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Friday, 04/12/2013, 09:18 am

GSP admits he believes he weighed in at 170.4 at UFC 158 vs. Diaz!

The UFC 158 Welterweight Championship fight between Nick Diaz and Georges St. Pierre is starting to seem like the fight that will not end. Armed with video footage evidence Nick Diaz and his camp demanded additional information claiming GSP received preferential treatment by the commission based on the fighters home province.

Nick Diaz was told before the weigh-in that the Quebec commission regulations on combat sports does not take decimals into account. This was caught on video and posted online for all to see until it was taken down due to legal issues. Now GSP has admitted he was told the same thing as Diaz before the weight in.

In an interview Thursday with the Associated Press St. Pierre said “They came to us just before the weigh-ins and even I was surprised. They told us they were going to be rounding (down to the nearest pound). I was as surprised as Nick Diaz.”

GSP also admitted he was not sure of his exact weight, but he believes that it was around 170.4 pounds. The Quebec board then rounded his weight down to 170 pounds, which was the limit for the fight.

This information is just going to fuel the fire in the Diaz claims. Nick Diaz has demanded a rematch, and thinks both fighters should have to make the exact 170-pound limit. The Quebec commission has stated that no contestants exceeded the weight determined in their contracts.


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  1. So the champ WAS over the weight limit... says:

    ..for a UFC championship fight! Interesting. Yes, Diaz got his ass beat. But he IS entitled to 20% of GSP’s purse.
    No question. Dana White should enforce it since it is a UFC rule and has nothing to do with the Canadian athletic commission.
    Go get paid again, Nick! (or at least try anyway…)

  2. Sasquatch says:

    Looks like a rematch in the making!

  3. chris says:

    Thought u could be 1pound over

    • Sasquatch says:

      Not for title fights.

    • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

      That’s what Nate Diaz thought when he was about to fight Benson Henderson. He had to sweat the last pound out because the fighters fighting for the title have to be exact weight. That’s why it’s so unfair. Nate had to go the extra mile for one pound and now Nick is exactly on wieght and then al of a sudden the rule changes so GSP can weigh in at 170.4 (probably 170.9). That is being inconsequential which makes it unfair.

      • Another question to ask is... says:

        …if it’s the commission who is reading the weight as the fighter steps on the scale, HOW CAN YOU TRUST THE GUY READING THE WEIGHT? GSP may have been 171 or even more. It’s already been established that the Canadian commission bent the weight rule for their own. Why should we believe that they are telling the truth when they read the weight?
        just sayin…

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          True you’re right about that.

        • Jaydee says:

          “It’s already been established that the Canadian commission bent the weight rule for their own”

          Totally wrong, sorry my friend..

          And BTW if you are a BJ penn fan don’t forget GSP fought him in Las vegas (((USA))) and demolished him with ease.

  4. Dddddddd says:

    “I think”
    Hard to believe that wouldn’t be something that was vivid in your memory. I know most fighters could tell you what exactly they weighed for probably most of their fights in the past. Unless I’m wrong do the fighters on here forget exactly what they weighed?

  5. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    It sucks that they bent the rules for him. But really, does anybody really think it had any bearing on the fight? Hell no, it didn’t. So GSP got home town rules. Anybody ever played sports before? So who polices the police??

  6. confucius says:

    fuck a rematch and fuck diaz. the last thing i want to see is another snooze fest 5 rounder. pressing on…

  7. just a fart says:

    0.4 lbs? GEEZ. thats just gas. GSP should’ve just farted it out.

  8. Toni Bolding says:

    seriously???? 0.4 lb, GSP kicked his butt beyond ANY doubt. Diaz needs to keep considering retirement. The results would be the same!!

    • It's Not About The Fight says:

      It’s about the money that GSP would’ve had to hand over to Diaz for being over the weight limit.

      It’s always about the money…….first.

  9. Dee says:

    It does make a big difference. Because it raises a lot of questions if you’re the other camp. If I’m in the sweat box killing myself to lose this weight, and another guy weighs .4 pounds over, it would piss me off. It would make me wonder “hey could he have made weight?” “Was he at his breaking point?” It raises a lot of questions. It’s .4, but if you had to cut weight before and couldn’t, you would know that even .4 would help you out. I have seen guys kill themselves for a tenth of a pound. Trying everything they could to get that last ounce.

  10. Jaydee says:

    Bullshit, you guys should stop using google traduction I saw a recent (this week) interview IN FRENCH of GSP and he clearly did NOT say he was overweight.

    What he said in french is:
    «J’aurais pu être à 170.4 lbs.»
    Google traduction of whatever crap you are using will tell you that he believes he was at 170.4 or blablabla
    But there are two meanings to this. The other is “I could have weighed in at 170.4 and that wouldn’t have made a difference”.

    That’s it.

  11. jbroce says:

    I don’t know, if he was just slightly over the testosterone levels or something like that would people still giving him a free pass? I don’t want a rematch but I’m pretty sick of GSP’s BS sneaky stuff like this and the grease. Strip him of the belt and have a Hendricks vs Mcdonald/Ellenberger winner. At least then we will actually get GSP fighting to win instead of fighting to not lose next time he’s in a title fight.

  12. Phillip Parkinson from Stockton says:

    I fuckin’ hate you armchair quarterbacks. You should have to be a fighter to post on these sites. Sittin around feelin good about yourself because you watch UFC. Fuck all ya’ll little bitches. Go get a real job and spend time with your kids or don’t have any kids if you haven’t already. We don’t need anymore dumb mutherfuckers coming into this world.

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