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Wednesday, 05/01/2013, 09:19 am

Greg Jackson Breaks Down The Psychological Effect Of Beating People At Their Own Game

“You always have to remember one of the dictums of our strategy is you don’t necessarily stay away from a guy’s strength. If you feel you can do better at it, you can head on attack it. If you take away what your opponent is good at, if that is no longer an option and your opponent hasn’t layered their game plan so there’s no real plan B, where do you go psychologically?

It’s always a good idea if you know your guy can outdo the other guy at their strength to charge right at that strength and basically just break them mentally. You want to make sure you’ve taken away their safety zone [and] you’ve taken away what they’re supposed to do. That can have a very, very powerful psychological effect on people.”

Famed MMA strategist, Greg Jackson, breaks down the strategy Jon Jones employed against Chael Sonnen last weekend in the UFC 159 main event against Chael Sonnen.

Jones went out, and beat Sonnen in his own game to quickly stop the fight in the first round of action.

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7 Responses to “Greg Jackson Breaks Down The Psychological Effect Of Beating People At Their Own Game”

  1. Fallon Fox says:

    So if I held Gregg down and blew him he’d fall apart mentally.

  2. K2 says:

    Bwahahahahaaaa! +1

  3. gvd says:

    If Jones tries to beat Silva at his own game (lest this fight happen), he’s going to get his face rearranged.

  4. Haters are retarded says:

    Jackson isn’t saying you take the same approach for every fckn fight, you morons. You think the fighters themselves are coming up with the game plans on their own???? Jones didn’t come up with that plan, no doubt. That plan was so effective, that it sent Chael spiraling into self doubt. Chael said himself that he didn’t expect it. Neither did anyone outside of Jackson/Winkeljohn gym too. Jackson fighters will never win all their fights and it is moronic to think they should. But when so many of your fighters are successful, it would be okay to pat yourself on the back. But Jackson doesn’t even do that! Jackson works magic, but doesn’t work miracles (i.e. Garcia, Mir). But the dude knows MMA like no other.

    • gvd says:

      Your first sentence is relevant, but everything after that goes on some weird tangent where I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

      My point is Jones cannot do the same thing with Anderson, because he will get sucked into a striking battle, and Anderson is a freaking jedi on his feet (for MMA standards).

    • gvd says:

      Oh my apologies, I see you were responding to the first comment as well, lol. I agree with you though, he is a master MMA trainer and coach. I think people don’t like him though because he trains fighters to win, not to win spectacularly or please the fans. Nothing wrong with this, since this is their profession, but it sure gives us some boring 5 round lay and prays.

  5. Shameful says:

    I hate that approach and how common it is in high level MMA fighting. The Jon Jones example isn’t a great one because Sonnen had so little business being in that ring with him there aren’t a lot of game plans that wouldn’t have worked. When a fighter deliberately matches his weakness against his opponent’s strength in an effort to prove a point, they’re being puerile and unprofessional. It robs the fans of the best possible fights and it’s one of the ways a superior fighter can lose to an inferior one. With 4 ounce gloves and the tiny room for error submission artists leave, there are too many ways to lose an mma fight against a guy you’d beat 4 times out of 5 without adding your own ego to the list.

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