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Wednesday, 01/01/2014, 12:01 pm

.gif | Chris Weidman Wipes Nose On American Flag & Fans Don’t Like It

The most sensitive of patriots are fuming mad over Chris Weidman’s desecration of our American flag.

I actually didn’t even realize this happened, but my good bud Zeus over at gave us the heads up and provided the .gif below.

I’m not so sure there is anything wrong occurring here, but check it out and give us your thoughts:


0 Responses to “.gif | Chris Weidman Wipes Nose On American Flag & Fans Don’t Like It”

  1. magoo says:

    He was bleeding a bit and was just giving himself a little wipe. Pedro Carrasco is a cull! Get over it u ignorant fukc your by far the worst employee on this site, wish they would skid your useless ass!

  2. Sasquatch says:

    You want my thoughts on this POS article… I wouldn’t wipe my @ss with it had you published it on paper.

  3. MDot says:

    A bit disappointed at BJPENN.COM to be honest. Did Chris shun you for an interview? Petty. This site will lose more credibility with crap like this.

  4. Currently Flossing With A Flag says:

    Really? If you’re spending your time complaining about someone wiping their god damn nose on a piece of material you need to get a life.

  5. canadian hipster says:

    ya its only the US flag, if it was canadian it would be much different no one disrespects canada @!

  6. Agrokrang says:

    Who cares

  7. drorez says:

    next time please use the brazilian flag! LOL. Lay off the champ.

  8. Jason says:

    it is still desicrating the flag

  9. Luis says:

    Why is going on a smear campaign of Weidman? Why are you aligning yourself with a scummy site like middleeasy? The fact that the author for that other Weidman smear article didn’t have the balls to put his name on the smear article speaks volumes. This site just lost all its credibility.

  10. zucc says:

    Do you fools realize how many pro boxers Olympic athletes have done the exact same thing you want to get technical about it wearing the flag around your shoulders is disrespecting the flag

    • Ian Price says:

      So when he flashed everyone the us flag, he was patriotic, so what the author is saying is that Weidman suddenly went decided to betray America? Or he was secretly unamerican? Come on, guys, he was just in a fight. Punched and elbowed in the face a few times. He just instinctually rubbed his face with the flag which at that moment he treated as a scarf / towel / jacket. Let’s just move on. Had Weidman done other “unpatriotic” acts in the past, I could understand, but honestly, let’s just leave this one alone. Lol

  11. Dddddddd says:

    Obviously there’s a little something more to all this cheesie sh?t. It’s so obvious it makese me wonder if their trying to get people behind Chris more than the opposite. If their really this bias
    I feel stupid for ever reading anything on here. I’m getting embarrassed for ya BJ.

  12. Andrew Brown says: eat a dick you bunch of no talent wannabe bloggers!!! Hate all you want bitches 3 Weidman articles in 3 days dumping on him and his corner wont change the act your precious Silva had nothing for Chris 2 times over bwhahaha ….you cant rewrite history with your sadness and hate on’s bitches !!!! Guess you will have to suck Vitors cock now if you like the taste of Brazil so much!!

  13. Kevin Carroll says:

    Pretty stupid to even mention this tbh, why dont you get this stupid shit off of your site BJ…..

  14. OLdDirtyBastard says:

    noone cares. just get off the internet you’re drunk

  15. Dax says:

    The writer is a Weidman hater.

  16. thissitesucks says:

    my thoughts? go f*ck yourself! unliked, unfollowed… f*cking retard f*cks!

  17. ZDOME says:

    1st you call Chris a “doche bag” and now this!This is pretty sad, this man is sweaty,with a little blood, and just smashed Anderson Silva again, ya the GOAT. If you give this man crap from just whipping off some sweat, your just trying to sound ridiculous! We all know you guys a love Anderson but this is a joke. Chris Weidman is the champ, and he has proved it twice.

  18. Onetinsoldier001 says:

    Really? Who wants to be the first to tell him??

