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Friday, 10/26/2012, 08:32 am

Glover Teixeira: Rampage Is Clueless | UFC NEWS

“I’ll have to talk to me, man (laughs). I hope it is me, but at the moment I’m doing some fights to get more experience. I learned a lot with this fight against Maldonado. Even with the victory, learned a lot. I have to learn more and gain experience to enter the Octagon [against Jones]. One day, I will get there. I’m going to work, doing my best to get there. Whatever the UFC wants. Rampage is an idol of the sport and good when he trains. It is a fight that will be hard, but I will be ready for him. I’m always ready to fight and I will beat this guy. He is talking about he will destroy me, fighting with two guys in the night. He lost to Forrest Griffin and talking he will fight with Griffin and me on the same night? So I say, this guy is clueless.”

In a recent interview with fast rising UFC light-heavyweight fighter, Glover Teixeira, discussed the fight he wants against former champion Rampage Jackson.


13 Responses to “Glover Teixeira: Rampage Is Clueless | UFC NEWS”

  1. Drew says:

    Rampage what r u doin fight this guy already

  2. Bob'O says:

    Page says he wants a stand up war, then he should take this fight. ~Bob’O

  3. 11thhour says:

    Rampage would die…

  4. Mayor of Deviance says:

    A little misleading with the article title. Teixeria was much more respectful than I thought.

    I hope this fight does happen though, should be a good one.

  5. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I agree misleading however I bet anything GRover wants to get back at Rampage for his 2 brutal wins over Grovers mentor training partner Liddell. I can’t wait to see Grover fight Jones. If greg Jackson allows it and that is a VERY BIG (IF)

    Greg Jackson tells Jones what to do and who he will fight not Dana White

  6. Josiah says:

    i think chuck is still better than grover, after all, he is the master. provided what page did to chuck, i don’t think it will be an easy fight for grover. its all about who gets caught first.

  7. Artex says:

    well Glover it´s not so unknow, one more fight and he will be a good PPV!!! wait and see

  8. Know your shit. says:

    This fight is ago mma happen, dana has already said that this fight will and is gonna happen. If rampage gains like the old rampage, noway glover will walk through him! That even dumb to say..

  9. Jujitsu Player says:

    Even the Rampage of from 2007 would have struggled against Glover….He is going to destroy Rampage whatever shape he decides to turn up in. It’s a shame because Rampage has been one of my favorite fighters over the years, but all of a sudden he’s turn into a whining bitch always complaining about bad match ups and having to face wrestlers. Guess what Rampage it’s NOT all about you, you don’t get to pick all your opponents. Fu£king adapt! change your game plan….and turn up in shape.

  10. Shadleigh says:

    Rampage= fat, outta shape; has been

  11. laiserf says:

    Quick question. Who has Glover beat that makes him so good? Glorified can-crusher

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