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Friday, 04/13/2012, 01:41 pm

Greg Jackson | "This Is A Hard Fight For Jon Jones"

By Lynn Mitchell:
Greg Jackson makes a tough decision in cornering Jon Jones against Rashad Evans.

“Rashad upset me when he kept throwing Greg under the bus and enough is enough.” states Mike Winkeljohn in an interview with MMA Fighting.  The statement was enough to convince Greg Jackson to corner Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones.

Two of the top 205 pound fighters in the UFC and a coach who is now willing to corner against his once prize fighter and former light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans.  The tension is high with any fight but with ex-team mates – we have a prime time drama.

Evans claims in an interview with UFC  Ultimate Insider “I made the history” referring to the history of the Jackson Camp.

“This is a hard fight for Jon Jones because Rashad knows him, He’s trained with him and anytime you know somebody’s strengths and weaknesses, it’s always a dangerous situation.”  Jones’ coach, Greg Jackson, says in a interview.

This fight has more involved than just two fighters inside the octagon.    


10 Responses to “Greg Jackson | "This Is A Hard Fight For Jon Jones"”

  1. kermit da dogg says:

    Can wait for this fight.

    “I knew i ‘urt ‘im, when he said aarg” – GSP

  2. Jorge says:

    Greg Jackson is nothing compared to Cesar Gracie .. He has good strategies but this isn’t point fighting like kempo or other martial arts .. It’s ultimate fighting .. Where you guys actually fight and bring it not just “win” by running.. Hold… And lay n pray… Greg’s type of coaching will soon be dead .. Rashad did bring up some good points … Greg would’ve been a nobody had it not been for rashad .. There are a billion local coaches that are as good or better than Greg .. He’s just a fake opportunistic prick .. “go help lyoto so you can make some fans ” get the hell out of here with that .. Lol

    • squid says:

      i disagree that . . . greg jackson’s definitely one of the best coaches in MMA today and his type of coaching strategies/fighting styles will be around for a while. in fact, you see it more often now than ever before with all these point fighters going to decisions. simply put, the man wins. and its all about winning. that said. fuck greg jackson and his boring lay n pray tactics. i agree that he very much seems to be an opportunistic prick!

  3. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Jackson should have been in Jone’s corner the moment this fight was official.

  4. Earl says:

    They might do another Condit vs Diaz strategy.

    • Bryce says:

      Condit had the perfect strategy for Diaz. Why can’t people see that. And Jackson doesn’t just do lay and pray strategy. Jones is in his camp and jones has only ever gone the distance 1 time in his UFC career. And even that fight should have been stopped at one point

  5. luke says:

    Everyone talks about how rashad will know jbj’ weaknesses but it works the other way around as well. Not to mention that jones has changed quite a bit from the last time they sparred

  6. chris says:

    whats up with the biasing of this site lately, title of any article has nothing to do with the interviews of the fighter’s…….

  7. GRT 3000 says:

    expect the unexpected…lately when it looks and smells like fireworks, it ends up being the most boring shit ever. & so, we will see.

  8. Bjj BB says:

    JBJ is never boring, rashad can suck a fat one!! Im not buying the shit he says about the team, at the end of the day, the ufc will tell u wat to do and thats that, i bet if rashad was champ and the uf told him to fight jbj, i bet he would not give up his belt and walk away cuz he dont want to fight hes team mate, he playing the victom for wat ever reason other then jbj and jackson being disloyal!!

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