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Monday, 02/17/2014, 09:58 am

.gif | Machida Snags Hat From Fight Night 36 Thief

Lyoto Machida won two battles last Saturday night on FOX Sports 1.

Not only did the former UFC light-heavyweight champion take on and defeat one of his toughest opponents to date in Gegard Mousasi, he also successfully regained his hat during his Fight Night 36 walk-out.

This rarely happens. Check it:

(Footage comes via Saturday’s Fox Sports 1 Broadcast)


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  1. Tikler says:

    Another stupid and incorrect article by the “Not so Amazing” @ Get the title right, “Machida gets hat snagged at Fight Night by 36 by fan”. If he were a thief he wouldn’t have thrown it back to him. Machida didn’t even come close to snagging it back from the “thief”. On another note that had to be the most exciting thing I’ve seen when it comes to Machida!

    • JCR88 says:

      This must be the only Machida fight you’ve watched. What about his knockouts of Thiago Silva, Rashad Evans, Ryan Bader and Mark Munoz. Yeah, those weren’t exciting.LOL! SMH!

  2. muscleman says:

    when machida ask for his hat back you fucking give it back

  3. Romi Jabarin says:

    hats off to him

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