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Friday, 10/14/2011, 06:15 am

Greg Jackson Says Guillards downfall is his love for his own punching power

“It was not sticking to a solid plan of taking somebody apart. [It was] just kind of trying to finish it with one big shot. You need to learn those lessons. You need to learn those lessons early on. I think that with Melvin, he was doing very, very well hitting everybody and hurting them. The big puncher can kind of fall in love with the punching power, and I think Melvin learned a valuable lesson and is going to come back stronger for it. He was just upset. We talked about getting back to where we were and climbing up again and not letting it stop us and just learning from what we did wrong that night and making sure we don’t do that wrong again.”

In a recent clip from, trainer extraordinaire, Mr. Greg Jackson goes over his lightweight fighter’s failure at last weekend’s UFC 136 event.

At this point, I don’t think anyone, not Dana White, not Melvin Guillard nor his coaches, doubt the kids potential, but his charade of over confidence against Lauzon not only cost him the fight, but cost him a possible shot at the UFC’s lightweight title.

Time and time again, we have seen slip ups from Melvin, will it ever stop or is he destined for “almost greatness”?


25 Responses to “Greg Jackson Says Guillards downfall is his love for his own punching power”

  1. Calvin says:

    I think he lost cuz he got dropped but thats just me

  2. Vaughany says:

    And why did he get dropped Calvin? Because he got punched. And why did he get punched Calvin? Because he rushed in with his hands down and with no head movement. And why did he rush in with his hands down and with no head movement Calvin? Because he was over-confident in his striking.

  3. Dangerous says:

    He got dropped because he overlooked Lauzon completely. Coming into this fight, Melvin was almost too confident like Lauzon was just gonna give him the victory. His overconfidence for this fight reminded me of the Young Assassin before he went to Greg Jackson’s. I thought Greg would be able to keep his ego in check. When Guillard learns to be more humble and focused, that’s when he’ll be destined for true greatness

    • Random Person says:

      I am leaning towards this. I just cannot understand why at this level of competition anybody would overlook another opponent. But what the hell do I know. Ima keyboard warrior.

  4. El Charlie says:

    I agree. Coming into the fight he looked borderline cocky. A mixture of both both confidence/cocky but took it a little over the top by pumping himself up the way he did. Then again you can’t really blame him he is talented. No shame in losing to J-Lau the way he did. He is a very skilled submission specialist. Putting that aside, I am looking forward to seeing Melvin back in action. Maybe he develops a more diverse game. Not that he doesn’t have one already but he should utilize more of his skillset. Mixes it up with a little ground game, and more frequent kicks to set up that big power punch. The more tools you bring the more your opponent has to worry about. He’ll be back stronger than ever.

  5. mike f says:

    He got tagged because had always had bad technique. Hands low, swings from the hips. He wins when his opponents are more concerned with protecting themselves then trading punches. When he fights a guy who remains in the pocket and looks to counter, he gets tagged and beat. ( diaz, lauzon)

    • Moe Kachino says:

      Keep in mind that Melvin was winning against Nate Diaz, dropping him a couple of times. For some reason he decided to go for a takedown and got subbed.

    • mike's mother says:

      he beat jeremy stephens, dennis siver,

    • The funniest part was... says:

      …Guillard’s face when he got hit with that left by Lauzon, that look of “did I just get jacked in the face?????”

      Serious, though, I like Guillard, but he should’ve kept his head when the fight started. Everyone talks about his antics during the walkout into the Octagon, but he always comes out like that. That’s his personality. He needs to change some things inside the octagon.

  6. Ninjaman says:

    The difference between Jone’s and Melvin is both men know they are better then most of the guys they are fighting but Melvin shows it before and during the fight with inappropriate dancing and showboating. Jones stickd to the plan and humbly picks his oppenant apart. Hence that’s why he is the champion and a humble fighter.

  7. The natural says:

    He’s the most experienced fighter in UFC proly at this point there’s no learning now
    Plan and simple like the first guy said he got dropped early in first rd no gameplan can keep u away from that

  8. Ninjaman says:

    He did lose because he got hit but it was his poor fighting ethics and lack of humilty that got him hit.

  9. fueled by hate says:

    He just got caught ppl. Thats the name of the game when ur fighting. He will be back though.

  10. chardt says:

    Joe is humble, and soft spoken. He doesn’t brag or talk shit. Don’t forget he knocked out Jens Pulver, and the guy has dynamite in his hands. People always underestimate him because he’s such a low-key guy outside of the octagon. That is one of his big strengths.

  11. Ahbustae86 says:

    I’d like to see him use his wrestling and shoot to set up his striking or atleast keep is opponent guessing.

  12. the truth hurts says:

    off the topic but i really wanted to see Melendez Edgar uni-fie the belts looks like it could be later rather than sooner

  13. King Gareth says:

    Everyone gets caught, and at least he’s an exciting fighter. He is a better fighter than he showed against j-Lau

  14. shoe says:

    lol stupid mostake for a guy with 4,000 fights

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