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Friday, 02/03/2012, 05:12 pm

GSP Begs Nick Diaz To Wait For Him, Will Be The Biggest Fight In History Says The Champ

“I have the butterflies. I’m going to be sitting ringside and I will be watching that fight carefully. After that fight will be finished I’ll keep rehabbing my knee and get ready for the upcoming fight… They are both very good at what they do best. If they fight like what Nick Diaz does best, Nick Diaz will win, if they fight like what Carlos Condit does best, Carlos Condit will win. They both have the skill to take each other out. At that level of fighting everybody knows what is an arm-bar, a kick a punch, everybody can do it all. The inner will be the one that will be able to implement his style over the other. That will be the winner of the fight.”

“I want them to wait for me if he wins. If Nick Diaz wins the fight it might be the biggest fight ever in the UFC. I’m so pumped up, I’ve never felt so motivated in my life. Please I am begging him to wait for me… Put it this way, every person that I have fought in the past that has disrespect me and put my integrity on the line, I always perform better. BJ Penn, Matt Serra, Josh Koscheck, I always fight at my best when I fight a guy who is very arrogant and puts my integrity on the line. No one has ever put my integrity on the line like Nick Diaz so I am very fired up for that.”

UFC welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre took to the UFC on FUEL post-weigh-in show to comment on tomorrow night’s main event.

It has been said that if Nick Diaz wins, he will wait for GSP, but for Georges, who has had to back out of his last two fights, nothing is certain in the UFC’s world of matchmaking.

The champ now begs to be waited on.

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55 Responses to “GSP Begs Nick Diaz To Wait For Him, Will Be The Biggest Fight In History Says The Champ”

  1. jason says:

    I hope nick does wait, but I think Carlos takes it anways so it doesn’t matter!

    Nick would have lost to BJ if BJ didnt gas, so what you have here is an overrated fighter about to finally face a true test. Even if Nick gets past condit, he will lose repeatedly to any wrestler in the division with good submission defense. that includes, Koscheck, GSP, Fitch, I could go on and on, I would even pick story over him possibly and maybe even AJ if he was still banging at 170

    • 209 says:

      how much crack did you have this morning? just curious

    • Jae Knows Best says:

      This entire argument that BJ gassed is expired, just like his career. The legend of BJ will be and is one of two things: his lack of preperation (?) Or, No CARDIO? Whatever it is, it’s like a cruel joke…. Give a guy all this natural talent but give him no cardio – BJ lost and he would have not won if he was in better shape, he came to fight and lost, period! I now agree with the BJ Penn Fallacy, which I argued against at first, it is true, how many second chances does a guy need? I can’t wait for Dana White’s tell all book which at least 1 chapter is dedicted to BJ PENN’s shananagans…

    • Jae Knows Best says:

      Anthony Johnson would be Nick Diaz? AJ wouldn’t beat BJ Penn, Fail!

    • Jae Knows Best says:

      BJ PENN is NO prodigy, he beat Joe Stevenson (cut from the UFC) big woop, he beat Sean Sherk (on the verge of retirement), he beat KenFlo, can’t win a championship to save his life, and Diego who cannot fight at LW. BJ has lost every fight he should of won..and lost…loser…

    • jonsey is back says:

      wow your real stupid

  2. hootie says:

    that is pretty laughable Jason! pretty laughable indeed! did you not see the Pro’s Picks? Its very lopsided for Diaz!

  3. Condit Fan says:

    I do think Condit takes it, knee’s and non bitchassness will be the keys to victory for him!

  4. Cory says:

    I eat butt

  5. John says:

    Any wrestler? LOL Diaz has a great ground game, he just likes to brawl. This is gonna be a great fight. I hope to see both of these guys go toe to toe. As for GSP, he worries about his integrity he should stop being such a point fighter and go toe to toe with more people IF he was so great he wouldn’t have to always take down and lay on the fighter. He is no better then Mayweather. IF they know they can win they will fight but if they are scared they do what it takes to win even if it means point sparring which gets the wins but makes for a boring ass fight. GSP is very talented but at times his style with certain fighters makes him look scared.

    • Joe Tallyhoe says:

      OMG LMAO. Name one fight George St, Pierre looked scared in. With that statement you have no credibility with anything you say. Im still laughing dumbass. The arguable greatest fighter pd for pd in UFC history “afraid” of guys he’s fighting. Your full of shit.

  6. DBKlein69 says:

    i cant wait for this fight. gsp is gonna show ppl just how dynamic he really is when he makes an absolute joke of nick diaz.

    • cole knight says:

      gsp is the joke bro the only fighter he could finish was bj witch he didnt finish they through the towel in what did condit do to dan hardy ummm what 45 second knockout gsp had a 25 minute “war” with him hahahhaha also gsp “dominated” kosh looked like he couldnt see in the first round and gsp still could not finish a guy that could only see with 1 eye with 20 more minutes to fight? oh yea and jake sheilds fight guy with the worst standup in all of mma and gsp got beat up by him in my opinion lol go “rehab” ur knee more gsp until you see another matchup you think you can win

    • cole knight says:

      just noticed that pic of bones jones who will soon be losing that belt ur even gayer then before

    • Chartmonster says:

      Db..first of all the Saint won’t be fighting Diaz..he’ll be fighting Condit for the belt. For some unforseen reason it gsp v Diaz ..gsp will make an example of the nickster like he did shields.

    • Steve N says:

      your an absolute joke, so stfu.

