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Thursday, 10/25/2012, 08:52 am

GSP Agrees With Critics: Need To Finish More Fights | UFC NEWS

“I agree with the criticism. I want to do better. I want to give more entertainment to the fans. Ive been training to jump more on opportunities that are open to me. I’m still gonna fight my fight, but I’m going to be more opportunistic.”

In a recent interview with the New York Post, UFC welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre admits that his fighting style needs an upgrade to finisher.

Will the time off, injury rehab and apparent new mindset show in his upcoming match against Carlos Condit?


26 Responses to “GSP Agrees With Critics: Need To Finish More Fights | UFC NEWS”

  1. TheTude says:

    Stick to your program GSP. It has always worked, why change it up now? If your fans dont like the way you fight then i guess they are not really your fans.

  2. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    GSP just went from the second most boring fighter in world to the #1 most boring fighter in world after Fitch’s last fight where his job was on the line. GSP knows he doesn’t have to fight anymore and only stays in MMA to collect all the money from his sponsers. GSP is no longer a REAL FIGHTER. H e is a point/safe fighter who refuses to go toe to toe with anyone ever again. Matt Serra ruined the mighty GSP

    • lol says:

      do you have anything better to do with your life? aside from trashing fighters on the internet? loser.

      • jon smith says:

        first of all for the above poster hating on GSP he is one of the top 3 MMA athletes in the world. He is more MMArtist than brawler and that’s totally ok. This sport is not all about the blood and violence it’s also about technique. If that happens to unfortunately involve grinding out a decision while picking apart your opponent then so be it. GSP may not have ended the last couple fights but if you watched the Koscheck fight he absolutely ruined him. The only thing left was to shut his lights off. Didn’t need to do it and with respect to his opponents wrestling chose not to get greedy. This is MMA not street fighting, and GSP is the best out there in playing the sport (with Jones learning to fight similarly, Silva is just a dangerous man who no longer needs to fight to prove he’s the best fighter)

        • Pkq says:

          +1 couldn’t agree more. I do think GSP has the ability to finish more fights then he does, I just think Serra made he aware that he can lose be not bein careful in an instant. So if he need to grind out some wins that’s fine. The one thing I don’t want is for GSP to solely rely on his wrestling to win fights and lose confidence in his striking, because has incredible stand up an probably one of the best if not the best jabs in MMA.

    • ballsackface says:

      well hes not going to play point safe as thats exactly what condit does.
      hes gonna have to chase it or lose his crown

    • I knew you’d be on here rambling and complaining. If he wasn’t a real fighter then the UFC title contenders would be able to stop him from dominating on the ground or racking up points. KOS thought so to until he got his orbital smashed into his brain. I’m anxious to see the next Rory or Jon Jones posting that you jump on. Always hating the popular fighters. You’ve never stepped into a cage in your life yet you judge lol.

      • Jasplanet says:

        Gettin in a cage to be able to trash talk seems fair, but there should be special accounts for them so we can tell them from the others, so we know wich ones we cant pull the “get in a cage” line on
        I get the best ideas for real

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Its not my fault GSP is boring and scared to fight and half of his fights have been against much much smaller fighters like BJ, Menajar, Sherk, Serra, but then all you CRY about GSP beimng 10 lbs smaller than Silva. Its ok for gythe mighty GSP to have a 30lb weight advantage over the fighters he has carved his legacy out of. GSP walks around at 195lbs but he is afraid to fight Silva who has weighed in twice at 182 lbs. GSP is not one of the TRUE p4p champs. REal p4p best are the BJ’s, Dan Hendersen, A Silva, Aldo, Benevidez, EDgar, NOT teh massive weight cutters like Jones, GSP, Fitch who alldrop 30-40lbs to fight much smaller opponenst all their careers.

  3. DMAC says:

    GSPs a HOF in MMA and im sure is doing better then great in life financially because fighters can’t wrestle with a athlete who has never wrestled in HS or college.

  4. djcuscus says:

    thats what gsp has been saying for the past fights

  5. mean170 says:

    GSP couldn’t finish a wet dream

  6. Frank176 says:

    Yea man… I was the biggest Gsp fan but he does fight too safe now and doesn’t take risks much at all anymore… Glad he admits it himself and hopefully really does work on it.

  7. allmightysandman says:

    the rules are the rules…he fights to win, who wouldn’t? For all the bitches that say he’s “not a fighter” then step in the cage with him…he’ll phukkin kill most of you.

    No one so far has been able to stop his game plans since he took the belt back…he fights within the rules and handles most top notch competition with solid game plans.

    If that kind of fight is not appealling to everyone, that is to be expected…but if ONLY a stand-up slugfest will do and if the ONLY acceptable way for a fight to be decided is a finish, then maybe MMA isn’t the sport for you to watch. Kickboxing is all standup maybe that’s what you should watch.

    I’m not hacking on anyone in particular, but until the goal and rules of MMA change…it’s up to everyone eles to beat him at HIS game, since he is the champ.

    I absolutely hope he finishes more guys, but I wouldn’t suggest he bang with pure bangers or grapple with pure grapplers to do it…he should stick to his game plans (that work) and hopefully he’ll seize the opporunity to finish more fights.

    He does ONLY fight the top competition in his role at champion too though, so the guys he fights are not tht easy to finish…not like the guys way down the ladder.

  8. ya herd says:

    styles make fights!!! GSP wins this fight all day,he will jab keep his distance and shoot for takedown, there know way condit can stop it, gsp wins by boring decsion.. yea people will say condit has good bjj and subs.. he does but not when hes on the bottom, that why i wanted to see the nick diaz vs gsp fight more diaz is very dangerous when hes on his back, gsp wouldnt of wanted to go there,it would be a more even exciting fight in my opinion


    GSP does what so many marquee fighters don’t, 5 rounds of highly entertaining and skilled fighting or a finish. You wanna see knock outs every time? Go get you ass kicked by your sister douchebags. GSP is loved and champion because no one can beat him. Why criticize his game when it’s his opponents who fail to beat him when given the chance? Answer that one geniuses.

  10. 123 says:

    If Georges St Pierre Beats Carlos Condit It Will Be His Best Win, In MY Opinion.. Carlos Condit Is A Monster.

  11. BanOveroids says:

    If he’s still gonna fight his boring fight, Sonnen needs to be in full camp in case Condit injures himeself before the event. Sonnen vs GSP would be the superfight, so watcha gonna do hump and pump, when a wrestler wraps goes hog wild on you?

    • allmightysandman says:

      …probably the same thing he did against Koscheck and Hughes…TKO him or bust him up for a 5 round beatdown.

      GSP handles wrestlers like nobday can, so I doubt Sonnen would do anything different.

  12. slacker says:

    If he could finish Condit, that would be a “huge” feather in his cap! Very dangerous guy to start this new approach with. I think it might play right into a win for the tougher and proven finisher, Condit. I guess we’ll see.

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