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Monday, 02/20/2012, 09:42 am

Greg Jackson Explains Game Plans In MMA | Praises Condit For Performance Over Diaz

“I’m not sure. (why game plans are criticized) I will be honest, there have been fights that we have won, that I was like, “Oh man, this one is going to be all over the news.” But no one says a word. The Carlos Condit fight was not that controversial. We out struck him, landed more power shots and way more strikes. We had complete Octagon control, we decided when and where the exchanges were going to happen and if we didn’t like it, we got away and started again, so you can’t really make a case for him (Nick Diaz) doing more damage because we did more damage and you can’t make a case for him controlling the fight because we controlled it. So that criticism doesn’t bother me that much because It was just more of people’s disappointment wanting to see two fighters stand there and swing and last man standing wins. But, you know, fighting is about hitting and not getting hit. We hit him a lot more and we didn’t get hit. So I don’t feel bad about that one. Listen, there have been times in my 18 years of doing this where I’m like, “How did we win that one?” And I’m like, “What, no one got mad?” No one says a word. A lot of people were just disappointed because a lot of people just wanted Nick to win and because of Nick’s style. It is just part of the territory.”

One of the best strategists in the sport today, Greg Jackson discusses his thoughts on the sometimes controversial game plans he imposes through his fighters on fight night to


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53 Responses to “Greg Jackson Explains Game Plans In MMA | Praises Condit For Performance Over Diaz”

  1. Dean K. says:

    Kudos to Greg Jackson and Carlos Condit. They played by the rules and won. I’d still like to see the BJPenn plan implemented, 2 men fight, if it goes to decision, nobody advances. You can only advance with a stoppage of some sort.

  2. Jader says:

    Fighting isn’t about not getting hit it’s about putting your opponent in the ground you sir are a pussy greg jackson.

    • omgaghost says:

      You are an idiot.

      • says:


      • jonsey says:

        no no he is correct,,u are the idiot…u a pussy too no fighter…running away and forcing you opponent to chase you aint controling shit…but chasing you opponent and controling him to run is controling…cuz if nik stoppped moving forward there would be no fight and then condit would stop moving backward,,here for nik controled..if condit moved forward nik would still keep coming forward..faggot

        • Anderson Silva is G.O.A.T. says:

          You, sir, are an idiot. You need to go back to school and learn your basic english and grammar. Look at Mayweather, arguably one of the best boxers ever. All he does is counterpunch but he is undefeated. Just because he isn’t retarded enough to charge at opponents does not mean he isn’t good.

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          The only reason mayweather is undefeated is he’s afraid to fight Manny pacman. He would get killed in that fight and he knows it

        • omgaghost says:

          @jonesy One idiot defending another idiot. Classic.

        • beenboingsinceiwasten... says:

          lol…diaz didnt have to chase condit…cut off the ring! make less space for your opponent to move in! thats how you counter when your opponent is moving away from you! WTF PEOPLE!!! pull your fuckin heads outta diazs ass and think!
          thats why he lost! he chased condit instead of cutting off the ring…cut him off at the pass and serve him a knuckle sandwich! my boxing coach taught me that when i was 10!!!

        • betterBoerthenyou says:

          My Boing coach taught me that when i was 9, but good point

    • Rordog says:

      I agree. These guys watch too much American Idol and want to vote on the prettiest performance. I want to fuck somebody up when I fight. These rules and shit have turned it into a fashion show. Let’s see Jackson’s boys go in there and stop someone like they have their lives counting on it. Condit is a pussy and when he does fight Georges it’s gonna be a bullshit point match that is boring as watching two old people fuck. You fuckers who like your little decision crap probably like Bingo and Antiques Roadshow too. Fuck you and go change your tampon.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      You guys can have Greg jackson bullsh’t gamplans, “run a way like a pussy today and steal a title away” Condit did’t want anything to do with Diaz from the opening seconds of the fight. Next time Nick just needs to hire some track stars to spar with him then he will get better at chasing Condit around the cage. Diaz won the fight plain and simple and more fans think so than not the poll proved it.

  3. spiritsplice says:

    Spot on. People run with emotions when it comes to fighters. However, if your game plan is to lay on someone for 3 rounds, that is lame amd shows you suck or are afraid to mix it up.

