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Tuesday, 11/19/2013, 09:15 am

Going Mental – Georges St-Pierre, Dana White, And The Ugly Side Of MMA

Georges St-Pierre not only wins, but usually does so without even losing a single round.

When you have a champion as dominant as that – a champion that always seems to find the tiniest hole in his opponents game and turns that hole into a gaping abyss – its shocking to see them in a war. It’s shocking to see them losing rounds. It’s shocking to see them struggle to find a way to dominate their opponent, when it usually seems so effortless.

And it’s shocking enough to cause us to see a close decision as a landslide defeat.

It happened before with Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson, and it was happening again with Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks. But –  just like the Jon Jones fight – when you look at the UFC 167 main event in a round-by-round situation, things become a little clearer.

On all 3 scorecards, the judges gave rounds 2 and 4 to Hendricks. They also gave rounds 3 and 5 to GSP. And these scores are VERY easy to corroborate: Round 2 saw Hendricks out-land GSP, wobbling the champ and putting him in serious danger. Round 4 also saw Hendricks out-score the champ in the striking department, while bloodying him up with some effective ground and pound. In round 3, GSP more than doubled the challengers striking output (31 to 15 in significant strikes), and when “Bigg Rigg” managed to take GSP to the mat, the champ got back up quickly, without absorbing a single power shot. And in round 5? The striking was almost even (13 to 15), but GSP would take the round by scoring two takedowns and finding success in the clinch, closing the round out with a fairly threatening kimura attempt.

So, Hendricks clearly won two rounds, and GSP clearly won two rounds. Even if Hendricks won 2 and 4 in more convincing fashion, GSP still won 3 and 5. People seem to think that if Hendricks won his rounds more dramatically, that means he should win the fight. But that’s not how it goes, guys.

This supposed “landslide defeat” came down to a single round: the first round. And it was closer than you probably thought.

In round one, GSP landed one more significant strike than Hendricks. Hendricks however landed one more strike overall. Both fighters scored a takedown. GSP had a guillotine attempt recorded, while Hendricks landed a stinging uppercut and some heavy elbows against the cage.

Did Hendricks do enough to edge out the champ? It’s entirely possible. Did GSP do enough to deserve the nod? Maybe so.

But no matter what you believe, it was in fact a very close fight. A great fight. An entertaining fight, where the champ put everything on the line. He was hurt, he was rocked, he was bloody and he was fighting his heart out. He found himself in a fight with a man who has cinderblocks for fists, and – in what was sure to be a horrifying realization for GSP – he could not get this man to the mat. GSP had to stand. He had to trade with him, risking a knock out at any fraction of a second. A risk that GSP barely avoided, which was evident by the cuts, bruises and bumps all over his face. And at the end of the night, GSP had apparently done enough to get the nod; he was a severely injured champion, but a champion none the less.

But now, in the aftermath of George’s greatest test to date, it seems that some of his worst injuries, well… they aren’t so easy to see.

St-Pierre first showed signs of the mental damage he had sustained while in his corner, preparing to step back into battle against the hardest-hitting man in his division. It was a quick question. A simple question. And a telling question:

“What round is it?”

After the fight, GSP struggled to put his words together during his in-cage interview, even apologizing to announcer Joe Rogan at one point. He made mention to incipient brain damage, admitting to having lost time in the cage that night… and although he looked like he had something very important to tell everyone, he thought better of it; perhaps realizing that he might not be in the best state of mind to be making career choices.

But Joe Rogan wasn’t having any of that.

Joe had to know what GSP was about to say. So he prodded him, and the concussed champion let it out: he was going to take some time off. He had some personal matters to attend to, and he needed some time to sort things out.

To say that UFC President Dana White took this news poorly would be the understatement of the year.

White was clearly in the Hendricks camp. He felt Hendricks not only beat GSP, but did so in an overwhelmingly convincing fashion, leaving zero doubt in Dana’s head (or any other sane person’s head, as far as he was concerned) that Hendricks had the championship belt stolen out from under him. And he was going to let us all know exactly how he felt, directly after the fight.

It would be nice if I could say that Dana took GSP’s obvious personal, mental, physical and emotional struggles into consideration before opening his mouth. It would be nice if I could report to you that Dana seemed to be concerned about St-Pierre’s well-being, first and foremost. But – like most times that Dana needs to get something off of his chest – taking other people into consideration is not a prerequisite of his. No, Dana began to spew his apathetic vitriol the moment he could get a mic in front of his face, demanding that his injured and mentally broken champ – the biggest draw that the UFC has on its roster, mind you – gets back in that cage and gives Hendricks “what he owes him”. In fact, Dana told GSP that he not only owes Hendricks, but he owes the fans, the belt and the company… making it seem like the champ had just pulled off a multi-million dollar heist, and had a getaway driver ready to peel off the moment he came running out of the cage.

Imagine that. After giving us every ounce of himself, after making this company millions upon millions of dollars, after fighting every top 5 contender the fans wanted to watch him fight, and after being one of the greatest ambassadors to this sport while devoting his entire life to this company, Dana apparently feels that GSP still “owes us”.

