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Monday, 01/21/2013, 11:50 am

Greg Jackson: “I know weaknesses of Nick Diaz” | UFC NEWS

Coach of UFC champion George St. Pierre Greg Jackson shared his thoughts about upcoming fight against Nick Diaz


22 Responses to “Greg Jackson: “I know weaknesses of Nick Diaz” | UFC NEWS”

  1. Sherlocks homies says:

    Thank you captain obvoius ! Now fly away.
    I mean, bendo showed us how to fight that style, problem solved

    • Mat says:

      Benson didnt show sh*t, it obvious the Diaz brothers lack of foot work and weak legs. If you have a minimum of sense about the sport you can tell… even Condit show how to frustrate a Diaz. Still, I really hope Nick takes this with some submission, I cant take GSP and his boring-to-death style

      • wtf says:

        Mat, you have no idea of what your talking about. Are you kidding me? a submission? of gsp? His style isn’t as boring as it used to be and GSP is way too strong for Diaz to sub. Who’s the last good fighter he’s submitted? I know the answer to that and it’s NOBODY! the Diaz’s ground game has now been passed by so many fighters now that it’s not what it used to be. Nick will end up just like his brother and get his ass kicked but he will cry and complain about something like he always does when he watch the crying will be funny as usual.wah wah wah!!!!

  2. Show my commets dammit! says:

    Stop cencuring me i take my time to write my oppinion on this knarly comment section and yall just block that sh*t.
    I previously typed that bendo allready showed us how to fight that pitter patter style, its not like Greg is a fckin genious to notice that i even know what technique to use against Diaz. TD-blanket him-punch his thighs-TD blanket him some more for five fckin rounds. Sorry Greg for spoiling your secret game plan

  3. Big Daddy says:

    Greg Jackson really is the cancer to this sport. Also fuck the athletic commission!

    • David A says:

      Without the athletic commissions, MMA would be relegated to backwoods Indian resorts and casinos and would not be sanctioned by any state.

      Also, don’t be mad at a coach/trainer for implementing strategy. The problem is that Greg Jackson is playing Chess, while other people out there are playing checkers.

  4. Time To Wrestle says:

    Greg Jackson and Firas are the GREATEST strategist MMA has ever known. They know this fight game better than anybody, especially, keyboard strategist on lmao.

  5. SinCe 2004 says:

    what is this nonsense

  6. David A says:

    Anyone who’s watched Nick Diaz for any length of time can tell what his weaknesses are and how to beat him:

    -Lack of physical strength
    -Non-existent takedown defense
    -Non-existent footwork
    -Non-existent head movement
    -Will take 3 punches to give 1
    -Unwillingness to change up his strategy when something isn’t working
    -Fairly one dimensional fighter while standing

    Keys to beating Nick Diaz:

    -Impose your will physically on him
    -Attack at angles
    -Do not get lured into a brawl
    -Do not pay attention to the taunting/trash talk
    -Attack his legs and body with kicks
    -Frustrate him by refusing to fight his style.

  7. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    -]. I got a random feeling GSP might finish Diaz .[-

  8. Pkq says:

    I’m a huge Diaz fan, but everyone knows GSP is goin to murder him. I really hope he doesn’t get butthurt after he loses and quit MMA again because he puts on awesome fights. The only thing holding him back is his extreme stubbornness to learn to wrestle, throw good kicks and move around more, instead of just walking towards other fighters. Nick Diaz has more than the ability to be the 170 pound champ, but he refuses to take the necessary steps to learn the skills needed to be the best right now and because of his stubborn personality, probably forever. I just hope he keeps fighting a after GSP beat him silly.

    • David A says:

      There’s a lot of things holding Nick Diaz back. Not only his inability to wrestle. But his lack of physical strength. Nick and his brother Nate look like a stiff breeze could blow them away. When they go up against grapplers who are physically bigger and stronger than they are, they get physically overwhelmed. Also, anyone that fights at an angle gives Nick a lot of problems because he just walks forward, and is open to alot of body and leg kicks.

  9. MMA4LIfe says:

    Greg Jackson is too smart I’m sure GSP is going to keep it standing up till DIaz makes GSP face look like Hamburger meat.,, then he will LNP all day… GOOD one Greg Jackson go fuck ur self..go ruin boxing I hear greg Jackson is floyd mayweather Life coach is this true?

  10. dave says:

    this is lies..diaz has already fought a pure leg kicker when he fought cyborgs husband..yu fools talkin shot auint seen that i guess..nickwill walk forward threw the leg kicks,,,and if gsp takes him down then nick will armbar his ass sooo fast..condit is a better kcker then gsp and better on the ground (off his back) but diaz beat him (in a real world scoring) easy…diaz is new champ of 2013,,,by by greasy

  11. Cmd says:

    Boring-to-death-Style??? GSPs fight against Condit was one of the most entertaining fights of the last year

  12. brandon says:

    you know gsp has a good chance towin but when gsp is in someones guard he goes for the can opener and he almost got armbared by condit so diaz has a good chance for a sub here

  13. Kayer says:

    just bleed fans !

    just want to brawl and scrap … its good to make a name of yourself at early stage of your ufc career but when you re on top of the hill forget about it, you will be taken down and beaten seriously into the living death (HA)

    Guys stop hatin on Greg or GSP !

    oh and to the guy who said chess is boring ! when you get older you will understand

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