  4. Jimmy says:

    First off, I love how Greg keeps referring in the comment about what “we” did. I know coaches come up with strategies, but the fighter has to execute. Second, to say Carlos Condit dominated the octagon at any point during that match is insane. He was constantly backing up. Not to mention Jackson’s “getting out of situations we don’t like” doesn’t mean completely duck, cover, run with your back turned. In all honesty I felt that fight a draw more than win for either opponent, because neither person had an obvious beating of the opponent.

  5. NickDiazwas here says:

    He trains his guys to run.

  6. Stevo the great says:

    No Greg……Condit got punched in the face/body and backed up on the cage A LOT! Not only that Nick had total octagon control. Condit even had his back completely turned running away at points in the fight. Not only that, Nick went for the finish with the takedown and attempted subs at the end of round 5, not once did Condit even dream of finishing Diaz. You are higher than Joe Rogan if you saw something else. You just can’t deny facts…Diaz won rounds 1,2,5…and Condit won 3,4. Simple you lost. But the judges don’t like Nick……and Dana does not like NSAC either. So I think there is more to the story than is being projected. Haters gonna hate…..but even is haters opened their eyes they could see the facts.

    • says:

      The only fact that is important is on Condit’s record, where he has a W over Diaz.

    • Mo says:

      Fact is…Condit won…regardless of what u thing or I do. And then the rest is history..Diaz cried like a lil bitch and retired. Then he failed the drug test…what a chump.

    • baldy says:

      *sigh* sorry yer boy lost. he’ll be back. you guys need to stop acting like you know the guy personally. your not on his team…your just a fan. i was a diaz fan until after this fight, until he started bitching, making excuses, quitting!!…he fuckin quit! just because he lost! thats incredibly weak!!! he’s also failed drug tests twice!…twice!! the dudes an idiot.
      in and out, stick and move…its been a part of most martial arts (boxing included) for centuries. the counter to that stategy is to cut off the ring, make less space for your opponent to move in. diaz and his team either could not or chose not to make that adjustment. why they wouldnt…i have no idea…its pretty basic strategy.
      now you idiots want to bitch because condit didnt fight to diazs strengths…he a pussy cause he didnt fall into diazs trap. basically anything he did to make it hard for diaz to win means hes a pussy. funny diaz is the one who has quit…where im from quitting is the ultimate pussy move…

      • Stevo the great says:

        Funny how you are the only one mentioning the word “Pussy” and running with your back turned is not dictating the pace. It is being a coward…..what happened to “THIS IS GONNA BE A DOG FIGHT!” what a pile of shit statement that was. Also for the record Diaz bitch slapped Condit in the ring….to me that is ultimate pownage. kinda like when Couture spanked Ortiz. Yeah it proved he was a coward and definitely not deserving of the nickname “Natural born killer”. All the Condit fans know he was scared and not fighting like he normally does….and all you have to say is….look who got the W…….Diaz failed his drug test…..or Diaz is a quitter……or Condit is the new champ. Just shut the fuck up… know why GSP has no interest to fight Condit? Because he knows he will maul him! You know why he wants to fight Diaz? Because he feels Diaz is the better fighter, the bigger challenge. He feels threatened by Diaz and doesn’t even think twice about Condit. I’m pretty sure GSP knows competition better than any of you so called fans… cut the crap!

        • baldy says:

          first off…like said, i was a diaz guy until after this fight. i dont like listening to people bitch and moan and then quit!
          second…you guys have been calling condit a pussy since he won that fight.
          theres far more to any combat sport than just standing there and trading shots, stick and move, bob and weave….theyve been a part of combat sports as long as theres been combat sports, there are ways the counter these actions. diaz and his team just failed to employ them.
          third…gsp wants to fight diaz a. because people have been hyping that fight since diaz was thrashing everyone in the bushleagues. b. because diaz ran his mouth and talked a bunch of shit and got all personal. its just too bad diaz couldnt hold up his end of the deal. also diaz and team are nowhere near smart enough to even come close to beating gsp. they couldnt even make a simple adjustment to counter condits very basic “stick and move” strategy. diaz lost that fight on a couple different levels…accept it, quit bitching, and move the fuck on!!!!!

