah he’s knocking everybody out left and right thats why of his current 10 fights in the ufc 5 are decisions 1 is a loss and 4 are the KO’s you’re obviously holding on to for dear life! im a hendricks fan as well but dont make him seem invincible, like GSP said why would i wanna fight someone who barely beat someone ive thoroughly beat twice already!! its not even like the ko’s are constant. He ko’d fitch, barely scraped by koscheck(rewatch the fight if you think that decision wasnt razor thin) and ko’s kampmann great fights but he is not the end of GSP by a long shot, if he ko’s everybody i guess a few UFC guys didnt get the memo haha

  3. Drack says:

    Johnny went to a split decision with kos who gsp worked over for 10 rounds. Jake beats Johnny hands down. Rory will take out everyone in the division then gsp will go up to middleweight and leave his welterweight tile up for grabs

  4. T.DADDY says:

    Let me translate.. Gsp: I’m scared Hendricks will Matt Serra me…

  5. Time To Wrestle says:

    GSP is not afraid of Hendricks. He just wants to beat up Nick. Using the Koscheck fight with Hendricks, is just a talking point for him to give the media a reason. Once he fights Nick, and if he beats him, he will take on Hendricks if Jake doesn’t beat him.

    • magoo says:

      ya man Im thinking the same thing Elenbergers gonna beat Johny,but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter cause GSP and Rory are the cream of the crop at 170

      • Time To Wrestle says:

        Yah your right, I think Jake may put Hendricks away. I’m not sure about Hendricks yet. But he definitely is not up to GSP or Rory’s level. It’ll be interesting to see how well Rory dismantles Condit, from that will determine the pecking order. I think Rory can beat GSP today!!

      • krafty11 says:

        didnt Ellenberger get finished by Kampmann? Kampmann was getting rocked by Ellenberger, but still managed to survive and tap out Jake. Hendricks threw one punch, and Kampmann was out before he hit the mat.. I know styles make fights, but I dont see Hendricks having too many problems with Ellenberger. But it is MMA, and anything can happen.. Should be a good fight either way.

        • yeamon says:

          yeah, actually kampman tkoed ellenberger but was getting rocked. he taped out alves though i dont see hendricks having problems either. he could become champ this year.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        @magoo now your talking. Rory is really the only point of interest at 170 right now for George. & maybe Maia at some point if he continues his tear.

    • Sasquatch says:

      Agreed… WHEN he beats Nick he’ll derail the Hendricks train, unless like you said Jake does it first.

      • Time To Wrestle says:

        If Hendrick’s can get by Jake easily. I might think differently, because Jake will give him the wrestling that GSP will do to him. But I see GSP handling Hendricks fairly easily. I actually think Rory can beat them all if he can handle a top wrestler. To me Rory has the best boxing in mma. Those body punches he put on BJ were so vicious, I could feel them!!!

  6. Rob says:

    Yet another stupid comment by u ! Rory best boxing? Wtf ? U hi bro? He fought a punching bag , and he was way bigger than bj,

  7. sam says:

    Rory is about to get destroyed by condit who needs to fight gsp again. he is the only guy in the division who can beat him

    • GRT 3000 says:

      howz that? they just fought and GSP beat him.

      I think Maia will be making some waves at 170 this year. Provided he can get through Fitch who seems to be on a fucking mission right now.

  8. ghooper79 says:

    Maybe this was already said above but: by GSP’s logic, then he wouldn’t fight Nick Diaz either…. UNLESS he truly thought Diaz beat Condit. But, by his logic, GSP wouldn’t want to fight Diaz because he lost to Condit, who GSP beat. Doesn’t make sense.

  9. realist says:

    “I don’t want to fight a guy that lose to me that I beat.”

    GSP is a fucking Hypocrite, Nick Diaz lost to a guy that you beat GSP

  10. Pete says:

    All this talk about Hendricks maybe losing to Koscheck, is it not fair to mention Diaz is coming off an official loss as well as a year long weed suspension? then by GSP’s logic the only actual reason for the fight is the storyline and people’s choice…true number one contenders be damned.

  11. James says:

    GSP is goddamn coward. Fuck him.

  12. Nunya says:

    If I were GSP I would rather fight Diaz as. Well. Hendricks is a killer

  13. JC says:

    In my opinion GSP fighting Nick Diaz is the smart thing for GSP. GSP was out for a year and a half before he fought Condit. Now lucky for GSP, Condit was also on hiatus after he won the interim belt… So GSP fought a guy who also had ring rust. GSP even said he felt rusty when he fought Condit. So the best thing for GSP now is to fight another fighter who has been out of the octagon for some time, namely Diaz (been suspended for a year for weed). So after this fight with Diaz – GSP should be back to his old self and take on all these new comers. If I were in GSPs shoes I would do the exact same thing. Why fight a guy who’s been on a tear while you still feel rusty… get back into your groove then put him away. I believe that’s the reason Hendricks is b!tching so much about being over looked… his best chance at beating GSP is before he gets another fight in.

