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Thursday, 09/08/2011, 01:00 pm

Greg Jackson Will Not Take Sides in Teammate vs. Teammate battle that is GSP vs. Condit

“Teammate protocols are pretty clear in this situation so everybody knows what happening. I step out, the other coaches — John [Danaher], Phil [Nurse] and Firas [Zahabi] — will take care of GSP and probably [Mike] Winkeljohn and some of the other guys here will take care of Carlos. But I step out of it, so I won’t be cornering either guy. They’ll fight each other. Those are the new teammate protocols. We knew this would be coming — it will probably be coming again –but this time we are very well prepared.”

Greg Jackson has recently been put in another interesting situation, as two of his welterweight fighters have been booked opposite one another in the UFC 137 main event.

A staple of both GSP and Carlos Condit’s fight preparation and cornering, Jackson tells’s Ariel Helwani that he is taking a step back from this fight and won’t have anything to do with either fighter in the upcoming title bout.


19 Responses to “Greg Jackson Will Not Take Sides in Teammate vs. Teammate battle that is GSP vs. Condit”

  1. andy says:

    sorry condit your ground game is not even close to gsp and standup i say you 2 have different styles but sorry meng ur a great fighter love watching you but gsp got this in the bag

  2. Squid says:

    Fuck you Jackson GSP doesnt even train in New Mexico, Roach trains his boxing, Gracie/Danaher BJJ, Phil Nurse trains his Muay Tai, Firas… GSP has never trained with Condit and they have never seen each other at Jacksons because GSP trains elsewhere Jackson is a figurehead who along with Firas gameplans GSP fights…So to call them teamates is complete Bullshit a teamate is someone you train with you know why they are fighting GSP doesnt train at Jacksons….

    • mmaretard says:

      dumba*s greg jackson helps train gsp when he is in montreal

      • Josh says:

        Actually, if you ask firas, he’ll tell you that Greg Jackson has very little to do with gsp at all. He meets with him for a few hours to go over the game plan and is there on fight night to help in his corner. Firas is georges’ lead trainer. Has been for years. However, Greg is carlos’ head trainer, so by all means, he should be in his corner. The only reason he’s not is because he doesn’t want to lose his cash cow. It’s pretty pathetic. But it’s okay…Carlos will get his revenge when he ko’s Gsp and wins the title, then realizes he doesn’t need Jackson and drops him.

  3. Shawn says:

    This should be interesting. I think Greg Jackson is one of the best coaches and cornermen in MMA. And much of his fighters’ success comes from him giving them guidance during a fight. Now neither fighter will have him. I still say GSP by TKO.

  4. Mike R says:

    Rashad needs to take notes, bitching because a teamate said he would fight you if he had to is immature, Respect to GSP for not taking it personal

  5. Jason says:

    GSP has to finish this fight. He’s fighting for his legacy now. He dosent fight to win, he fights not to lose. He has to leave this fight all in the cage and not play it safe.

  6. Heanai says:

    Greg Jackson this and that is a load of sh!te. Anytime someone notices a fighter that is better than the one he has, he dumps his guy and takes the new guy and ppl start talking about how great he is, he nothing special….

  7. exit8 says:

    Who f’n cares

  8. He won’t pick sides bc he’ll look good to whoever wins!

  9. Poco says:

    Mmamania has rumors that Bj could possibly fight Gil Melendez or Alves according to the two fighters manager. Most likely Alves since Bj has been training and eating as a ww.

  10. anon says:

    well i think Jackson has a right to call them team-mates if they have the same coach..i dont know everyone at my huge BJJ school or even train with them but they are my team mates. After all, Jackson is the man and you are some kook trying to “enforce” bullsh*t on the internet lol!

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