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Thursday, 10/13/2011, 06:25 am

GSP: Carlos Condit is not my friend

“I’m going to have to deal with a guy who has knockout power, very technical striker and a great ground game as well. Unpredictable fighter. I’ve seen a lot of improvement in Carlos’ game but I believe I’m a more improved fighter than Carlos is. I have a game plan to take care of Carlos and I will execute it. He’s not my friend and I don’t put any emotion in but I believe I will have the key to victory. I do believe I will be able to knock him out or submit him. I will remain the welterweight champion.”


42 Responses to “GSP: Carlos Condit is not my friend”

  1. zack says:

    i do believe i will be able to knock him out or submit him. righttttttttt good one georges

  2. rondo says:

    there you have it from the greatest WW………..EVER!

  3. chris says:

    georges secret code…… ‘i will knock him out or submit him’ really means ‘ i will grind out a 5 round points victory utilising my patented lay and pray wrestling tactics’

  4. Butterbawls says:

    Lol, cause that’s what GSP does? Haters gonna hate I guess. GSP pwnd Diego, BJ, Koschek, and Matt Hughes. You’re just hatin on a winner. I think Condit has a shot, but it’s a long shot

  5. Joe says:

    “i will Ko him or submit him” yup just like you’ve said last 4 fights….


    • Rusk says:

      Lmao hate gsp all you want but you can’t honestly believe Carlos is gunna tap him

      • Chris says:

        I dont see why not. Carlos has alot of sub wins and GSP probably isnt going to want to stand with him. If Condit is going to tap GSP its gonna have to be RNC or armbar i imagine. Dont see George getting caught in a triangle or Condit being strong enough to finish via guillotine.

      • Joe says:

        first he’ll outstrike him, then put him down then catch his back.

    • rayed says:

      I think the only way Carlos can win is by wild punches then tko. Gsp has to much power to get in a lock or get dominated on the ground game. I actually hope carlos does win. I hope Carlos don’t freeze up in the fight and lose. Like everyone at 170 and 185lbs(aside from chael) does.

      That’s why I wanted the Diaz fight!!

  6. Condit is gonna knock you out or submit you if you commit to really fight, your only chance is to grind out a decision, same with Nick Diaz…

  7. Ninjaman says:

    Again, who cares if GSP does not finish the fights. His competition cant beat him at what he is doing, they cant get past his plans and skills to beat him so they suck not him. The great thing about this fight is that Carlos will bring it to GSP I hope! Once Carlos looks across the octagon and feels the power and influence of GSP that could change him?

  8. rayed says:

    This is such a dumn match up. Gsp is going to blow right through him.

    Yea carlos is good but not good enough to beat the champ. The number 2 p4p fighter (dumb ass dana saying franky is)

  9. Ninjaman says:

    Who cares about these P4P ratings, they are marketing tools. Bruce Buffer is the P4P best ring announcer by the way!

  10. bdizz says:

    I’m bored already

  11. Big G says:

    GSP win’s via Suffication…does suffication equal KO or would that be a submition? LOL

    We’re in Oct. George not April, your not fooling anyone.

  12. Dangerous says:

    GSP better finish him cuz Condit will bring the fight to him….still would have wanted to see Nick Diaz fight “RUSH” wayyy more…..and we’re probably not gonna see that anytime soon cuz BJ PENN is gonna beat down Diaz……WAR PENN!!!!!

  13. This is going to be a badass fight! Saint will pick Carlos apart and once he’s tore up GDP is going to bust him up! I want saint to win so we can have the trilogy, and maybe see Carlos v Diaz.. hell of a matchup!

  14. goddamn sleeping pill says:

    hope either bj or diaz gets the next shot after carlos gets lnp’d and puts this boring ass fighter away

  15. Cheecho says:

    No doubt that Condit is an awesome striker and also has a good ground game. But we’ll get to see the extent of it when he faces this caliber of fighter. I’m sure Condit knows what George is going to do; it seems that everyone does now – pick him apart to a decision. If Condit is aware of that, he should have a game plan that breaks it apart. Otherwise he’s looking at the same thing – a couple hundred GSP jabs, followed by a loss.

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