  14. Mr . Hell No says:


    Hendricks should fight Diaz then winner GSP.

  15. Josh says:

    Gsp is absolutely right. Koscheck did win that fight. Easily. Unless you’re a statistics drone that watches numbers and not the FIGHT like the idiots that scored Bendo v Frankie 2.
    Gsp got that right for sure. But that’s a bs excuse not to take a fight. I hope when he’s done w Diaz, Hendricks gets his shot and destroys him with actual FINISHING intent. Get rid of the boring champ already. Real champions finish fights.

  16. Zeus says:

    Whether you agree or not, Hendricks came away with the W…just like some may argue that Condit didn’t really beat Diaz, but he still got the W, and got a title shot. By GSP’s logic, he shouldn’t have to fight someone who beat one of George’s past opponents. But who did Nick beat before losing to Condit? BJ Penn. A guy who has lost to GSP. And this talk about the Koscheck fight is pertinent how? Hendricks came back afterward and knocked out Martin Kampman in spectacular fashion. Should have been Hendricks vs GSP for the title with Kampman vs Diaz for a chance to get the next shot.

  17. John says:

    Who’s the better fighter and who deserves it aside ,who wouldn’t want to beat the snot out of that shit talking little burnout .personally I’d rather see him outclass Diaz just for the fun or it

  18. Diaziswack says:

    Then why is he fighting Diaz. Condit beat Diaz his last fight and GSP just beat Condit so WTF. Diaz hasn’t won a fight on over a year. His last win was vs a declining BJ, who if had any cardio would’ve whipped Diaz’s ass the whole fight not just the first round. Hendricks last 4 fights or so have been the most impressive in that division

    • Chaos says:

      Because he knows Hendricks will knock him out. Also, I have watched the Diaz/Condit fight 3 times and I believe Diaz won 3 rounds to 2. And as far as the BJ fight, diaz always starts slow. He wins by turning it up and going hard in the later rounds. I don’t think the cardio mattered. Diaz has earned that shot but GSP is also ducking Hendricks.

  19. Chaos says:

    Nick Diaz is my favorite fighter. That said. He does not have one punch knock out power like Hendricks. He throws punches in bunches. And we all know GSP has a glass jaw. So I do believe he is ducking Hendricks but I can’t wait to see the Diaz fight and that is the one I would choose to see.

  20. Chaos says:

    Nick Diaz is my favorite fighter period. That said he does not have one punch knock out power like Hendricks. He throws punches in bunches. And we all know GSP’s jaw is suspect. I believe he knows if he fights Hendricks he will get caught and lose his title. But I am glad that he is fighting Diaz cuz that’s the fight I want to see. I don’t think GSP has faced anyone as good off of their back as Diaz and he has a great shot at taking his title. I know that’s what I’m hoping to see.

  21. itsme says:

    why gsp calls diaz 1 contender
    Okay, there are some subtle but significant differences that qualify Diaz over Hendricks. First if you believe that Condit really beat Diaz, which by the way I don’t; your belief probably doesn’t conflict with your recognition that, even though ultimately he lost to GSP, Condit still came much closer to beating him then Koscheck ever did. GSP clearly recognizes that fact. He even said that Condit was the best fighter he ever faced. So the situation is this: Diaz lost a very close decision to Condit. And Hendricks, at best, won a very, very close victory over Koscheck, Thus from GSP’s perspective the difference between Diaz and Hendricks comes down to what the margin of difference was between his own fights with Condit and Koscheck. For instance if GSP feels on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most difficult to beat; that Condit was a 10 and Koscheck was a 7, then Diaz barely losing to Condit, might still make Diaz a stronger contender then Hendricks, who barely defeated Koscheck. Thus in GSP’s mind, DIaz is the number 1 contender.

    Also, GSP prides himself on his honesty. My observation of GSP over the years is that he puts a high value on his honor and part and parcel of honor is honesty. I don’t think he would intentionally mislead us. GSP’s assessment of who is better qualified to be the number 1 contender is further supported by the fact that GSP has himself been in the ring with both of DIaz and Hendricks opponents. GSP knows the difference in the fighting ability of Condit and Koscheck through hard won personal experience. If he tells me a close loss to Condit is worth more then a close win over Koscheck, then I tend to take him at his word. Nick Diaz is the #1 contender.

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