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Wednesday, 12/05/2012, 01:41 pm

Greg Jackson Confirms GSP Camp Has Eyes on Hendricks | UFC News

GSP and the camp have their sights set on 170-pounder Johny Hendricks.  This is what Greg Jackson said on this week’s edition of Inside MMA on AXS TV despite Dana White & MMA fans’ high hopes of an Anderson Silva super fight.

“I don’t know [who GSP will fight next], there’s certainly some really tough guys out there.

I’ll tell you who we got our eye on is Hendricks.  The guy’s got a big bomb, he’s good wrestling and I think he’s going to pose a lot of problems, so we’ve really got to keep our eye on him.

I honestly don’t know [if GSP will fight Silva next].   I’ll be there to help, myself and all the rest of the coaches who help George will be there to help if that happens, but I’m not sure it’s all up to GSP and what he decides.”  Greg Jackson


12 Responses to “Greg Jackson Confirms GSP Camp Has Eyes on Hendricks | UFC News”

  1. Zo says:

    if he doesn’t wanna fight Silva and wanted to stay on 170 atleast fight Nick Diaz. Hendricks is overrated.

    • bahaha says:

      yea what an overrated fighter, fuckin knockin people out and shit, the nerve of that guy posing as a threat to the throne, what a fuckin overachiever for doing that.. man Zo you sound fuckin dumb

    • hahahaha says:

      ohhh yeaa hendricks is overrated. he’s only like koed two top contenders with one straight punch.. i bet you think junior dos santos is overrated too u man humper. bet u like that sweaty humpin f**got ass s**t instead of ko power.

    • GET RID OF GET RID OF FITCH (forever) (forever) says:

      i’m a fan of nick diaz but he had his chance…next fight should be GSP vs Hendrix because that fight where he KO’d the kampmann was a #1 contender’s match for the winner of that GSP-Condit bout

  2. Lucas says:

    Hendricks is a beast.

  3. lv says:

    Fitch-one punch
    Koscheck-split, not his best performance but a win anyways

    Name somebody that has done that in the ww division lately. Nick diaz is a better storyline fight and a great fighter but until he beats somebody of substance and not just hype off of his past accomplishments, Hendricks is the most logical contender.

  4. Shane Mead (@Shaneoo88) says:

    Stop the games, just say you don’t think you can beat Silva and choose to fight Hendricks instead

  5. Broman says:

    I think this is what will bring Rory Mac to the title. Hendricks can knock out GSP, not saying he will though. I can see Hendricks vs Rory for the title in the middle or end of 2013.


    MY GOD will the Nick Diaz nut suckers ever give up? The guy is a cry baby classless douche. Pretty much like all the people who keep defending him and his punk ass antics. He could learn a lot from his younger brother on how to be a complete fighter, professionally and otherwise.

  7. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    That will also be a good fight. Hendricks does deserve a chance, but it’s still a shame the superfight won’t happen.

  8. sportesisvesahalari says:

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