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Wednesday, 01/15/2014, 08:45 am

GSP Calls the UFC a Monopoly

Georges has voiced his distaste for the way that the UFC has handled the improvement of drug testing as of late, saying that it played a big part in his reason for leaving the sport.

Recently, Ariel Helwani has posted translations of GSP’s comments including him stating that he he feels that the UFC has become a ‘monopoly':

“The only thing I want to say is, I wanted to do something to help those who are honest in the sport. Believe me or not, I never took drugs in my life. I’ll take a lie detector test, I don’t care. I’m for anti-doping tests. I think it’s a big problem in the sport. This is a relatively new sport. There’s one organization that has a monopoly, so the fighters don’t have much power. They can’t really talk because if one says what he thinks, he will get punished. If we want the sport to be accepted worldwide, like baseball, hockey, football, soccer, I believe [drug testing] is the thing to do. I think it’s just a matter of time before it happens, it’s just that I tried to make it happen now. Maybe they didn’t like the idea because if I did it now, it would lead to others doing it and maybe that’s not something they wanted to happen. It disappointed me. You know that there are things I can’t say. I’m holding back. I’m a public person.”

These are obviously harsh words to the former champ’s ex-employer. It will be interesting to see how the big wigs at the UFC respond to such comments. With Dana White being as openly spoken as he is, we can be sure to hear a statement from him very soon. Georges made it known what comments Dana made about GSP’s desire to improve PED testing (which you can watch here at the UFC 167 post-fight press conference)¬†that played a big part in Georges giving up his title and walking away from the sport.

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9 Responses to “GSP Calls the UFC a Monopoly”

  1. T.Daddy says:

    Just shut up already… he didn’t talk about taking no drug test when BJ called him out back in the day now he’. Mr drug test… Lol. Your scared if Hendricks so you retired.. period

  2. Magoo says:

    Nice,stick it to the man Georges, let’s see that bald headed chicken fukcer come unglued……. Lol

  3. Xaninho says:

    DW never said that the idea of testing was stupid. He said the way Hendricks and George were handling it, with all the public back and forth arguing about it was making them both look stupid.

    • highlevelwestcoast says:

      if you actually paid attention to what they said, it was pretty obvious that Hendricks was in fact full of shit, and he was obviously handed a script to talk his way out of it.

  4. King_DG says:

    if GSP keeps talkin like this, he’s gonna end up like Tito ortiz.

  5. Bob'O says:

    Nothing but a bunch of internet nerds judging Men who put more heart and soul into their everyday lives than any of you morons do in a single year, or even more so in most cases. That includes when you judge Dana and The UFC too.

    I actually would love to work for the UFC so I could play a part in managing their media relations against liars that come a dime a million online. Dana and The Fertitta brothers have lifted the sport of mixed martial arts to limits that 10 years ago would never even have been ever fathomed, ever. FOX? Enough said.

    I understand many fighters are upset, but that is a business issue between them and the UFC. It’s not a public issue, just as it is not one in The NFL, MLB and The NBA.
    I would guess that BJ Penn, GSP, even Dana White ect, without a doubt would agree with me. Imagine if you were one of them these days with the chaos of social media?
    It’s something to consider is all that I am saying my friends. It’s a business, and a lot of people are benefiting from that business. Thousands of people are feeding and supporting their families because of the UFC and it’s affiliates. Think about that?

    Think about what has been done for martial arts, which is what we all grew up with, and now what was born from martial arts, which is mixed martial arts. Support them and look to the future, it’s still has just recently left it’s revolutionary stage.
    With that being said, Hopefully, it will not end up one day completely corrupted 100% like The sport of Boxing which I grew up loving so much. I wish the UFC the best, I am a life long fan since it’s very first pay per view events back in the 90’s. Support the sport that you love, through the good and bad. ~BobO

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Hey Bob’O, awesome, I agree with you wholeheartedly. you da man.Many little whiners running around….But I still think Machida sucks and i want to see him get planted about a foot into the canvas by a wrestler…lol, peace!

      • Bob'O says:

        Hey bro, I really appreciate that shout out, I respect you too, always have here on BJ’s website. Nothing wrong with people having their own opinions.
        It’s showing respect for others, even when one disagrees with those opinions, that shows true respect, understanding and honour. Hope you’re doing well GW. ~Bob’O

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