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Wednesday, 12/05/2012, 01:41 pm

Greg Jackson Confirms GSP Camp Has Eyes on Hendricks | UFC News

GSP and the camp have their sights set on 170-pounder Johny Hendricks.  This is what Greg Jackson said on this week’s edition of Inside MMA on AXS TV despite Dana White & MMA fans’ high hopes of an Anderson Silva super fight.

“I don’t know [who GSP will fight next], there’s certainly some really tough guys out there.

I’ll tell you who we got our eye on is Hendricks.  The guy’s got a big bomb, he’s good wrestling and I think he’s going to pose a lot of problems, so we’ve really got to keep our eye on him.

I honestly don’t know [if GSP will fight Silva next].   I’ll be there to help, myself and all the rest of the coaches who help George will be there to help if that happens, but I’m not sure it’s all up to GSP and what he decides.”  Greg Jackson


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