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Thursday, 02/09/2012, 12:24 pm

Greg Jackson Likely To Corner Jon Jones Against Former Student Rashad Evans At UFC 145

He has said in the past that he wouldn’t do it. That he would not get involved in the rivalry between his current student Jon Jones and his former student Rashad Evans. However with time, things have seemingly changed for Greg Jackson.

“I don’t know, I’m leaning toward cornering Jon right now. Just because, am I selfish, am I going to make this about me? Or am I gonna make this about the team? I can’t be self-centered. Even though it’s something that I don’t want to do, it might end up that way. I still consider [Rashad] a friend. Right now he’s really angry, and he’s saying a lot of negative things. I don’t want much to do with that, so I’m just kind of keeping my distance, so that’s where we’re at.”

Greg Jackson has claimed on many occasions that if teammates under his watch get booked to fight he will stay away from the training, strategizing and cornering of the fighters. In other words he will not ever pick sides.

However in this instance it would appear that Rashad’s departure from “Team Jackson” has slowly changed the mind of the famous coach and strategist. In this interview with he admits to the possibility that he will indeed corner Jon Jones in his UFC 145 title fight against Rashad Evans.

Is it fair that the man who molded Evans into the fighter he is today use that one of a kind insight to help his new champion defend his title, or did Evans lose all rights loyalty when he departed from the team?

What are your thoughts Penn Nation?

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0 Responses to “Greg Jackson Likely To Corner Jon Jones Against Former Student Rashad Evans At UFC 145”

  1. i wud bj bj :) says:

    i dnt kno y he left in the first place? but i bet he wud of thot harder about it if he knew this wud happen lol fair play 2 greg he left the gym his choice! and circumstances change

  2. David says:

    JAcksons JOB is to prepare his fighter properly, thats what he gets paid for so is he a proffessional or not is the question

    • If it would of been vise versa and bones would have been at jacksons first and had left cause rashad came in. Greg would tell rashad heck no you got to leave bones was here first. Greg is just interested in the talented guys and wants credit. He goes to gsp to train him, not gsp comes to him. He would never do that to a average fighter… He’s a dam good trainer don’t get me wrong, but you could see greedy written all over him..

  3. jeremy says:

    I see nothing wrong with Greg Jackson cornering Jon Jones. Rashad is longer part of his camp. If rashad were still there that would be one thing. But he’s not! I see nothing wrong with it! Jon Jones is the best right now he is with Greg’s camp and he should be in his corner. Its not personal its business. I’m sure he still likes Rashad but Jon Jones fights from his camp and is the defending champ.with that said…go Rashad!!!

  4. Jason says:

    i dont really see the big deal. i mean is anyone surprised by this? rashad has been out of jacksons camp for at least a year now. and regardless of jackson considering rashad a “friend” he still did him pretty dirty and rashad has every right to be angry. that being said who cares? rashad has been out of that camp for a year and has grown exponentially as a fighter as has jones. Yes jackson hypothetically should know rashad like the back of his hand and this in theory would give him and jones the advantage in game planning but one would be a fool to think rashad doesn’t know this and wont switch things up accordingly. rashad may not be as flashy as jones but he has all the tools and a very well rounded game, and the ability to take the fight wherever he pleases. look for this to be a much closer fight than many people are expecting…

  5. josh says:

    Why is it even a story? He should be cornering his fighter.

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