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Thursday, 09/27/2012, 10:47 am

Greg Jackson Confirms That Jon Jones Elbow Is Merely Strained | UFC NEWS

“It’s a personal choice, and when there’s a lot on the line, like a world title, I think that’s what you have to do. You have to kind of have that mentality where you’re not going to get stopped. As you’re coming up [the ranks], it’s a personal choice for the fighter, but it’s not nearly as important. When you’ve got your world title on the line, it becomes pretty important. It’s a good mentality to have. I was very proud of him for just saying, you know what, I’m going to gut through it and get through it. I thought it was kind of inspirational… It didn’t dislocate or anything. I’m sure it’s just strained, and maybe a bursa sac or two went out, but I don’t think it’s going to be anything major… We had trained for the armbars. Vitor’s really, really good at it and was able to lock it on before Jon could really get his counter in. It was incredibly quick, and that’s a testament to Vitor’s skill. We had watched him and trained for it, but he was fast. He caught Jon, and Jon was able to work out of it, but yeah, it was very impressive that we were ready for it and [Belfort] still got it.”

Famed MMA coach, Greg Jackson told the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show that his star pupil Jon Jones likely just received a strain in his arm and not nerve damage as previously thought.

In the main event of last weekend’s UFC 152 event, Vitor Belfort nearly ripped Jon Jones arm off in the first round of action, but JOnes battled back to win the fight via a submission of his own in the fourth frame.


9 Responses to “Greg Jackson Confirms That Jon Jones Elbow Is Merely Strained | UFC NEWS”

  1. Jackson Winklejohn MMA is Awesome says:

    no comment to make at this time. stand by.

  2. GET RID OF GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Bullshit jones will hide his injury…

  3. AcrazyDoode says:

    I really think Vitor’s ribs were hurt prior to the fight because he fought very similar to the way Anderson Silva did against Chael Sonnen the first time. You could tell something was wrong the way he dropped like a sac of potatoes when John Jones caught him with the side kick to the abdomen and how quickly he pulled gaurd. I mean he only threw like one flurry that caught Jones The whole fight. He really did like hurt watching the fight a second and third time.

  4. Dee says:

    No excuses made, but Vitor didn’t look a 100%. He looked noticably smaller than Jones (weight wise) and he didn’t look to press the action. He also went for arm bars the entire night, except at the end of one of the rounds where he almost landed a triangle. Also what people fail to realize is that sweat prevented Jones from being armbarred again. At the beginning of the match is the perfect time to go for subs because the grips are better. If you watch the fight again, Jones started to sweat profusely after the armbar scare. It’s also when VITOR had a difficult time getting anything on Jones. He just kept slipping out. I’m not making any excuses just watch the fight again and you’ll see what I’m saying.

    p.s. Jones is a terrific athlete.

  5. life is meh says:

    He looks creepy as shitt in that picture

  6. Bromans says:

    When Gustafsson hurt JBJ you nuthugers gona cry

  7. Fakeass says:

    jones is so dramatic! thats the first time i seen someone come out after the fight in a sling. who does dat??? he’s an actor!!

  8. ASDF says:

    Bull shit. Anything that comes out of that ‘bull shit’ face is bull shit. I can’t believe he THINKS people find him trusting, and honest, and not sneaky. Him making statements on issues like this underlines his inability to assess how the world see him. The list can go on and on. Jon jones go get some fans, lyoto declining on a few weeks notice to justify jbj’s 3 month camp, blah blah blah- BS. Fuck i can’t stand this guy.

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