Well, after sitting down with the concussed St-Pierre, it seems that Dana will be getting what he wants: GSP is probably coming back to the cage in short order, whether or not it’s the healthy thing for him to do. You see, Dana seems to feel that St-Pierre’s personal issues – issues that apparently include a terminally ill father and a possible unplanned pregnancy – well, “His problems aren’t as bad as he thinks they are,” White told the press after his brief chat with the champ. “They’re personal problems…it might seem like the end of the world but it’s not.” Dana was seemingly moving directly past apathy, acting almost sociopathic in his emotional disconnection to the champ’s personal issues.

To any sane person, it’s easy to see that GSP should not be within 10 miles of a cage in his present mental condition – at least not until he sorts out his issues. The last place on earth that a person should be, when suffering with issues that might cost him even the most microscopic amount of focus, is inside of a cage fighting another man. But that’s the first place Dana wants to put him. Sure, he might be emotionally unprepared, which could have truly disastrous consequences for his psyche if he were to lose the rematch, culminating in a complete mental breakdown right before our very eyes… but Dana doesn’t care about any of that. You see, GSP owes it to us to get back in that cage and fight. No matter where he’s at, mentally. No matter what he’s going through. He’s gotta get back in there for us. For the fans. For the belt. For the company. For Hendricks.

He owes us.




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  1. Peter says:

    I agree, Dana acted extremely unproffessional to say the least. GSP has given everything he has to the UFC over and over and this is the thanks he gets? He doesn’t owe anyone anything, including Hendricks. If Hendricks truely deserved the belt, he would have earned it no questions asked by way of KO, Sub or unanimously. Bring on Lawler.

    • UFC 84 Forever says:

      So true this is a great article. Really surprising to see such empathy and sympathy for GSP on they usually try to smear him. Bring on Lawler is right!

    • T.Daddy says:

      Bring on Lawler huh? That’s because you GSP fan girls already know Hendricks is gonna put GSP in a coma when they meet again…,that statement shows you fan girls are scared to give Johnny a rematch.. Lol.. this article is pure garbage.. they give Fitch a 10-8 round against BJ when he just held BJ down.. Hendricks destroys GSP in rd 2 and gets a 10-9. Fukk outta here!

      • Sasquatch says:

        Fan girls huh… you’re the only one crying here like a b!tch. Looks like we’re going to have to wait to see your man crush fight.. he might be out for up to 6 month due to a knee injury.. how did that happen???

      • Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

        GSP fans are the biggest babies ever. Face the FACT your boy got his ass kicked real bad. Even the ref said Johny dominated the fight for gods sake. NOONE had a better look that the ref.

        GSP got his a”s kicked plain and simple and anyone who says different is just a GSP NUTWAD b’all sucker. Time to get GSP’s balls out of your mouth

        Look at Jonny and look at GSP. IT WAS SO OBVIOUS that GSP not only lost but got hurt realy bad and he even admitted he couldn’t remember the fight

        GSP will find some brain surgeon somewhere to say he can’t fight because of some medical bullsh’t. GSP does not want to get back in cage with hendricks because he knows this time Hendricks is going to take his head off before ever letting some corrupt judges screw him again.

        Isn’t Sal damato the same judge UFC hired to screw over Hamill in Bisping fight? GSP fixed fight with hendricks wil forever now be remembered right up there with Hamill/Bsiping

        • Snidely Whiplash says:

          LoL Nate I think you use your roid for brains or something. You say that next time Johnnie is gonna KO him and not allow some judges to screw him out of a title. LoL If Johnnie is so capable of doing this the question is why didnt he do it here? Why didnt he KO GSP? You saying Johnnie didnt TRY to KO him? This was GSP at his worst mentally (and not at his best physically either but ..) and BigRig still couldnt get it done. Yah Johnnie would have got this decision in a lot of fights, but this was a title bout against the titleholder. You SHOULD have to KO him to take the title, and feel mighty lucky to take someones title if you dont. I hope for a next time too Nate, because guys like you seem to think GSP wont be better. He will be so much better prepared mentally and physically. Get well GSP, and make that ingrate Dana White pay you 100 million of the billions that you have made him to bend to his wishes and take another defence. And do so only on the condition that if you win, you get Dana in the ring next. Id LOVE to see that !!

        • Sasquatch says:

          Lol… I was waiting for the biggest crying b!tch of them all to show and here you are. Maybe you and T.Baggy can console each other in front of a fire on a fur rug. You talk of damage.. GSP may have looked more beat up (injuries are more then skin deep) but Johnny was clearly more damaged ( you could see the effect on Johnny’s face when GSP landed a hard inside leg kick on his right leg)… hence the possible 6 month suspension.

      • Jim Chadwick says:

        T.Daddy, you obviously don’t understand the criteria for a 10-8 round. Just because GSP was wobbled and hurt, that doesn’t make it a 10-8. GSP stayed on his feet the entire time, and actually matched Hendricks on striking output that round. A 10-8 round is when one fighter mounts almost no effective offense, and is completely dominated by the other opponent’s offense. Think of Tito vs. Forrest 1, in the first round.