  7. mellow fellow says:

    I think Condit is bein highly under looked & Diaz knows it witch makes it that much harder of a fight for Diaz. Condit is not only foghting for the belt but to make a statement to everyone who has already counted him out. i think this may tie fight of the year with Edgar vs Bendo cant go wrong. going for Condit

  8. John says:

    I don’t care which one wins because they can both turn the lights out on you. I wouldn’t mind either one dethroning GSP and his suspect chin. Put him to sleep since he enjoys laying around the cage half the time anyway.

  9. Brian13 says:

    Georges is so full of shit. He wants no part in fighting either of these guys. What a douche nozzle.
    Maybe someone should remind him that you have to fight in order to be relevant. This weekend is all about the 2 best fighters in the division…not about some once a year points wrestler. Dude needs to learn some manners and shut the fuck up until he’s actually ready to throw down.

    • myatte says:

      you guys are nuts,so easy to say this and that!! 2nd how many times did george pull through for the ufc ?? dicks lol

    • Steve N says:

      what are you even talking about? put down the haterade bro, it’s making you bitter.

    • Joe Tallyhoe says:

      Hey Brian13. Tell you what dude. I would love for you to tell that to his face tough guy. Better yet, I hardly doubt you would say that to any man including me. I think you would about face and run. Your a troll. A hater. Your not a fighter, your just a sac of shit.

  10. davve says:

    yes everyone at this level knows what an arm bar is…only gsp cant pull off an arm bar sub…like against hardy..the first thingh he said aftr the fight was i need to talk my bjj coach and learn a arm bar haha…gsp is exact what nick says he is..he is the strongest wrestler and the best strong man

    • Joe Tallyhoe says:

      I guess you never watched the interview. He never said that. What he said is he will ask his BJJ coach what went wrong with the technique he used. He’s a black belt asshole.

  11. davve says:

    this is actually the very first tie that 2 nunmber 1 contender face eachother to find the best for gsp..gsp aint faced number 1 contender in years…since fitch

    • Joe Tallyhoe says:

      Yea and Diaz never fought a top fighter before. Usually cans. Thats why BJ who is a lightweight beat him up before he gassed and condit beat the snot out of him. Diaz is just a can.

  12. WILLIE WIN says:

    wait on gsp? then what an interim interim championship fight? isnt the point of the interim belt that ufc has a fighting welterweight champ till gsp gets back?

  13. Bill says:

    Hide the vaseline…Gsp wants to fight.

  14. sandman says:

    when diaz wins, he’ll prolly take another fight just to spite gsp

  15. Nick daiz says:

    Nick diaz is gonna take carlos on a race and see if he can keep up
    The only way I see carlos wining is if. He ko’s diaz. But that’s not likely daiz. Wins by 4 round tko then will see how good gsps stand up really is cause he doesn’t want to take diaz to the ground.

  16. asdf says:

    LOL, integrity on the line to fight your best? So you greased? Integrity and greasing in this sport GSP don’t go in the same sentence. Not with your name, at least.

  17. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    Looks like the sleeping giant might be awaken…looks like Mr. GSP is starting to get motivated and willing, or DIaz is getting to him? The queen wants his crown back! Looks like the division is getting interesting. I would love to see Mr. GSP get fired up and see what his top level truly is. I have ohana in Alberquerque! Live right down the state in the city of “NO” in central cali and love the stockton boys fighting spirit! Going with Diaz by old school ass whoopin’. Maybe a jab…bahaha! Either way I hope they all fight each other, Mr. PENN will come out of retirement, show one more run of the real Hawaiian legend to the title once “again”. Slap them all around one last time while licking the blood from his gloves while doing the luau…WAR PENN WAR!!!

  18. Pedro Carrasco says:

    I love dick all in my mouth especially BJ semen because I’m a homo

  19. Preying for Diaz to win because he’s scared of Condit?Absolutely

    • Steve N says:

      totally man, you nailed it. In fact I think GSP is scared of everyone in the UFC. I also think he has aids and is addicted to porn. I think he’s faking that injury too and his parents are brother and sister. that fucker eh?!

  20. I hope Condit wins just to see Gsp piss his pants.I bet you Gsp re-injures his knee if Condit wins.

  21. E says:

    I like Diaz in this one but ever since that Dan Hardy fight, it is just plain stupid to count Carlos out….either way I believe its the end of GSP’s reign as champ……

  22. Christopher says:

    GSP is in it for the money not the revenge. If Nick Diaz wins that’s going to be a huge payout for both of them, and stylistically I believe Condit has a better chance than Diaz because he can mix it up better and be a lot more unpredictable, so I think GSP is more afraid of Condit than Diaz.

  23. Krafty11 says:

    I lick my moms ass after she get fucked and busted in that’s my steelo

  24. James Wolfe says:

    Hey GSP, ever hear of ESL you moron?

    I hope Diaz or Condit lay a real nice beating on you, bust you up real good, like BJ did in the first round of their first fight, or like Serra did. That would be nice to see again.

  25. Brehon Law says:

    I think George should quit his beggin & maybe consider taking a warm up fight before putting his reputation & Title on the line against a fighter of Diaz’s caliber .

    Same goes for Condit who might surprise a few people tonight , I kno Chael Sonnen has backed him to win , personally I think he is a dangerous fighter but I think that Diaz will have a little too much for him on the night .

    One way of another George shouldnt be rushing to do a Cain Valesquez & disrespect a top class opponent by coming back from injury all ring rusty to fight a top class hungry contender .

    All things being equal I think St Pierre is the most complete fighter pound for pound & he will always be remembered as an all time great but he shouldnt be rushing to put that status on the line against Diaz without taking a warm up fight first to get rid of any cobwebs .

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  29. Długopisy says:

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