    • richard duncan says:

      I will , if he puts his hands on me I will sue his sorry 5 foot 7 no fighting experience, I still have a right to speak my mind. fear not what any man can do to you, its temporary

  19. Bigdawg says:

    I disagree with most of you. I think it is disrespectful to wipe yourself on the flag, or even to wrap yourself in it. Our flag is not just a piece of fabric, not just some pretty colors to run up a pole. It has history and symbolism I don’t think you are acknowledging or appreciating. I bet I could guess what the Marines at Iwo Jima who raised that flag would think of Weidman’s display. I value their opinion over those here.

  20. jayo says:

    MAN I F’IN LOVE B.J LOVE HIM!! like my fav fighter ever..but to put stuff up about chris like this,i just dont see him doing it on you bj and tbh im not that happy

  21. Lordan says:

    This is so stupid to put here..Article is so childish,stupid!

  22. mike custer says:

    To all you fucking idiots, look at the author and blame them. Dont go slandering BJ’s name with “fuck you”

  23. cj-13 says:

    get off his f’n case already….he is the first American champion in that division in seven years!!!! he is the champion-deal with it…

  24. Tim Jitsu says:

    that flag doesnt stand for shit anymore so i could care less…

  25. citizenrich says:

    Chris Weidman has an American flag tattoo (in the the form off an AA tat) on his shoulder blade.

    Where is your flag tattoo? Is your flag too gheigh looking? Please show picture as proof. If not, stfu, drama queen. Thx in advance .

  26. Omar Holmes says:

    the smear campaign isn’t cool writers, let Weidman be – Let’s show the champ a lil respect, I’m sure he didn’t even realize what he did, cut he a lil slack

  27. Holden says:

    BJ should be ashamed of himself for this crap. Would like to see have some class.

  28. SPC Lee says:

    It kinda looks like he could be kissing it. But i digress, if you want to say anything, true flag code states that you aren’t supposed to use it for sports attire, draping, or a prop at all. The nose wiping shouldn’t matter. Nobody cares about the flag code anymore lol

  29. richard duncan says:

    I was born in the us, my parents were born in the us and my grandparents were born not sure about beyond them. but I do se the disrespect in it.he calls himself the all American.he needs to change his nick name for sure.most peope are not from here,nor do they have any respect for this country or the people who fight, get mamed and die for this country, I never liked Christy Weidman any way, I am willing to bet his next fight will be his last title defense. I hope vitor breaks his face.

  30. Linus Gunnar Österman says:

    Its just a piece of fabric, try doing such a battle he did and thinking diplomatic gestures. He didn’t mean any harm, so he should’nt get any bloody crap for it either.

  31. AmericanWarrior says:

    Waaaa,….Da wittle fighter man wiped his nose on the first thing he had in his hands and da big bad editor man wanna torch him for it……Really? You Freggin kidding me? I love our country but I’m sorry to say, that If I had a nose full of snot in front of millions and I’m about to do an interview in the live TV camera, guess what? I’d have a red, white, blue and green piece of cloth in my hand wiping my nose.

    There is by far a lot more in life to worry about our flag than something a hideous as this..Heck if your that picky, condemn him for wiping his sweat all over it you morons..Hell, the Muslims piss on our flag and burn it every day, kill the Christian like men and women who fight and die on a daily basis to protect it but I don’t see you getting all upset about it or writing it on your little wannabe blog…Build a bridge and get over it already……..

  32. Fundamental says:

    this article sucks, and this whole blog is starting to suck. the author is a pathetic type of coward, writing several hit pieces on weidman while claiming ‘hey, it’s not me saying it, i don’t know what to think.’, whoever is running this site…ditch this turd. the passive-aggressive bashing is extremely weak.

  33. Gary greg says:

    Bj , really not one positive thing on this site about Chris, we get it, your not a fan. All you Silva fans, get over it, Silva was never turning anything around. Silva had plenty of time to do what all you losers think he was always just about to do. The time in the fights when he was conscious, he still did absolutely zero. Chris, has never been taken down, never hurt or even lost a round. Lastly , it’s nice to see someone in this country have pride in his country, and carry the flag. Most mainstream media outlets in this country, would rather have him step on the flag, and would probably praise him for it.

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