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Saturday, 01/18/2014, 10:26 am


Glover Hoping For First Round K.O. Over Jones

“In a perfect world, I’ll win via first-round knockout. But I believe it’s going to be a tough fight. Jon Jones is an excellent fighter, so I expect a tough bout. I will be ready for five rounds. I was ready to go five rounds against Bader and will be ready now, so we’ll see who will leave the cage as the champion.”

UFC light-heavyweight number one contender, Glover Teixeira, who is fighting Jon Jones in the UFC 172 main event, is anticipating a hard-fought bout, but hoping for his signature first round stoppage.

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One Comment to Glover Hoping For First Round K.O. Over Jones

  1. Dj Drama says:

    those who are chirping jones will win seriously know nothing about mma. glover is a complete fighter, excellent jiu jitsu, good wrestling, superb cardio and on top of it one punch knock out power which jones clearly lacks.

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