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Monday, 01/27/2014, 10:23 am

.gif | Brock Lesnar’s Brutal F5 Against The Big Show At Royal Rumble

Everyone, ‘in the know’, is saying that Lesnar may actually return to the UFC.

From Dana White, to his MMA coaching staff, the rumors running around look promising for Lesnar fans.

However, while Brock is out of action, he’s still causing a ruckus under the WWE banner.

Check out his latest F5 over ‘The Big Show’ at last weekend’s Royal Rumble event.



0 Responses to “.gif | Brock Lesnar’s Brutal F5 Against The Big Show At Royal Rumble”

  1. Chinky Ducksauce says:

    dear lord

  2. some guy who's sick of this says:

    cant BJ pen stop posting this WWE fake shit?

    • matt says:

      umm he doesnt show wwe shit he shows brock lesnar shit and what about what brock did there was fake? i seen him pick up a 7ft2 540 pound man over his shoulders walk him around the ring and then spin him out over his head with a flip. the point of this post was to show he is past diverticulitis which stopped him from doing most of his training and forced him to retire.

  3. Erik Stanchik says:

    Ok first of all lifting all of that human body weight. Second of all, he held him up for at least 6 seconds. Third he flipped him. I’ll say the slam part wasn’t as incredible because gravity helped with that but still all and all the whole thing was pretty impressive.

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