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Thursday, 02/16/2012, 03:10 pm

Greg Jackson Doesn't Believe Last Night's Loss Hurt Diego Sanchez At All (Video)

“We were trying to get that fire back in Diego. Get him to really push forward, get him to fake and feint, mess with his timing so we could get our entrances well and do what he did in the third round. [Sanchez] is really just getting started in his MMA career, Ellenberger is one of the top, top 170-pounders, so losing a close decision, it was two rounds to one, close decision like this, especially if we had two more rounds to work, I really don’t think it hurts his career at all. He won a lot of fans with his intensity and he’ll continue to do great things.”

UFC on FUEL TV took place tonight in Omaha, Nebraska from the Omaha Civic Auditorium. A welterweight clash between Jake Ellenberger and Diego Sanchezis set for the evening’s main event.

It took all three-rounds for Ellenberger to secure victory tonight, but it wasn’t without its complications. After a pretty one-sided first two rounds Diego Sanchez was able to hurt Ellenberger in the third and eventually take the back of his opponent where he pretty much ended the fight delivering punch after punch after punch. In the end though, the judges scored it three rounds to two for Ellenberger.

You can check out our full play-by-play HERE for a more detailed breakdown.(continue to next page for image gallery)

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18 Responses to “Greg Jackson Doesn't Believe Last Night's Loss Hurt Diego Sanchez At All (Video)”

  1. shaundi says:

    Diego Sanchez was more impressive in defeat than Ellenberger in victory. They really blew it with the fight being just 3 rounds. This should have been the fight to put on FOX instead of that 5 round sleep medicine that was Evans & Davis.

    On a sidenote, did anyone think that the Omaha crowd were some real disrespectful assholes? The guy gave you guys a great fight and wanted ten seconds for people to listen to what he had to say and they just boo’ed everything he said…and this is coming from a guy who wanted Ellenberger to win…

  2. Robert krafl says:

    Sanchez more impressive than ellenberger how does that even work sanchez looked good but you cant look better than someone who beat you two out of three rounds and Jake dropped sanchez and took him down with some good ground and pound you just sound stupid and i was there and i didnt boo but no one likes to hear someone make excuses so i understand it. come on man dont comment if your not gonna say something smart

    • John Blaze says:

      you blow cock for a living right?

    • jonsey says:

      hmmmm i agree with what your saying,,,but you can look better then someone who beat you ..look at the diaz condit fight…diaz looked way better…landed harder shots an looked the better fighter,,,but .condit won..but fuk jackson,..craig aint a fighter,,he knows nothing about martial arts ,he is master of none really…i cant stand him or what he does to fighters…jon jones an sanchez are the only fighters he has not ruined with his shit style game plannin,,he ruined evans many more i cant rewmember to mention…craig jackson is the worst thing for the sport,,,he knows how to cheat the scoring to work to his cheap gamne plan…the fukin jedges need remembr it about octagone control..aggressine..not about taking the guy down or running away and countter shots all night,,,,jackson is just a fighter requiter he finds talent and brings them to his gym..i real trainer is cesar gracie who trains from the start and guys grow woth him

    • guamy says:

      Diaz looked better than Condit imo. lol didnt mean to start this up again but what evers.

  3. Rgarcia says:

    Robert krfl your a complete Moron.

  4. Shanghai Bob says:

    No one else noticed “In the end though, the judges scored it three rounds to two for Ellenberger.” This guy obviously can’t count to 3 because there were only 3 rounds, not 5.

  5. Nick says:

    This was probably one of the better Diego Sanchez’s I’ve seen. He looked great in the 3rd. I thought all main events were supposed to be 5 rounds. What happened to that?

  6. another joker says:

    Diego is getting good training I’m sure, but he just lost his relevance.

  7. slacker says:

    IMO, Diego made the mistake of trying to stand with Ellenberger for 2 rounds. Had he worked a take – down in each round of those rounds, it may have been a much closer 3 round fight. On the other hand, he is a very smart instinctual fighter. Right at the moments when Jake was thinking about what he was going to do next thre in the 3rd, Diego caught him with a punch a couple times, closed the distance and made it a war.

  8. Diazgotrobbed4to1 says:

    Diego is average not impressed by Ellenberger at all. I say give him Koscheck or D

  9. Natural says:

    U can’t have a Career getting punched in the head

  10. furr for ring girl$$$$ says:

    I thought Dana said all main events were 5 rounds ????? I wonder if it was because it wasn’t a ppv? Any answers. Pedro also liked the site better when you could see the comments on the right side of screen?

    • slacker says:

      I agree. It’s way better seeing the comments posted as they occur on the right side. More relevant to most recent thoughts and more efficient for getting to that blog. I find myself posting less for example, as a result.

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