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Thursday, 04/26/2012, 07:29 am

Greg Jackson: Jones’ victory was bittersweet

By Edward Fernandez:
On Sherdog’s Savage Dog Show, Jon Jones’ trainer Greg Jackson talked about his victory at UFC 145. He revealed he was happy about his top fighter retaining the title, but was upset with the very public situation that involved former team member Rashad Evans, whom Jones defeated via unanimous decision.

“It was a bittersweet night. I’m glad Jon won, but I’m just sad about the whole situation. It’s nice to just kind of move on and be done with the whole thing. …. I went up after the fight and shook [Rashad Evans’] hand, and we kind of patted each other on the shoulder. That’s kind of where we’re at right now. There’s no animosity or hard feelings on my end at all. We’ll see where it goes from here.”

Do you think Evans and Jones will meet again?


26 Responses to “Greg Jackson: Jones’ victory was bittersweet”

  1. kenji says:

    personally id like to see jones and evans II. in this fight (no. 1) in my opinion jones didnt dominate. rashad if it werent for his dancing tactics after he connected with jones and wobbled him maybe if he reacted and went for the kill he could have gotten in more damage so who knows. id like to see just one more than move on. but hell have to earn his way back up. as of now i cant see hendo overcoming jones hand speed. but his sneeky right should keep jones on his feet also moving back.

    • &; says:

      I agree that it was not nearly as lopsided as the media has made it out to be. Jones clearly won, but I gave round 1 to Evans. You could make a case that Evans won round 3 as well but I didn’t score it that way. However, I do think Evans simply tried to survive the final two rounds which hurts his chances at a rematch but if anyone in the light heavy weight division should get a second crack at Jones it is Evans.

    • b_lum says:

      When you fight, its not all about jumping on your first opportunity to finish someone, especially in a 5 rounder… that’s how you punch yourself out.

      • CoCiO says:

        Which is exactly what would have happened to Jones lol. He would have probably gassed and Evans would not have..Smart gameplan but it definitely didn’t go as Jones planned I’m sure because he reall wanted to finish Evans. He should have turned the heat up in round 4 though at least because he could have finished it there..

  2. maurice says:

    shad doesnt deserve a rematch. dude played the survival game after he ate those elbows. then the rest of the fight was shad getting rocked every single round. his wrestling was nullified even more then i thought it would be. everytime he shot in, jones would escape easily, or jones would catch him in the clinch, knee to the gut, and push him away. rashad had good confidence and was keeping it competitive, until that first elbow hit him. hendo is literally the perfect opponent for jones. if the strategy is to get in jones face, there is no one better at that then hendo. not to mention the strong greco background. if jones defeats hendo then ill FINALLY consider him the future of the lhw division. and after watching jones eat that head kick in the 1st, its safe to say dudes got a strong fucking chin. most guys would have dropped, if not been out cold.

  3. DMAC says:

    I’m down for suga bones II. Rashad IMO needs to win one first in a big way then call Bones out. But then again I think to myself, will the outcome be any different? I mean the question of rashad being able to take him down was answered, will he be able to get inside on jones was answered so idk.

    • Jacob says:

      I’d like to see Machida vs Evans 2 for the number one contender spot. If Hendo does not win, which is a pretty likely scenario, the better of Lyoto or Rashad gets the next crack. Shad definitely has a better chance because I don’t think he really did everything he could to get the fight to the ground. He should have risked it a little more and went for a lot more takedowns, where he would be able to ground and pound Jon. Honestly, Lyoto matches up badly against Jones because Jon only needs to use his much superior grappling to throw him down and pound him out or submit him. Rashad and Henderson are the only ones who might be able to beat boney jones.

  4. jbeamazing says:

    bitter sweet? Look at greg trying to steal the show again does he think any mma fan cares about his opinion is he doesn’t even fight stop trying to p diddy your way into the videos until you have your own fight coming up we don’t care to hear you talk

    • unRealBRobs says:

      Completely agree. Greg is just trying to get more kids to pay him big money to train them. Sure, Jones works with Jackson, but Jackson IS NOT HIS ONLY COACH/TRAINER. He’s just the only one everyone ever hears about because he tries to tie his name in with MMA success.

