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Friday, 04/27/2012, 01:13 pm

VIDEO | Get To Know The Invicta FC Ladies | MMA NEWS

Tomorrow night InvictaFC debuts their all female promotion and it’s free on!


6 Responses to “VIDEO | Get To Know The Invicta FC Ladies | MMA NEWS”

  1. Dosan says:


  2. Xaninho says:

    I’ll watch if they fight naked in a giant bowl of jello…

  3. yurgay says:

    Xaninho you are more of a woman than any of them..

    • Xaninho says:

      Damn! Didn’t see the vid yet…They should fight behind closed curtains instead of a cage. No one wants to see that naked nor with clothes on.

  4. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Who else is watching!? This and Bernard Hopkins vs Chad Dawson 2 tonight!

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