    • Xaninho says:

      You talk about facts but you’re ignoring the cold numbers saying Condit landed the most damaging powershots and the most strikes overall.

      THOSE are cold hard facts, not some babbling from fans who think dragging your ass around the cage following your opponent without even being able to cut off your opponent is having octagon control.

  7. Run Forrest Run! says:

    lol at Greg Jackson trying to defend what Condit did.
    Everyone knows Condit is a pussy for what he did, Natural Born Runner!


    Greg i think your smokin more weed then both the Diaz boys, Condit NEVER had octagon controll. You train your fighters to run and the Gracies train their fighters to fight, you sir have figured out how to manipulate the clock, this is exactly what Royce said when they started adding rules that fighters will no longer train to fight but instead train to beat the system, sorry but when a man turns his back to run away that is NOT octogon controll and he was very lucky to be saved by the bell, without bells and rounds your camp wouldnt exist!

  9. Uhnomuhlee says:

    Greg is bad for MMA. Octagon control my ass; successfully running away from exchanges is not by any means control. I’m not mad because I saw Nick lose, I’m pissed off because I paid to see a FIGHT between two if the best finishers in the division. This was going to be a phenomenal fight and someone should have won decisively… but leave to Greg Jackson’s stupid philosophy to completely change the nature of a ferocious fighter having earned the natural born killer nockname, and making him look like some damn fencing competitor. How pathetic… I’m sick of seeing these great fighters put their competitive nature aside just to play it safe like an f’ng boxing match in the olympics. That’s not what I wanted to see when I became a fan of MMA. GSP didn’t draw me to the sport… it was guys like BJ, Leben, Shogun, Henderson, Mir, Diaz, Wanderlei, Belfort, Chuck, Hughes, and Anderson. People say that the lay n pray GSP does is different than the garbage Condit pulled, but it’s not. It’s the same with Frankie Edgar… I hate this whole gameplan that revolves around the fact that the other person is better than you, so smother or run away and pick your little weak counters where you can, then run some more. It just blows my mind. Greg doesn’t want these guys taking risks and motivating themselves to better their skillsets. He wants them playing it safe and getting a W. Cry all you want, but the fans make this sport… We are the ones who put money in their pockets, and personally I want a decent FIGHT for my money.

  10. EJ says:

    IMO, the “SPORT” is killing the “FIGHT” in mixed martial arts.

    i would personally like to see a fight with the same rules of course, but it ends when someone is finished, with a 25 Minute cap or it’s a Loss on both records.

    this will eliminate the Point Sparring, the baby punches and baby kicks. It will cause the fighters to always look for the submission, tko, and knockout.

    it’ll take out the lay and pray and take out the game of tag and RUN away.


    First of all mr jackson i think your smokin more weed then both of the Diaz boys, i am not a huge Nick fan but when a man turns his back to run away this is NOT octogon control. The biggest difference between your camp and the Gracie camp is you teach your fighters how to manipulate the system and the gracies teach their fighters how to fight. Royce was spot on when he said once you add rules people will no longer train to fight instead they will train to beat the system in which you sir have done, lucky for your camp that they have rounds and time limits cause this was definatly not a fight between two men it was 1 man and one lady trying to run away, every man that has ever been in a fight could see and smell the fear all over condit as he tried to get away, your “runaway system” is great for the ladys in real life:)

  12. jonsey says:

    condit landed all soft shots,..nothing he landed was dangerous or hard,,he only out struck nik cuz the soft leg kiks that nik allowed to hit him,,,so i guess anyone can win points now by controling a fight if they run away and make there oponent chase them …cuz if you are running away your forcing your opponent to fight you game plan and attack you an move forward…fukin bs,,,what happens if nick ran away also..if nik was a coward and used the same game plan?? answer is same anderson vs maia..dana would freak out..i have always wanted to see somoen start backing up and runnig away when they are having trouble running after somoen to show judges what would happen…greg jackson is mr game plan to never win a figt by beating somone cuz he is not a fighter,,,he is just a good talker,,,he has no skill for fighting in mma…fuk jackson..i was fan of condit now i have no respect

  13. tim says:

    bottomline is … Condit played a poker game.. He bluffed that it would be a dog fight..

