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Tuesday, 06/05/2012, 07:40 am

Greg Jackson Comes Out In Support Of Jon Jones | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Greg Jackson comments while on HDNet’s InsideMMA.

Jackson comments on Jon Jones arrest under suspicion of DWI which he later pleaded guilty for accepting a plea bargain.

“He’s trying to do the right thing here,”

“As long as you make a mistake and learn from it, I hope people give him a lot of latitude because we all make mistakes,”

“And as long as he takes those positive steps and trying to do the right thing, I think we should all respect that and try and support him.”

Jones will be back in court for sentencing on June 19, and must complete an alcohol abuse and dependency assessment prior to sentencing. His drivers licence in New York was also immediately suspended.


21 Responses to “Greg Jackson Comes Out In Support Of Jon Jones | UFC News”

  1. Z-GrimV says:

    Give him latitude? F*ck off. Driving while drunk is down right f*cking stupid and kills so many innocent people…yeah people will say “He never killed anyone so no harm, no foul” Jon Jones can eat a big fat d*ck and so can Greg Jackson.

  2. danielrchargers says:

    i did not read the Article, i do not need do, all i have to say is…. OF COURSE GREG DOES.

  3. Gamblore says:

    “hey Jon, go get yourself some fans” gj

  4. Nick says:

    I’m not cutting him any slack for this. What he did is down right stupid. Kids look up to the guy and he goes out and pulls stupid shit like that. I don’t have respect for him anymore. He needs to be kept on a very tight leash for the next year or two.

  5. Clay says:

    You already know a black man had to show the Bentley off to the hoes! Hell come back tho. He needs to talk with his fighting

  6. Jp says:

    Jon Jones: hey Greg you wouldnt.. maybe .. be able toooo….. take me to my fight on saturday would you?

  7. Josh cassai says:

    You people act like you never drunk drove. You never just got caught. He made a mistake. Easy to kick a guy when he is down. Love people who talk shit on the Internet. You would never have the balls to say it to his face. For all you people say he is a role model. Athletes are not role models. So get a life.

    • Tricky says:

      So it is OK for everyone else *if they don’t get caught*? What crazy logic is this?

      Let’s look at this from a different angle. Say you’re right; everyone has at some point had a drink and then driven their motor vehicle. Ok, I don’t think you are right but let’s go along with that. So, all these people who drink-drive, they’ve had a couple of drinks, maybe not impaired their abilities too much, got home safe and ‘no harm done’ … What did Bones ‘ Tequila’ Jones do? He is drunk enough to crash his car into a tree! If there is drink driving, and then totally-wankered drink driving, which of the two did Jones do? The latter of course. He needs banning from driving for a few year IMO. He didn’t just drink and drive. He got totally wasted – and **then** drove. I.D.I.O.T. This was very bad judgement.

    • Freddy R says:

      Actually I have never drank and drove. When I go out to drink I either have a sibiling or my girl come pick me up or in extreme points my dad.

      Please, Tebow said it best that if you’re in the spotlight you’re going to idolized by someone and be their rolemodel but you’re just a bad role model if you’re doing something like drinking and driving.

  8. Ray Ray says:

    Shit! Jones’s license has been suspended…Holla atcha boi if you need a driver homie. Once you get a new Bentley or a Benz I’ll drive your ass around in them mutherfuckas. I’ll do the job for cheap too

  9. Yarp says:

    What a shocking turn of events. Maybe Dana will also back his new cash cow like Greg did. This is pretty much a non story. Had Greg dropped Jon from the team because of this that would have been news.

  10. Kjtrlt says:

    Hard to defend, just due to the how easy such a situation is to avoid. Take a frigging limo home if you want to show off for the ladies. Come on man! Thank goodness no one was hurt. Yes, everyone makes mistakes, but this is an easy mistake to get away from if you want to. Mindless.

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