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Friday, 09/30/2011, 05:49 am

Gray Maynard: I'm Angry, Edgar Will Be Hurt On October 8

“I beat Edgar when we fought in 2008 as contenders on the way up, and I beat him even worse on New Year’s Day for the belt, only for the judges to give it a draw. I’ve beat him twice and I still have to prove something against this guy?”

“I still don’t like talking crap about other fighters and competitors and I’m not going to do my worst Muhammad Ali impression to get a spotlight on myself. But, yes, it is frustrating I don’t get the credit I feel I have earned.”

“I knocked him down three times in the opening round, a lot of referees would have stopped it there and then, but he’s a tough guy and he hung in there. I made a couple mistakes in trying to finish him off too much and not being careful not to burn out, but I feel I won three rounds to two, plus I won the first round BIG and it should have been scored 10-7. Edgar knows that after two attempts, he’s come nowhere near close to beating me. He also knows I have the power to knock him out. Edgar will be better than ever for this fight, but so will I and my best beats his best every time.”

“I am going into this fight angry. Not angry at Edgar. Nothing personal with him, other than I need to beat him worse than ever to make sure everyone understands I am the best fighter at 155 pounds. Next Saturday, he will be in pain. He will be hurt come October 8th.”

Gray Maynard takes to his personal blog over at with just a little over a week until he gets to settle the score against UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar.

Will his anger and desire be enough to best the champ or will he fail to capture UFC gold once again?


51 Responses to “Gray Maynard: I'm Angry, Edgar Will Be Hurt On October 8”

  1. Ninjaman says:

    Mama! Help!

    From your Son,

    Frankie Edgar

  2. MZ says:

    Maynard’s out for blood. I personally thought he won the 2nd fight as well. It was real close but I gotta agree with him. As for Frankie, I admire his heart and relentlessness and he had a hell of a comeback in that 2nd bout, but Gray might be a bit too much for him the third time around. You can never count out a champion though. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Lay Praynard says:

      i think Gray is such a joke, i remember after BJ put a hurtin on Diego, he was basically dodging the fight with B. After Frankie “beat” BJ, in Dubai, he starts asking for a title shot. i think the LW title will be passed around for awhile, without anyone really having a long reign. im not sure who i want to win here because i don’t like either guy. i guess i would hope for gray to win so BJ can reclaim the LW throne at some point

  3. Logan says:

    Maynard is nothing but a freaking blanket. He just lays on top of people throughout the fight. Maynard is just a mini version of Fitch. I hope that Edgar wins the next fight…and they never score rounds 10-7…

  4. Daniel R says:

    he dam near got killed in the first round of the last fight – Maynards got this one (he should cheer the fuck up a bit though!)

  5. Jmad says:

    I don’t really like either one but I think Maynard will finish him this time. I respect them as fighters but I’m tired of seeing Frankie bounce around people for 5 rounds. He’s good at what he does though, I’ll admit that.

  6. effyocouch says:

    Can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a round scored 10-7.

  7. T.DADDY says:


  8. Mo says:

    I hope Gray wins just because I’m tired of Frankie jumping around the ring like he’s a fist pumping guido hopped up on speed and crack. And when Gray wins I hope he gets destroyed by somebody like Pettis or Bendo or BJ Penn.

  9. steven horgan says:

    i think the win over bj went to edgars head so he came in too close to maynard and got hit and hurt, i think edgar might win because he wont make that mistake again ..he will be in and out fast staying on the outside, hittin with those little punches and safely countering with a take down for 5 rounds gauranteed

  10. Jase says:

    yeah i think frankie is 1 lucky guy. yes maynard beat him the first time, now on the second fight. its my understanding that if a TITLE FIGHT goes the distance,normally THE CHALLENGER has to BEAT the TITLE HOLDER in a CONVINCING FASHION.,…. now with that being said, judging by the standards based off of the FRANKIE EDGAR VS BJ PENN 1. IF THE MANNER IN WHICH FRANKIE EDGAR BEAT BJ were considered CONVINCING. THEN BY THAT STANDARDS ,MAYNARD SHOULD HAVE THE BELT. CONSIDERING MAYNARD GAVE EDGAR WAY MORE OF A BEATING THAN EDGAR DID TO BJ FOR THE WIN. . I THINK BJ PENN VS FRANKIE EDGAR 1 SHOULD’VE BEEN A DRAW. MAYNARD vs EDGAR 2 SHOULD’VE GONE TO MAYNARD . who knows what the fuck these judges are looking @ & if these judges have any real world mma expeirence. i think DANA WHITE should hold a mma clinic for these judges. so they can have an opportunity to see how hard it is PERSONALLY