    • baldy says:

      @tim…you are correct. these guys are blinded by their love for diaz. condit wont fight the way diaz wanted him to so he a pussy. your basically trying to speak logic to a bunch of high school kids who think the ufc is supposed to be a backyard fight. they have no idea whatsoever what mma really is.
      if ya want two hood rat, wannabe thugs slugging it out on the pavement…go to youtube. mma has evovled far past that bullshit. you might also enjoy ufc 1 through 10. look for the doosh wearin 1 boxing glove….he gets ktfo…its great.

  14. bambam says:

    1,2 ,3,and in trouble n the end of the 5 th the judge said daiz won the 3rd round on the scorecard forest run, natural born runner, and cantdoit

  15. Pat says:

    As much as I dislike Greg Jacksons strategy you have to remember this is a business and winning is what’s most important. If Condit goes out there as goes toe to toe with Diaz and gets knocked out he does not get the belt, does not get a match with GSP, and does not get a bigger pay day with a cut of the pay per view money. What did the Condit v Diaz pay per view do 400,000 buys. The GSP fight might double that. You can’t blame a guy for doing whatever he has to so he gets the win.

  16. Nick says:

    I lost respect for Carlos. That was not him fighting out there. I was a fan of both guys. But what I could see was that Diaz won rounds 1, 2 and 5.

  17. mma is my religion. says:

    Nice try Greg, but shut the fuck already your getting air time then your fighters.

  18. freedaweed says:


    • Xaninho says:

      What’s so hard to understand? Condit dictated the pace and place of the fight. He knew Diaz likes to walk down opponents until their backs are against the cage and then throw 200 half-assed pitter patter jabs and straight rights. He wanted none of that so he moved away and made Diaz follow him back to the center of the cage where he delivered more strikes and the most powerstrikes.

  19. mma is my religion. says:

    He is always trying to make excuses for shit he does, like when he said go get some fans and now this.

  20. Dick Diaz says:

    with Greg Jackson all the way with this fight.

  21. JB says:

    Condit has a decent chin. He took some nasty shots from ellenberger when they fought. He probably could have stood in the pocket and traded with diaz, but he chose to follow the gameplan jackson helped him develop because he thought that was his best chance of winning. Is he just supposed to do what Diaz wants to make him and his fans happy? Theres a reason Diaz talks in the ring. He wants the other dude to get emotional and trade.

    MMA is a rules based system of fighting. It’s not who would win in a no holds bared bare knuckle brawl.

  22. mma is my religion. says:

    Condit should have been truthful before the fight and not try to act like a badass saying it was going to be a dog fight. Everyone bought the ppv believing condit’s bitch ass.

  23. MMA Fan says:

    people are not mad at having a game plan its the type of plan. a plan to win on points wont and will never get respect

  24. slacker says:

    Octagon control, however you see it, really doesn’t matter all that much. Scoring is weighted most heavily for strikes. For those who say there would have been no fight if it were not for Nick, consider this: In round 2 alone against Penn – 1 single round – Diaz had 127 total strikes; in 5 total rounds – the entire fight – against Condit, Diaz had 117 total strikes. Where did most of those strikes take place in round 2 against Penn? The fence! For Condit vs. Diaz, Jackson came up with a gameplan that kept Nick away from his key area of strength – backing up his opponent against the fence. Condit executed it almost to perfection and as a result, Condit won.

  25. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    Condit rana way like a pussy for 5 rounds. Diaz clearly won the fight

  26. uncle chael says:

    I understand to the average fan, two guys who go blow for blow is a more entertaining fight than a technical fighter would picks his shots and counter punches. With that said, if you look at the fight stats you will see that Condit did land more hits than Diaz. Meaning, he did more damage to Diaz in hence having more control of the fight. I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a fighter who landed LESS hits and had control of the fight. If you ever seen Muhammad Ali fight, you will notice that he was very good punching his opponents while going backwards. What I am trying to say is that you don’t have to be constantly moving forward to be an entertaining fighter. Just because Diaz likes to push his opponents to the fence and unload on them does not mean he should win every fight. I admit he is a very talented and entertaining fighter, but in this occasion, Condit won.

  27. Jader says:

    If you don’t finish it isn’t a real win, who would win in a fight to the death? that’s what I want to know not who can be better for 25 mins.

  28. Jader says:

    Ufc needs to make the cage smaller.

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