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Monday, 03/31/2014, 04:45 am


Glover Coach: Getting Hit Is Normal

“I think his ace in the hole is his unbelievable one-punch knockout power. He got caught once or twice. I mean it’s a fight. It’s like telling a football team ‘oh your guy got tackled once or twice.’ I mean he got hit once or twice, exactly, so he really has good defense, but it’s a fight and when somebody so dominant gets hit at all, people are like ‘oh the guy got tagged!’ We work a lot of defense, Just like in swimming you jump into the water you’re gonna get wet, if you jump into a fight you’re gonna get hit.”

John Hackleman, leader of The Pit, talks to ‘Submission Radio’ to discuss Glover’s upcoming title fight against Jon Jones.

The two light-heavyweight fighters face off at UFC 172 on April, 26. Who ya got?


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