  11. Dude... says:

    …as much as I don’t care for Edgar and after watching the fight several times, I actually thought Maynard should’ve lost the fight. Regardless if the first round was 10-8 or 10-7, I thought Edgar won every round after that. I’ll be surprised if Edgar lets the same thing happen again. And if Maynard feels he has the power to knock Edgar out, why couldn’t he do it in that first round when Edgar didn’t know which way was up?

    Mayanrd better have improved sinc Jan 01 because I think Smooth can literally beat his ass. Mayard is expecting to outmuscle Edgar, but Henderson is stronger than Maynard who is more than just a striker like Maynard. Can’t wait for his fight with Guida…

  12. aaxantonio says:

    grey was being generous scoring that round a 10-7 i would of scored it 10-3 and thats even generous, i felt bad and gave frankie a point for every punch he landed in that first round. All the mma rankings need to change grey is the best 155 fighter in the world, #2 depending on what BJ weighs

  13. Ninjaman says:

    Gray did knock him out but unfortunetly knocked him in again several times in that first round.

  14. John says:

    I see this going two ways:
    1: Gray knocks Frankie’s head right off his shoulders
    2: This is another 5 round war with Gray getting the Win

    Gray says their last fight was a 3:2, it was so close I can only hope this time one of the fighters get the distinguished lead

  15. Cody Schumacher says:

    He really did win that fight i was pissed cause if Maynard lay and prays Frankie dance stalls like Cruz I really hope he wins i cannot stand Edgar

  16. rickjbetch says:

    Hey morons! If you idiots think maynard won that 2nd fight against frankie, stop watching mma you retards.

  17. Mike says:

    Don’t leave it up to the judges then.

  18. Joe says:

    maynard aint knockin NOBODY out haha, im puttin my money on frankie.

  19. Brandon says:

    I have a feeling that this fight is going to be BORING as hell.

  20. Fortyb4five says:

    The lil man gonna work your ass.

  21. zj says:

    Can we just flip a coin , pick a winner and move on…i dont want to see these two fight anymore, lay and pray v.s hit and run… Maynard should do all grappling tournys and Edgar should go box.

  22. jason N says:

    Funny how everyone knows he won’t get a finish.

  23. jc1 says:

    bottom line: he couldn’t finish off lil frankie (that was the worst beating i’ve ever seen without the fight being stopped). 10-8 advantage and still couldn’t even get the w. that whole 1st round whuppin started with the left hook… if frankie avoids that, he’d have won the fight. i get that both guys want the rematch to prove a point, just not sure gray deserves it. frankie gets the decision via the sparrow boxing only joe rogan can appreciate.

    • DayWalker says:

      Lead hook is always dangerous when thrown from someone who can strike. Frankie is allot smaller than most lw but i don’t get how people hate on him all the time. He comes to fight and has no quit. He’s beaten bj penn twice. And yeah he doesn’t finish allot of guys, but how many fighters can beat bj? Frankie is 40 lbs lighter than Maynard, and Maynard has skills. I was never a big Frankie fan but gain respect for him every time he fights. He’s there to win not to “finish” and give a great knock out to the fans. Most Frankie haters have probably never fought, trained, or even sparred. Frankie’s boxing is technical and it works. That said nobody beats gray except gray. He gassed himself out the 1st fight. The question is who has improved the most out of the two since their last fight

      • Au Contraire... says:

        I’m just glad that I don’t have to fight, train, or even spar to state my opinion. That’s the great thing about our country…and the internet. And because this is, I must correct you: Edgar beat BJ once. If you actually think Edgar beat BJ in Abu Dhabi, you just plain crazy…Stats don’t lie, but judges do. This is not hate towards Fe, just opinion.

        I think that Edgar will win this time around. I actually thought he won in January. My score was 48-46, Edgar. 10-8 first round. Even if I gave Maynard a 10-7 1st round, I still think he lost. But I digress…

        Should be another good fight…

  24. DBKlein69 says:

    i think cowboy cerrone would whoop both their assses

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