    • I happen to care a lot as an MMA fan what the training coaches (especially if they are the best at what they do) have to say. The fighters don’t talk as much “gameplan” as the coaches do. I like all sides to MMA… personally.

  5. Rashad vs Machida II says:

    Rashad is at least three fights away from calling out Jones again. By that time, Jones should be gone to HW. Let him put away some veterans and some up an comers before he gets another shot at the title. That fight was so one-sided and, yes, Rashad shut down after those 2nd round elbows. He looked afraid, even. There was one point, I think in the 4th, that Rashad had so little power in his strikes and kicks that Jones wasn’t even trying to avoid them. And it wasn’t that Rashad was fighting so poorly, it’s that opponents cannot figure out Jones, even after watching endless tape on the guy.

    The rest of the division gotta step it up if they want to challenge for the title while Jones has the belt. Change their training, buy Greg Jackson’s training DVDs, lol, something, because no one has any clue on how to beat Jones.

  6. A.James says:

    Rashad could’ve/should’ve done better. He fell back those last couple of rounds which is a little dissapointing but he was fighting it was good. I wish the whole fight was like the first two rounds.

  7. Popp24 says:

    I don’t think it was a lopsided victory but I wasn’t impressed with Rashad. There was a few times Jones went backwards after getting tagged but it really didn’t seem to faze him much. I feel like deep down inside Jones was taking it easy on Rashad because I feel there was points in the fight where he could have went for the kill. Rashad doesn’t have enough in his arsenal to beat Jones. He is a really good wrestler with great KO power but when was his last KO? Chuck Liddell (The washed up version with a suspect chin). It’s time for Shad to move on.

  8. fox says:

    Two things first greg jackson is the phil jackson of mma he was askes how he felt about the situation and answered it second evans don’t deserve a rematch after two years of waiting you of been ready to tear into whoever had the belt if anyone deserves a rematch its machida he’s the only only one who was getting into that ass til he got cut

  9. Cagin says:

    The problem with Machida is that he cannot come back from big shots. He needs to take a few pages out of frankie edgars book.

  10. Adam says:

    Jon Jones didn’t win, he just didn’t lose. Greg Jackson doesn’t teach his fighters to win fights, he just teaches them how not to lose. Risk must be taken to win a fight. It seems like more often than not now-a-days the fighters take the easy way out and try to minimize their opponents chance to score, rather than take a chance and win the fight.

  11. Khalil says:

    Are u guys on drugs or just Jones haters? To say he didn’t win, is just stupid! Did u even see the fight? What did Evans do period? Its not that he didn’t try…its because he CAN’T. Jones stiff armed him in the head like a little boy and beat him to the punch in every way. What u idiots didn’t recognize is that he still has love in his heart for Rashad and didn’t want to hurt a man that he looked up to, unlike a fight with Shogun or Machida. He just wanted to prove a point. How about when he had Rashad in a standing guillotine, and let him out of it? How about the look he gave Rashad coming out for the last round. The shoulder shrug like to say “this is it”. He mauled him with elbow after elbow. What fight did u guys watch?

  12. Khalil says:

    I guess The Shogun fight, he was fighting just “not to loose” too right?? Just like Machida and Rampage too!…damn, I’m sure glad I don’t have to have that guy trying not to loose all over my ass!…psssh…u can’t be serious! Ask Rashad what “Trying not to loose” felt like to his face with the ammount of elbows he took!…

  13. ryan alton says:

    Well if hendo can’t do idk who can bones did beat jones , but I wouldn’t say jones chin has been completely tested , the headkick rashad landed was partially blocked maybe those two punches rocked jones a little more but rashad couldn’t put all of his power in them cause leg was still in there air , witch means suga couldn’t generate as much power

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