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Tuesday, 06/05/2012, 05:03 pm

Greg Jackson Will Not Corner St. Pierre or Condit If They Fight | UFC NEWS

By Jonathan Kirschner

Greg Jackson has been in the corner of a number of fighters the past few years leading them to championship wins inside the octagon. However, if all the stars align and the UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre and UFC Interim Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit do end up facing each other, Greg Jackson stated that he would not corner either fighter.

As a winner of multiple awards including “Best Gym of the Year” in 2009 and “Coach of the Year” in 2010, Greg Jackson has the track record to back those awards up. He has led the likes of Donald Cerrone, Shane Carwin, Clay Guida, and Jon Jones to success in promotions like WEC and UFC with a few of them even stumbling upon championship gold on the way. However, he is in quite the situation if everything works out the way it is planned.

Georges St. Pierre has been on the sidelines for an ACL injury to his right knee and a return date has yet to be announced. Shortly after the announcement of the injury it was confirmed that fellow Jackson MMA fighter Carlos Condit would step in to fight St. Pierre’s original opponent Nick Diaz in an interim title fight. Condit won the bout by unanimous decision and announced that he would not be fighting again until St. Pierre was 100% so they could unify the titles.

While on HDNet’s “Inside MMA” program, Greg Jackson stated that he will not corner either fighter if they actually do fight.

“Well, Georges is — he’s so smart, and is an incredibly attentive person. He really pays attention to whatever he’s supposed to do for his rehab. He approaches it very scientifically, and Firas Zahabi and everybody up there at Tri-Star, they make sure that he does the right things to eat healthy… If he ends up fighting Carlos, I will be stepping out. I won’t be cornering either person, and I’ll be enjoying a hamburger somewhere when it happens.”

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25 Responses to “Greg Jackson Will Not Corner St. Pierre or Condit If They Fight | UFC NEWS”

  1. Balls McGee says:

    But he’ll corner jones vs rashad

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Yep thats what he said when Rashad and Jones was first announced. Greg jackson only cares about who’s going to make him the most money. He would sell his mother to slavery if it gained him a dollar. Ask anyone who works out at Gregs gym anonymous and they will all tell you he is no longer the hands on trainer he use to be that works with as many fighters as he can, instead he spends 99% of time with his top stars and his entire existance revolves around $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
      I think Greg jackson has RUINED alot of fighters who were once very exciting to watch with his PUSSY ASS point fighting-RUN AWAY conservative do what you have to sway judges ie:flash takedown with 5 seconds left in round (ALL Rashads fights) beforere he left Jackson’s. Nothing wrong with strategy but to go out of your way to EXPLOIT every little advantage often pushingthe rules and winning at all costs over putting on ashow for fans SUCKS. Fans like us are why MMA is where it is today and coaches like Jackson couldn’t careless about their fighters being exciting. What jackson made Clay Guida do in Pettis fight was a discrace. OLD Clay Guida before he hooked up with jackson would have fought to the death and went out on his sheild before resorting to on eof the most discraseful displays of “FITCHING” since Jon Fitch started RUINING MMA.

      • Brend0magic says:

        LOL, + 1. Get rid of fitch always has the best rants.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Does he do anything BUT rant?? You know that he is delusional don’t you?

        • Brend0magic says:

          Idc, it’s funny and entertaining.

        • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

          I agree he is very delusional I feel like he lives in a fairy lands. All he does is care about himself, all he says is fans this and fans that, and insults fighters who know how to win. He is a dumbass his arguments are very childish and dumb.

        • Wrestling rules ( is a bitch) says:

          Cock smoker

        • Wrestling rules ( is a bitch) says:

          He really likes to take his shirt off… And hug men… Alot!.. Roll around .. Squeezing …. And straining .. Sweating…. Holding himself tight .. Oh so tight… Againt men… this is why he thinks wrestling rules… Cuz he gets off on it….wackin off to wrestlers weekly… Cock smoker

        • Wrestling rules ( takes it up the poopshoot) says:

          Aha hahahahahahahaha

  2. tusick says:

    koz he knew jbj would win lmao

  3. jones says:

    thxx for fuking this info being repeated 5 months later…we heard this fukin shit already idiot…ya i know jackson wont corner either…old old old news loser

    • Nuitari X says:

      Nothing against you buddy, but I’ve been coming to for a while now for my daily mma fix, and it always seems like pretty current news to me. I’ve heard other people say things like this before and I’m wondering what sites do they get their information from? As a hardcore mma fan who wants the most up to date news possible I would appreciate it if you or someone else would fill me in.

  4. stephen Riddle says:

    Then someone should not get paid!

  5. TA says:

    who fucken cares! fuck greg jackson!
    the only one that scraps from that gym is cerrone.

  6. Mc says:

    Really?? Gsp trains at Ur gym once n a while and Condit has been there every single day for most of his career. You’d think he’d corner the guy that’s there everyday but he doesn’t wanna piss gsp off Incase he wins cuz that’d prob cost him money down the road. Greg has def had some great fighters through his gym but he just seems like a punk

  7. Clay says:

    You guys are ass holes. You will NEVER know what its like to be in Greg’s position. Or make money

  8. Wrestling rules ( needs a man) says:

    Just a little wrestling. That’s all I want to do . I swear… Never mind that bulge in the front of my dress I mean trunks… I just wanna roll with u. No big deal…

  9. Thats what he always says…then he just goes and corners the guy he thinks is gonna win…they guy with the belt…#frontrunner

  10. Josh Mendoza says:

    Yeah right bullshit. He said the same thing with Rashad and Jon. Ive lost alot of respect for him as a coach. Dont say something then renig on what you said you wouldnt or would do. Jacksons word doesnt mean shit anymore. GSP knows who his real corner men are.

  11. jones says:

    thanks for repeating this old old news that you already told us 6 months ago when this fight was supose to go down…when diaz got pulled and condit was pu in you ran this story….most the losers here commentig are new fans do they dont realize your jus repeating old news

  12. Bd says:

    That fagget always says that… Who the fuck cares who he corners .. Fuck Jackson .. That douche bag wanted to create his own mma belt system… That’s when you know he’s trippin

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