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Thursday, 09/26/2013, 09:54 am

Glover Teixeira Gets Next Crack At Jones, Expected To Face Off On Super Bowl Card

As reported by ESPN, citing UFC President Dana White, the light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones (19-1 MMA, 13-1 UFC) will defend his title against Glover Teixeira (22-2 MMA, 5-0 UFC) next; possibly at the UFC super bowl weekend card in New Jersey.

There have been talks of a rematch between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson ever since their epic battle this past weekend. This will have to wait, but Jon Jones say’s he does want Gustafsson next provided everything goes well in this fight with Glover. Jon Jones has watched the tape of his fight with Gus plenty of times since the fight and thinks it wasn’t close enough to grant an immediate rematch, but does want to prove to the doubters that he can decisively beat Alexander.

In a statement released by Jon Jones on he had this to say, “I said before the fight my sights were set on breaking the record,” Jones stated. “I want to crush the record. I want to beat the record so bad it can never be broken. I’m going to fight Glover and I will answer all the critics about the Gustafsson fight. I will fight Gustafsson after I fight Glover. I won the fight but I look at it as a blemish on my record because some people think I didn’t. I promise you, he will be next.”

Jon Jones believes Glover is the next deserving challenger to his title and Dana White told ESPN the Teixeira fight was requested by Jon Jones.

“That’s what the champ wants,” White said. “We’ll probably have that fight on the Super Bowl card in New Jersey.”

Teixeira earned his number 1 contender spot earlier this month after his second round knockout of Ryan Bader in Brazil. Even Glover was worried that with how great of a fight Jones vs. Gustafsson was he might get passed over by giving Gus an immediate rematch, but his wish has seemed to be granted because it will be him and not Gustafsson getting the next shot at Jon Jones.


21 Responses to “Glover Teixeira Gets Next Crack At Jones, Expected To Face Off On Super Bowl Card”

  1. dana black says:

    dis nigga scared

  2. UFC 84 Forever says:

    No chance. Jones will be back with a hunger to hurt people and his reach will be in full effect; his chin is proven and it’s all good. Thank you try again. Shoulda been Gus.

  3. Jyoung says:

    Not only did he do enough for a rematch, he did enough to win. Granted he didn’t, so the next challenger should get the shot, especially someone as deserving as Teixeira. I used to be a Jones fan, but since seeing him on TUF I have found myself rooting for anyone who fights him.

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