        Round 2 of the GSP fight was in NO way even CLOSE to a 10-8 round. You’re quite ignorant.

      • alltheway says:

        i didnt see gsp destroyd thats just bull hendriks lost 3 rounds come on you are trying to make johny superman and he didnt even win a belt.joe rogan is part of johny fairy tail with his “johny punch and they go flying”bull.Gsp as taken is best shots and he didnt fly.its obvius hendricks did the most damage but all the mat was done in this article and hendricks lost 3 rounds.gsp win and he dont have to go to the ring with his dad dying thats just stupid,if hendricks its so amazing why didnt he crushed gsp? he had is chance but he couldnt.GSP win fair and square.

  2. Sasquatch says:

    Bravo Mr.Chadwick!.. great article, you nailed it! I’d love to see Phil Davis kick that PoS Dana in the nuts!

  3. GRT 3000 says:

    nice article man – I was saying this during the post fight presser…what an inconsiderate greedy biased douche Dana was acting like. He’s not 1/5 the man GSP is, and if he’s going to lip off like that maybe he should step in the cage with him. Maybe Dana owes it to fans to back up his mouth after disrespecting someone who’s been nothing but a true champion for his company. I usually like Dana, but I lost a ton of respect for him after that b/s. The only thing GSP owes to anyone is himself. Take the needed time to sort out your personal affairs rather than being pressured by fuckhead Dana and risk making yourself sick.

  4. pennfan says:

    this is the best article I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot of them) and watched the fight multiple times. Good work!

  5. T.Daddy says:

    GSP fan girls all over this site.. Hendricks beat the brakes off GSP… Hendricks is the champ!

  6. Flexplex87 says:

    Well written,
    I for one was not surprised to hear Dana white think of money first before the well being of his fighters. Especially GSP. Anderson SIlva has had the same problem with Dana for a while now. I didnt watch the fight. I read your play by play on here and read the judges score cards. People dont understand the way matches are scored and judged. And Dana White knows this most of all. He pretends to be shocked for the press…I liked Dana White for a while. Now i feel he is taking a wonderful sport that changes the lives of many included and spits on it and makes it into some television Drama. MMA changed my life around. It is a martial art to me and is how i meditate and focus my whole life….GSP is an idol…He deserves better than this

  7. Mike says:

    Awesome article. It was the first i’ve really not liked Dana. I’ve always thought he has been amazing for the sport but the way he spoke about GSP made me see straight through to the selfish business man he is.

    • Mike says:

      I think both Dana and Joe Rogan are immediately astonished if everyone else doesn’t feel the same way that they do. I think that they forget that they are respected and/or in charge and the fact that everyone Dana talks to agrees with him shouldn’t be a wild shocker. The fans will always be split, but Dana should support the fighters, as he claims that he does. It’s not surprising though… let’s not forget about when Jon Jones decided not to fight a top contender on 4 days notice. Dana had no love for his champ that day either.

  8. Sheldon says:

    This is the best MMA article that I have read since GSP fought Hendricks.I believe GSP did a lot of good for the sport of MMA and the UFC.Dana White needs a reality check.

  9. Fight fan sydney says:

    Best written article here probably ever.
    I couldn’t possibly articulate any better than you already have yourself so won’t even try. Truly great work though and spot on with the sentiment.
    I may just add a touch of Aussie to the cause tho and say.. “Pull your head in Dana”.
    GSP owes you, or us nada. Great fighters like him made you, not the other way around office boy.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      I agree – Dana needs a reality check…somehow he’s got it in his head that he’s the fu(c)kin’ king or something. These guys fight their heart out and give everything they’ve got (for years) and the second it doesn’t live up to King Dana’s expectations, they somehow OWE him, the UFC, the Fans and the opponents! What a dick-wad…I honestly think King Dana should get up in their face a mouth off like that – Ramapage, GSP, Couture, Tito would slap the shit outta him in seconds.

  10. Nick says:

    I am a GSP fan, but I am not going to call Hendricks a bitch or anything. No doubt a great fighter and a powerful puncher! But statistically he did not steal the belt no matter how good he made the fight look for him. This is why there is judges and the fans don’t decide the winner! Great article!

  11. statetheobvious says:

    All of you are MESSED the fuck up…
    Two men fought their hearts out, put on a Awesome fight and need time to re-cover from an epic performance. All you crazed wierdo’s just want to see more blood, see people put in the hospital and careers ended….your all fucking losers!!! Give yoyr fuckin heads a shake!!

  12. statetheobvious says:

    All of you are MESSED the fuck up…
    Two men fought their hearts out, put on a Awesome fight and need time to re-cover from an epic performance. All you crazed wierdo’s just want to see more blood, see people put in the hospital and careers ended….your all fucking losers!!! Give yoyr heads a shake!!

  13. jay says:

    Every1 who is moaning n bitching about GSP ‘losing’ STFU, yes JH got robbed n yes GSP did lose the fight but it was the judges who awarded the win to him. Good article

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